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bilasport alternatives

What is Bilasport?

Bilasport is a website that has predictions and previews set for a number of different sporting events that happen across the sporting world. When you are redirected to its website, you will come across links to many articles.

These articles are motley thee predictions that the authors of the website have written about a particular gaming event that is going to take place in the near future. 

Along with this, you also get some previews of the upcoming matches on this website. These previews are embedded in different social media services such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google, etc.

Reason to look for sites like Bilasport

Reason 1 – No live streaming

Bilasport just fancies itself in showing previews of certain matches and doesn’t have any live streaming links for any of the matches. 

And if you are someone who is interested in the matches, then you might also want to know what is happening live in the match and whether the predictions written by the authors are somewhat coming through or not.

But, sadly, you won’t be able to get that when you are using this site, as they don’t provide you with any links to watch the games live or give you any information about where you can watch the game.

Reason 2 – Mostly a Content Writing website

Bilasport, let’s face it, is mostly a content writing site, and that’s all there is to know about this site. It is a site that would guess or predict what can happen in the upcoming games, and that’s about it.

It doesn’t tell you anything about the coverage of the games, any stats related to the players of the games, or stats related to the place where the game is being held – nothing. 

It would just show you an article about the games, and maybe some people would be interested in it, but I know for sure that many won’t be interested in just knowing the predictions for a certain game.

Reason 3 – Average web design 

The web design of Bilasport isn’t all that bad, but it isn’t also all that great as well. It is somewhere in the middle. It seems like the designers were on their way to making a great website.

But in the end, they pulled the plug a little too early and in mid-process, the website was released to the public, and that is what you see on it when you come across the site.

Bilasport also has a number of different websites, some of them are fake, and you really can’t tell which service is the original service and which isn’t.

Best Bilasport Alternatives

Reddit Streams


Reddit Streams are basically the streams that are available of the different games on Reddit. Reddit has a great community of people, and it has one of the most active community bases as well.

So, it is obvious that many of those communities would know about ways from which you can watch your games and get the latest updates on the matches, including some of the predictions as well.

You simply have to just go on a subreddit where they post the links to watch various matches on the internet for free.

What we liked about Reddit Streams

As mentioned above, Reddit has an active, thriving community that does support and features great subreddits as well. So, you simply have to find the subreddit where you can watch these games.

And you will find many different pages as well that provide links to watch many across many different websites that do the actual streaming as well. 

You would also get notified regarding some predictions about some of the games that people are eagerly looking for, so that also fits the bill to what Bilasport was providing on its website.

What we didn’t like about Reddit Streams

Reddit Streams are the same streams that you would find on any other website that does provide the option to stream games online. 

But the difference between the two is those other websites work toward finding the streaming links.

The people who run those sites want their viewers to have a good time on their site, which is why they hunt for the best working links.

For the community of Reddit, people may just post some random links as well, which could actually be dangerous for your laptop and your data as well; the level of trust is a bit loose when you are streaming through Reddit.

Why did we choose Reddit Streams as a Bilasport alternative?

Regardless of its flaws, Reddit Streams are still better than Bilasport, simply because it actually has the option to watch the streams live on Reddit. 

This is an option that is missing from Bilasport and is the first reason I mentioned it.

The streaming links on Reddit are more or less the same ones that you would find on the sites that are mentioned below, and if you are someone who uses Reddit on a regular basis, then it would be easier for you to check the links out.

Review and rating of Reddit Streams

Reddit is not a website that is dedicated to streaming, but it is sort of an additional feature that you can use if you are a Reddit user; it is fairly easy to use if you know how to navigate through Reddit.

The streaming links provided on it are also fairly good, and you also do get regular updates about the games that are happening live, on Reddit. So, it can be considered a good alternative to Bilasport.

I would be rating Reddit Streams 3.5/5 stars.

Sports24 is also a website that has been around for quite some time now, and they have been providing the service of streaming games online. 

Over at, you will find many different sporting events and programmes, for which you would have to pay a lot of money if you decide to watch them live from your cable tv subscription. 

There are also many different things to talk about on, some of them being negative, some being positive, so let’s get into it.

What we liked about

The website is compatible with many different devices, so you can watch the games using this website from multiple devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, or even your Fire TV Stick!

Apart from that, you would also get to watch a whole lot of different sporting events, most major events, for free when you come across this site to stream the games on it.

You have access to sports like Basketball, Hockey, Football, Cricket, Ice-Hockey, Moto Racing, and many more different sports on this website. also claims to be streaming 4K links on its channel, but this is something I doubt because you rarely get access to 4K content in sports on paid subscriptions, let alone on free streaming sites.

What we didn’t like about

The website of takes a lot of time to get activated and loaded up on your browser; this could be because either it doesn’t have enough servers for its site or maybe because it requires a VPN to be accessed.

There have also been many reports stating that many users found the streams to buffer quite a bit when they watched their games on this site, and this is also a major issue for any sports streaming website.

Plus, the site also doesn’t provide any information about the games. It just simply puts up links from where you would be able to watch the games.

Why did we choose as a Bilasports alternative? does offer you a decent experience when you are on it to stream your favourite games online. It does have a website that is easy to use and wouldn’t require a lot of hassle to access if you are using a VPN.

The streaming links have reported issues with buffering, but that is something that you can expect from any site that claims to stream live games for free on the internet.

And the overall service that has to offer is a bit better than what you can get on a site like Bilasports, so that’s always a good point for a recommendation.

Review and rating of has things to offer that you normally don’t get on a site like this, such as compatibility with different browser systems, including Firestick, 4K streaming, and more.

But, if you put it against as a direct competitor to Bilasport, then that won’t be the case because it isn’t one. It doesn’t provide you with any previews or predictions regarding any of the matches.

It is a sports streaming website and nothing more. And for that reason and more, I would be rating 3/5 stars.



CricFree, as you might tell by its name, is a site dedicated to streaming sports and one of them being Cricket. But don’t let that fool you because it also features a number of different sports and sporting programmes on it for you to stream.

Rather than hosting and collecting different links from the internet, CricFree somehow streams directly from sports cable tv networks that are playing the games live on their channel.

The logistics of this are something that I cannot understand, but the site works well, and that’s what matters here.

What we liked about CricFree

CricFree is a site that is relatively easy to use, all you have to do once you are on its site is simply click and choose the channels from where you would want to stream, and after that, the site is on auto-pilot mode.

Since it is streaming directly from live channels, the streaming quality is supposedly better because other sites, which provide a similar experience, basically host other links that stream the games.

Over here, you are directly getting access to the sporting events, so the chances of third-party interruptions are very less.

What we didn’t like about CricFree

Although the streaming quality is much more reliable when you are on CricFree, it is still very low compared to the other streaming resolutions because you are getting only 480p when you are streaming via this site.

And since almost everybody right now has 4K resolution phones and laptops, if not at least 1080p laptops, 480p just seems a lot less when compared to the streaming resolutions that we are accustomed to now.

The website also takes its sweet time to load up any browser through which you would be accessing it, so that is also a flaw on its side.

Why did we choose CricFree as a Bilasport alternative?

CricFree is, again, not a direct alternative to Bilasport, but it is a website that you can use if you are more into knowing what is happening live at the games rather than predicting what will happen at the live games.

Apart from that, CricFree offers you a decent experience when you are on its site to check out different sporting events live. 

And since it is being streamed directly from live sporting channels, the reliability of using it is high when compared to other sites which provide a similar experience.

Review and rating of CricFree

CricFree does offer a different technique for streaming and hosting links that would provide you with the experience of watching your favourite sports event live, and that is innovative on its side.

You also get many different channels to choose from, which means more sporting events and programmes for you as well, so that is always a big plus point too.

But, it doesn’t feature any articles or any other information regarding anything that it covers, so for that reason, I would be rating CricFree 3/5 stars as well.

VIP League

VIPLeague Free Sports Streaming

VIP League comes from the family of many different ‘VIP’ websites that provide similar experiences, i.e. watching sporting events live, online, for free.

VIP League has a number of different varieties of sports available on its websites, like Baseball, American Football, MotoGP, Hockey, Basketball, UFC, and many more events as well.

Which is something that you can expect from VIP League because its family of websites offer the same amount of sporting events as well.

There is a lot to talk about VIP League, in terms of its positive and negative points, so let’s dive right into it.

What we liked about VIP League

As mentioned above, the site does feature a lot of different sporting events for people to access, so if you are an avid sports fan, this could be the site for you where you will be able to watch different events.

It also has different links for different games as well, so if one link isn’t working on the website, you can choose a different link as well. This is a useful thing because many times, the links don’t work all the time.

Plus, the overall website of VIP League is also pretty easy to manage, and you won’t find a lot of issues when you would use it to stream your sporting events.

What we didn’t like about VIP League

VIP League does have a handful of cloned websites of it, and the sad thing is, you can’t tell which one is the actual website and which isn’t. 

The team of VIP League also aren’t bothered with providing any updates on which is their official website, so that adds to the whole confusion of using the website as well. 

Plus, it doesn’t offer you any data regarding any of the events that it is covering, apart from the general ‘who’s playing against whom’ information, which you would already know about. 

Why did we choose VIP League as a Bilasport alternative?

VIP League does stand a chance as Bilasport alternative simply because it streams the games live. It has a handful of links that will show you the match live rather than just telling you about the match.

You also get a website that is pretty decent to access and won’t take a lot of issues while you are on it to find your way through it, which is something that you can’t always say about Bilasport.

And overall, VIP League does offer a nice experience when you are on its site compared to when you are on Bilasport’s website. 

Review and rating of VIP League

VIP League is a website that many people would find useful as it covers many different sporting events and programmes and does offer a lot of links for these programmes as well.

It is a site that is from a well-known ‘brand’ for streaming sports online, and this one also doesn’t disappoint in terms of content quality and performance.

I just wished that it provided more information about the games, something which Bilasport does on its site, and for those reasons, I would be rating VIP League 3/5 stars. 



Crackstreams, as you can tell from its creative and highly imaginative name, is also a streaming website that provides you streaming links which are not exactly legal to stream and falls under the grey area.

The website has been around for some time now and, over the years, has proven to be one of the better websites that streams online games for free.

You also get some pretty decent streaming quality when you are on this site; with that, let’s discuss some of the things that I liked about Crackstreams and things I didn’t like so much.

What we liked about Crackstreams

Crackstreams is known for providing streaming links that are high definition in resolution; this is a great thing because not all sites provide that similar resolution (*cough* CricFree *cough*). 

You also get a website that is very easy to use because the website is kind of basic, but that can be something that people might appreciate or maybe not so; it depends upon you.

And you also are welcomed with a number of links for each specific event, which is always a plus point, because not every time these links work, and the more they are in number, the better.

What we didn’t like about Crackstreams

Crackstreams doesn’t allow you to be watched on different browsers such as Firestick’s or even your smartphone’s browser. So, the only place you can access the website is through your Laptop or Desktop.

You also don’t get any information or articles regarding any sporting event that it is covering, so you won’t be able to know anything about the game beforehand other than what you already know about it.

Plus, the website also has its cloned friends, so there would be chances that you might use a different website and not get a similar experience.

Why did we choose Crackstreams as a Bilasport alternative?

I sometimes find this sub-section to be low-key annoying because I have to justify a website that I have already done so in the above-mentioned sub-sections, so I’ll repeat what I have just mentioned.

Crackstreams is not an exact alternative to Bilasport as it doesn’t provide you with any information regarding any event that it is covering.

But, it is a website that you can use because it has been trusted by many people and has been used by them to stream their specific sporting events. 

Review and rating of Crackstreams

Crackstreams has room for improvement, and there’s no doubt about that. It is a site that offers you a nice experience, where you can enter the site and watch many different sporting programmes on it.

But, it needs to offer some additional content to make it an even better website than others so that it is much more recognisable and more people use it.

For that reason, I would also be rating Crackstreams 3/5 stars.


ESPN+ logo

ESPN Plus, as the name suggests, is a streaming website from the well-known cable news network ESPN. It provides you with all the necessary details that you would require for any sporting event.

There are other things to discuss on ESPN Plus as well, so let’s get into it.

What we liked about ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus does offer live sporting events for all the sporting events that you might know about. It has a great streaming service, and you can also access ESPN Plus on different devices as well.

But the main reason why I included it on this list is because of the articles and the information that it has to offer to its audience. 

You will get a detailed analysis of everything that is currently happening in the world of sports, and the best part about all of this is that it is free to access this information.

What we didn’t like about ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus may offer free information regarding sports, but to watch all the live matches, you will have to pay a subscription fee of $10/month! 

$10 isn’t much for some people, but it’s a lot for others, so you need to decide which category you fall into.

Why did we choose ESPN Plus as a Bilasport alternative?

If you would have noticed, I have constantly mentioned in the entire article that none of the above-mentioned websites is a direct alternative to Bilasport.

But, ESPN Plus, on the other hand, is the big giant alternative to Bilasport. 

As you get almost all the information that Bilasports provides, but better since it is written by trained professionals who know about what they are writing, and for the same price, which is free of cost.

Plus, if you want to avail its full benefits, you might as well pay a subscription fee and enjoy the events live from any of your devices.

Review and rating of ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus is not just a website, it is a lot more than that. 

Its services are unparallel to anything that is currently on the internet in terms of sports, and for that reason, I would be rating it 4/5 stars. 

Our recommendations on the best Bilasport alternative?

Bilasport is a different website altogether, and I came across two different sites about Bilasport, one that provides information about Prediction and Previews of the match, and one which provides live streams.

But, I couldn’t find any website that combines both of these features and gives it for free. 

ESPN Plus is the closest best alternative to Bilasport, but even that has a paid subscription if you want to watch the live streams.

Why did we choose none of the above as the best Bilasport alternative?

So, I think there isn’t any website that is an exact alternative to Bilasports because it is something that requires money and effort to do.

And I don’t know the revenue the site must be making, but it’s clearly not enough to do both of the features for free. 

This is also why I rated almost all the website 3/5 stars because I couldn’t find an exact website that could be the perfect alternative to Bilasport.

But that’s my research. What about you? Do you know a website that can be the perfect alternative to Bilasport? 

One that offers articles about the games but also provides live-streaming links? Do let us know in the comments down below!

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