123movie: Best 123movies alternatives for free movie streaming

Best 123movie alternative

What is 123movie

123movie is a free movie streaming site where you can watch the latest movies, TV shows and much more for free.

123movie is also available as an app, it is a third-party app. I have written an entire article mentioning the steps to download 123movie app apk for android, iOS, MAC, PC, Amazon Firestick, and Roku devices.

123movie is known as one of the best free movie streaming sites for years. As a matter of fact, I could make a strong case for awarding 123movie as a top 3 free movie streaming site amongst the top 25 best free movie streaming sites.

While the 123movie app still continues to function well and keeps its fan base entertained by streaming the latest movies for free, the 123 movie website was listed as the most pirated website back in 2016 by the Motion Picture Association of America.

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And ever since then users have been reluctant to use 123movies, so I compiled a list of the best sites like 123movie to watch the latest movies for free.

Let us look at the list of the best 123movie alternatives


thoptv logo
thoptv logo

ThopTV is one of the latest free movie streaming apps to be released. ThopTV contains more than just free movie streaming and TV shows streaming, it also provides free live TV streaming where you can watch the latest sports matches for free.

My Review

ThopTV is an ad-free latest movies and Live TV streaming app. Another ThopTV feature that I liked was that you do not need to sign up or register to use the ThopTV App.

In my opinion, if you are looking for a one-stop app which has a huge arsenal of movies and TV shows and also Live TV feature you should check out ThopTV.

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Showbox apk download

Showbox is a very popular free movie streaming app and website. Showbox app is the one free streaming apps where you will find the latest movies and TV shows released in HD quality.

Initially launched on the Google Play store it soon became one of the top-grossing entertainment apps. 

Currently, Showbox is available as a third-party app and it also has a free streaming website.

My Review

I could not conclude a free movie streaming alternative list without adding Showbox on it. 

If you are looking for sites like 123movie Showbox website can arguably be better than 123movie if we compare features. 

Due to the high number of users on Showbox it does lag on a few occasions but rest-assured it is one of the best 123movie alternatives.

Click here for more details on Showbox app 


homepage of TeaTV App Apk

TeaTV was launched in 2017 and currently has over a million downloads. It is one of the most improved free streaming apps. 

TeaTV is a lite app with a brilliant user interface making it easy for a user to pick a movie or TV show to binge-watch.

My Review

I would highly recommend TeaTV as I found it to be one of the best alternative to 123movie app.

TeaTV app is an ad-free streaming platform that has many interactive features like safe and unsafe mode. It also supports multiplayer. So while you are watching a movie and a notification you will not have to stop and start all over again. 

Click here for more details on TeaTV


Mobdro app apk download
Mobdro app apk download

Mobdro was introduced a couple of years back in 2018 and is quickly gaining popularity as one of the best free streaming apps.

Mobdro can even compete with most of the paid streaming apps if you compare features.

The home screen of Mobdro is very simplistic which makes for a good display to feature tv shows and movies. 

My Review

In my opinion, Mobdro is a combination of Netflix and 123movie as it has similar features like Netflix and all the content featured on 123movie.

When I began compiling this list of 123movie alternatives, Mobdro was one of the first free streaming apps which came to mind.

Click here for more details on Mobdro



Over the course of years, Netflix has captured most of the video streaming market. Netflix is the best chance for you to find your favourite tv show or movie.

You can also download an entire TV series on Netflix and watch it later without the need for an internet connection.

My Review

If you are willing to pay a monthly subscription and looking to watch some of the most popular and trending TV shows and movies, I would highly recommend you opt for a Netflix subscription and it is the one streaming app where you will find most of the trending TV shows and movies.

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cotomovie alternatives
6 best alternatives to cotomovies

Cotomovies can be called as a direct competitor to 123movie, as both the free streaming apps have similar features. 

Just like 123movie, cotomovies provides free streaming hd quality links of the latest movies and tv shows. 

Both cotomovies and 123movie make it to the list of the top 25 streaming websites.

My Review

I searched for some of the latest and some of the rarest TV shows and movies and found good results for all my searches on the cotomovies website and cotomovies app.

Another good feature for this site like 123movie is that it will not ask you to register or sign up.

Cotomovies is available worldwide, you can enjoy free movie streaming from any part of the world.

Click here for more details and updates on cotomovies

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Please note: this article is solely for educational purpose, Geekymint or the author do not intend to promote any of the above -mentioned websites.


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