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5 of the Best firestick remote cover 

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Two pack Silicon firestick remote cover 

If you are looking for something with value for money then this two-pack firestick remote cover would protect your remote from all the dust and scratches. The case also protects the remote from accidental drops. Putting on the silicon fire tv cover would just take seconds. Silicon case is used in smartphones and having it in your firestick remote would definitely save you from accidentally damaging it.

If you are looking to buy one do check them on Amazon.

Silicon case with grip firestick remote cover

The firestick remote cover is very sleek and there high chances you would damage it by not having a cover on it. This firestick remote cover has a grip on the back with many color options to suit your needs.  The grip in the back would is designed in a hexagonal pattern with access to all the buttons. 

The firestick silicon remote case can be washed when it’s dirty. Amazon is offering an amazing deal on this silicon case click the link below to check for prices.

Hard case firestick remote cover with keyboard

Firestick remote cover is very useful as typing with a remote on the TV is a very tedious task. The keyboard is placed on the back of the remote which makes typing your favorite shows very easy with this remote. The keyboard in the remote cover comes with a Li-Ion battery. The voice search also works with the remote but you would love the have this fire tv remote cover with the keyboard as it makes searching for content very very simple.

I personally use this keyboard cover on my firestick remote and you can buy it from Amazon using this link.

Silicone Protective firestick remote cover with Built-in Locator 

If you are some like me losses the remote does not find fire tv remote then this firestick remote cover is perfect for you and comes with a built-in locator. The locator beeps a loud sound when the button from the receiver is pressed.  

The remote cover is also made with silicone which makes it very easy to install and comes in many color options. The cover not only helps you find it but also keeps the sleek firestick remote away from dust and scratches. 

The remote is priced very attractively on amazon click on this link below to buy it.

Shockproof silicon firestick remote cover

The silicon firestick remote cover which is shockproof come with durable soft silicon in 4 color option. If you want to protect your case from any damages then this case would definitely help you. 

The fire tv remote cover is built so that all your ports and buttons are easily accessible. The silica gel used in the cover is made by eco-friendly material and which makes the material kid-friendly. 

If you kids at home who drop the remote constantly and you would want to protect them with eco-friendly material then you should definitely buy this remote from Amazon. I have attached the link to buy this case below.

Joel Picardo

Joel Picardo

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