Top Best Btscene Proxy and Alternatives 2024 Edition

Btscene Proxy and Alternatives

BTScene is a popular torrent service that allows users to download content from its website. It is one of the best platforms in this space, containing millions of torrent files for all sorts of categories.

BTScene has a featured section for each category, and you can view all the latest files that have been added here. It also has a search engine that you can use to search for files directly.

The problem is that ISPs often block platforms like BTScene, which means you cannot access them directly. Therefore, it is essential to know alternate ways to access the website. We have listed various BTScene proxy sites to make this easier for you.

Check out our list of the best BTScene proxies and alternatives to learn more about this.

BTScene Proxy List

BTScene proxies and mirror sites are maintained by the BTScene official staff and volunteers. Therefore, they are updated with the latest content as soon as it goes live. The BTScene proxy sites have all the content and the original site’s database.


12 Best BTScene Alternatives

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a user-contributed torrent website and one of the best alternatives to BTScene. You can find files in any category- books, movies, music, software, or games here. It is, therefore, a leading platform for accessing free torrent files.

The only disadvantage of Pirate Bay is that it does not provide meta links, so the user is forced to download it from the website.


Our next recommendation for the best BTScene alternative is the independent torrent search engine ExtraTorrent. This BitTorrent system provides you with original files free of cost. It has an advanced search engine that helps you explore your favorite torrents with just a few words.

Top-rated websites provide all the content on ExtraTorrent, and it has one of the biggest torrent directories in the world. You can even upload your own files and share them with others on this website. 


IsoHunt is a torrent service provider that is listed among the best BTScene alternatives. It hosts an online index of thousands of torrent files in different categories- music, movies, videos, software, apps, books, and more. You can freely access all the files here and download them without any restrictions.

IsoHunt has a system for uploading files, so you can always share your torrent files here. It is, therefore, the universal level of torrent service providers.


BitSnoop is a peer-to-peer torrent platform. The availability of hundreds and thousands of torrent files is useless if they are invalid. BitSnoop excels in this, as it always provides users with valid files. It ensures that users get reasonable seeds to download files in the least possible time.

BitSnoop has a library of millions of torrent content and regularly updates to add more. However, it is not independent and relies on the database of other torrent websites.


TorrentReactor is one of the most active torrent providers, offering millions of valid files. You can find practically any type of content here. On TorrentReactor, you can even search for files based on popularity and the latest uploads. 

It has an advanced search engine that ensures users get the exact match for their typed word. Visitors can also share their files on TorrentReactor. This user contribution has helped it become a leading torrent provider and, thus, one of the best alternatives to BTScene.

Another BTScene alternative on our list is It is a powerful search engine that has collected billions of torrent files from dozens of providers. is a fast meta-search engine where you can also share your files. You can permanently save them online here and then download them later.

However, Torrentz. has no system for creating files, so you have to first make a torrent file and then upload it separately on the platform.


SumoTorrent is a recognized torrent provider by BitTorrent known for delivering valid torrent files. It prioritizes quality over quantity and only provides the best and top-rated seeds and leeches. The platform also works as a downloader and helps you download all sorts of torrent data.

SumoTorrent has an automatic repair system that repairs torrent files if they crash. You can always find valid and original torrent files here. All this makes SumoTorrent a top BTScene alternative.


TorrentHounds is a way to get the best available torrent files from the internet. It has thousands of files for movies and music and regularly updates itself to add new content. TorrentHounds has two aspects: it functions as a torrent directory and has a torrent client system that is free to download.

Therefore, visitors can use the independent torrent client of TorrentHounds to download files. This makes it the best possible choice for searching and downloading torrent files., or Yify, is a famous torrent portal allowing you to download free content. It mainly deals with movies, so you would find limited to no files for other categories of entertainment. Here, you can get the best films, including some that were even uploaded in real-time. is among the few top platforms that always provide users with the latest content as soon as possible. You can download files in 720p as well as 1080p here. 


Mininova is a torrent engine that aims at creating an easy-to-use directory for all types of torrent files. It offers torrent files in various categories, such as books, games, anime, movies, music, apps, etc. However, its directory is not yet as extensive as other similar websites, so you may not always find the file you are looking for.

Mininova also has a content distribution system that lets users anonymously upload torrent files. You can create files with its torrent creator and then upload them to the website.


LimeTorrents is a verifiable provider of movies, TV shows, music, apps, software, anime, etc. All the latest torrents are available here, and you can search for them in the advanced search box. Alternatively, you can explore files on LimeTorrents based on top files and recent uploads.

It is an independent search engine and, therefore, only provides its own collected and user-contributed torrents. This helps ensure that users get only valid files. You can also upload and share your torrent files on LimeTorrents for free.


EZTV is a TV torrent distribution system that enables users to search, download, and contribute magnet links and torrent files. It is a simple, easy-to-use platform with significant features, tools, and an intuitive interface. You can easily find your favorite TV show here and download it without any limitations.
There is no mandatory registration on EZTV, but you can sign up using your email address to get all the latest updates.

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