Crunchyroll free trial: How to avail, benefits, is it still available?

Crunchyroll free trial

Crunchyroll is a streaming service best described as the Netflix for anime content. Crunchyroll is one of the oldest streamers in the anime niche so naturally, its collection of anime and live-action Asian drama titles has grown to millions. But what’s more impressive is that users find new episodes only an hour after they first air in Japan and is also one of the best manga reading websites available worldwide.

But frankly, the paid subscription packages of Crunchyroll are quite expensive so before purchasing users get the option of Crunchyroll free trial to unlock premium benefits for a limited period.

So to get started with Crunchyroll’s free premium trial I came up with this guide that shows you how to avail full benefits of the free trial and helps you decide if you should buy the premium version of Crunchyroll.

Does Crunchyroll have a free trial?

Crunchyroll continues to offer a free trial for its premium service, through which users can stream free anime movies and shows. The streaming service has always offered a trial period even when many Crunchyroll competitors canceled any free subscription with the view to onboard new users.

How long Is the Crunchyroll free trial?

The free trial of Crunchyroll lasts for 14 days. To put into perspective Crunchyroll’s trial is double in comparison to Funimation free trial that lasts for 7 days. 14 days may not be enough to watch anime like One Piece that’s completed over 1000 chapters and still going strong but you can certainly watch the entire Dragon Ball Super series in two weeks.

Regardless of what you stream the 14 days free period is more than enough to decide if Crunchytoll premium is the right subscription for you. 

Does Crunchyroll auto-debit once the free trial expires?

To start the Crunchyroll free trial you need to add your billing details which are set to auto-debit at the end of the trial period so to avoid this you will have to manually cancel the subscription before the free trial period is over. Follow these steps to cancel the crunchyroll trial. 

Step 1: Open the Crunchyroll app/website

Step 2: Click on ‘My Account’

Step 3: From ‘My Account’ navigate to ‘billing’ and click on it 

Step 4: Below your credit card details you will see an option to disable ‘Auto debit’

The price of Crunchyroll is different for all its premium plans so do not get startled if the final amount on your card is more than your friends.

Cost of Crunchyroll after the free trial?

 Crunchyroll offers three types of premium subscriptions: fan, mega fan, and, ultimate fan. The content available under each tier is the same with HD quality videos and subbed and dubbed videos, with a higher tier subscription you get the added benefit of simultaneously streaming on multiple devices on one account.  

Features of Crunchyroll Premium

✔ Offline viewing

✔ Direct access to latest anime movies and episodes

✔ Access to Crunchyroll store

✔ HD quality anime videos

✔ Subbed and Dubbed anime

✔ Use 1 account for simultaneous streaming on multiple devices

Crunchyroll premium subscriptionsPrice per month
Mega Fan $9.99
Ultimate Fan$14.99

How to cancel Crunchyroll?

You can cancel your subscription directly from the Crunchyroll membership page. If you are looking to cancel your Crunchyroll subscription from an Android or iOS device then check their cancellation support page as it updates the steps as per the latest version of Crunchyroll app.

If you are canceling on the web app you can follow the aforementioned steps. If you are still finding any difficulties then directly contact the Crunchyroll support team from the cancellation support page.

What happens when you cancel the Crunchyroll free trial midway?

When you cancel the free trial it restricts you from accessing all premium features and premium anime but you can continue to access free anime on Crunchyroll.

Users who cancel the free trial after being billed will continue to have access to Crunchyroll paid version until the end of the billing period.

What makes Crunchyroll a top anime streaming service?

Ask any anime lover about anime streaming and the first name that instantly pops up is Crunchyroll, this is because it is one of the very few streaming services where you will find every anime movie, series, episode, and Asian drama content.  As a beginner, you can continue to watch a selected few anime on Crunchyroll even after the trial period gets expired so you do not necessarily need to purchase its premium subscription.   

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