Top 8 EuroTV alternatives and its substitutes

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What is EuroTV?

EuroTV is or was an online TV Streaming site that provided you with over 180 European TV channels on its website. On the site, you had access to the majority of the premium channels for free.

You could also use the site to watch free movies, documentaries, and some live sports as well for free. It also provided you with the streams that were usually in HD resolution.

Reason to look for sites like EuroTV 

Reason 1 – Lack of international channels

EuroTV, as the name suggests, majorly focuses on everything that is mostly shown on European TVs and nothing more. 

Granted, it had over 180 channels, but if you are someone who is interested in watching International films or television, then this site wouldn’t have worked for you. 

That also translated for sports as well; you wouldn’t have been able to watch sports other than what they usually show on the European channels. 

Reason 2 – Old website

EuroTV is a fairly old website, and that also shows when you jump on its website. Its font size, its layout, everything about it feels very outdated and rusty, to say the least.

That is not the case that you would see on today’s websites that offer a similar experience in terms of content, channels, and features.

They also provide a well-made website so that the customer feels welcomed when they use their website and return back in the future again.

Reason 3 – No longer working

The final reason why you should think of finding an alternative to EuroTV is obviously the big reason that the site is no longer working. 

They have recently put their domain for sale and have chosen to focus on other projects of theirs. If there won’t be any EuroTV, then how would you be able to watch anything on their website?

Best EuroTV alternatives



Yidio is a free website that allows its viewers to get an idea where they can watch a number of tv shows, movies, series, and more. You simply have to search for the desired content that you want to watch.

And the rest of the job will be done by the app itself to show you where you can watch the series, films, or tv shows for free or if you have to have a subscription to watch a particular content.

What we liked about Yidio

Yidio is a good website that lets you choose whatever you want to see. It has everything nicely laid out on its website, so you can search through it. Yidio also has an app that you can use.

You can use that application to find your favourite movies from the comfort of your mobile phone, and you won’t have to worry about watching the content from your laptop as you had to do on EuroTV. 

What we didn’t like about Yidio

Yidio is not a streaming website; it is a platform where you will get to know where you can watch this content for free. It is a tv guide of sorts that tells you basic information regarding the content.

Some of the content on the website is free to watch, but some of them are premium paid content for which you will need a subscription to watch, and Yidio won’t let you watch it for free.

Why did we choose Yidio as a EuroTV alternative?

EuroTV allowed you to search for the Tv show that you wanted to watch, and then it guided you to the link that would stream the content. This is the same working model of Yidio as well.

Yidio also lets you search through the content that you want to watch, and then in return, it will provide you with the links to where you can watch it and how.

It just takes it to the next level by providing you with a great-looking website and an application as well.

Review and rating of Yidio

Yidio is a premium video-suggesting website that will allow you to search through different categories of tv shows, movies, and series. It is not a video hosting website but more of a tv guide.

It has the potential to be more of a better website if it also starts providing you with different links where you can watch specific content for free as well. Other than that, it is a good website. 

I would be rating Yidio 3.5/5 stars. 

Find My Movie

Find My Movie is also an application that allows its users to find a specific movie that they have been wanting to watch, and then it provides you with different links to watch that movie of your choice.

This is an application that is designed specifically for movies; alone and over here, you would be searching across thousands of movies there are on the internet. 

There are some exceptions here are there, but it is mostly a movie-centric site.

What we liked about Find My Movie

Find My Movie has a great feature that it works both online and offline. You can search through a number of films based on their genre, runtime, release date, and a lot more. It works with your iCloud as well.

Once you have found the movie that you are looking for, the app will provide you with links from where you can watch the films and enjoy them from your various devices across all Apple products. 

What we didn’t like about Find My Movie

First of all, the app is only available on App Store, so the chances of using this app on your Windows laptop or Android phone are next to none. The app also is mostly a movie-centric app.

So for people who are interested in watching something other than a movie, they would feel a bit neglected while using this app. It also doesn’t provide you with links to watch the content for free.

It only shows platforms where you would have to watch the content on a premium-paid streaming platform. 

Why did we choose Find My Movie as a EuroTV alternative?

I chose this platform because it does most of the job that EuroTV once did, but in a more modern way. The entire system of an application specifically designed for Apple products seems pretty modern.

Although it is a movie-centric website, it still has a ton of recommendations for the movies. And many of the films it has to offer are available on YouTube as well, so you can easily watch them for free.

Review and rating of Find My Movie

Find My Movie is an application that needs to evolve. It should be readily available for all OS and not just Apple products. 

And in the world of streaming, where there is great content both in series and television shows, it should provide you with options to watch those as well. 

It is a good app that can very easily be a great app, but for now, I would be rating Find My Movie 3/5 stars.



FilmOn is a website that is mostly an internet-tv streaming site. On this website, you get access to over 600+ live TV channels across many different countries and regions. 

You also get the option to watch over 45000 channels that stream live Tv shows and movies as well. And all of this comes at the cost of $0 Dollars. 

They do have a paid subscription plan as well, but you get most of their content for free as well.

What we liked about FilmOn

Obviously, the big positive thing about FilmOn is the fact that it is free of cost. It is also not doing something that is illegal. All the 600 live tv channels it has access to are all licensed tv channels. 

So you can watch or stream without worrying about thinking that you might be watching something illegal, for that matter. 

Secondly, the website also has the option to record some shows as well, so that you can watch them when you are in your free time.

What we didn’t like about FilmOn

FilmOn doesn’t feature an app for its platform, you can download it from their website separately, but you can’t find their application on platforms like Google Play or App Store.

The movie collection list on this website is also very old, and I couldn’t find any movie that is remotely new. 

All of them are from the era of the 1970s or older, so that is something that movie lovers wouldn’t like.

Why did we choose  FilmOn as a EuroTV subsitude?

FilmOn is the perfect EuroTV alternative because of what it has to offer. EuroTv was originally just a normal website that would allow you to stream live tv shows, and that is exactly what FilmOn does as well.

You not only get to watch licensed 600+ live tv channels, but you also get additional advantages such as recording the live program. And the best part of all this is that all of this is free for you to avail!

Review and rating of FilmOn

FilmOn would seem like a great website if you were looking for one where you can watch live tv for free. It has most of the features that you would expect in a modern live-tv streaming website. 

And along with all of this, it has some neat little features as well. I would recommend you give it a try once, and for that reason, I would be rating FilmOn 4/5 stars.

The CW

The CW is a popular American television network that has some of the most well-known TV shows, such as The Flash, Arrow, Supernaturals, and many more. 

They also have an app where you can watch their shows and broadcasts for free without any subscription. They don’t ask you for your password or your credit card number.

You just simply have to download their app from the app store or Microsoft store, and you can easily watch all their shows for free!

What we liked about The CW

The great thing about The CW is the fact that it is free to watch. It is a premium subscription network, but you get to watch all of their shows for free from the convenience of your viewing device.

You also get to see the latest episodes of all of their shows just after their broadcast on TV, so you are also not missing much on the action as well. It’s just a couple of hours, and that is a pretty good deal. 

What we didn’t like about The CW

The CW will obviously show you the shows that they have to offer, so you can’t expect anything more from it, which is fair enough because they have a lot to offer as well when it comes to content.

The bigger problem is the fact that it can only be accessed if you are in the US. The app isn’t available to use if you are staying anywhere outside of the US. You can use a VPN, but that would cost you some money.

Why did we choose  The CW as a EuroTV competitor?

It is a great EuroTV alternative if you are a fan of the shows on the CW. And the best part of all is you have some great shows on it which you can access for free. 

You are restricted, though, when it comes to the location since it is only available if you are residing in the US, which can be tackled if you use a VPN, but other than that, The CW is also a good app.

Review and rating of The CW

The CW is a great platform, and that is something you don’t often see very much. You have their shows for free, and then you also don’t have to make any account to watch their content as well.

They also provide the latest episodes just after airing them on TV, and that is a major plus. For those reasons, I would be rating the CW 3.5/5 stars. It’s great that you should definitely check out.

YouTube TV


YouTube TV, as you would have guessed, comes from the good folks at YouTube. It is a live TV streaming website that has all the necessary channels that you would require to watch anything. 

It is considered by many as one of the best live tv streaming platforms available on the internet right now, and that is for a reason! Because it is pretty damn good, and people really love it for what it has to offer.

What we liked about YouTube TV

YouTube TV has a lot to offer that I like about it. First and foremost, since it is from YouTube, you will have a lot of options for watching on the desired watching device.

You have an app for the smart TV, Chromecast, Firestick, any smartphone device, and any other watching platform you can think of. 

The app also has the option of unlimited DVR, where you can save your recordings and shows for nine months and save as many shows that you want to watch.

What we didn’t like about YouTube TV

The main ‘bad’ thing about YouTube TV is that it is a paid application and too not a cheap one. YouTube TV costs about $65 Dollars/month! Now I know that EuroTV cost you nothing to use.

But YouTube TV has way too much to offer when it comes to comparing it to EuroTV, which only showed European Tv networks. 

One thing that I genuinely don’t like about YouTube TV is the fact that it is also only available if you are residing in the US. 

Why did we choose YouTube TV as a EuroTV alternative?

YouTube TV is like an alpha when compared to EuroTV in all forms; there is no comparison between the two. It excels in all the departments when you put both of them together. 

Also, this list includes all the possible alternatives to EuroTV, so some people who want to see a great alternative that they can afford can very easily choose YouTube TV as one of their better alternatives.

Review and rating of YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the best live TV streaming apps one could possibly find when you compare it to any tv streaming platform. The app is used by people who are looking to cut their cable connections.

So if you are just casually looking for an alternate, then this would definitely fill that spot for you as well. 

It also offers you a free trial of seven days, so you can use it as much as you want for those seven days, and if you like its service, who knows, maybe you will end up purchasing its product as well.

I would be rating YouTube TV 4.5/5 stars.



Crackle is also another popular name in the world of free streaming. Crackle is a website that shows you free movies, tv shows and more, and it is backed by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Since it is backed by Sony, you can expect some great films and series produced by Sony Pictures to play on this streaming site, and that is true. Crackle also has some of its Originals that you can surely enjoy.

What we liked about Crackle

The fact that it is legal to use and is free of cost is a big factor in liking the application. Crackle is one of those applications that you see, and you do doubt as to how it is free, why it is free, and what is the catch.

But that’s the great thing about it is. There’s no catch! The app is free for you to enjoy its content and have a good time while you are on it. The app is also available on many different platforms. 

What we didn’t like about Crackle

Crackle is available only in the US, Australia, Canada, Latin America, and Brazil. If you are residing anywhere outside these countries, then you would have to use a VPN, which is not cheap to use.

Why did we choose Crackle as a EuroTV alternative?

Crackle offers a lot of content that is for free. Granted, they are not live televisions, but they are still some great content for you to watch for the price of nothing. 

It is an application that regularly gets updated and gets new content almost daily. 

Review and rating of Crackle

Crackle is an application that you have to try by yourself to see how it is and if it works for you or not. 

Because they have a wide variety of content, and I am sure the majority of people would appreciate what it has to offer. 

But, if you are going in wanting something exactly like EuroTV, then maybe you won’t be a fan of this site. For those reasons, I would be rating Crackle 3.5/5 stars.



Kodi is also an application that we have talked about quite some times. That is because it is one of the better media servers available on the internet. Kodi, as I mentioned just now, is a media server. 

You have to install the app of Kodi, and in it, there are multiple different plugins where you can watch your live tv channels for free, without worrying about anything in the world.

We have listed a bunch of working Kodi Addons updated weekly for Zero Buffering.

What we liked about Kodi

Kodi is a good media server that has its applications available on major platforms, which you can download from their website. You can also earn a little money from Kodi as well.

If you are a developer and you develop a plugin for a specific channel or something, then Kodi would pay you for making that plugin, which is a great feature that you don’t very easily see.

What we didn’t like about Kodi

Kodi is not easy to set up; it can get tricky even for someone who knows stuff about media servers and everything. So for a commoner, it can become complicated pretty quickly, as a matter of fact.  

So when you are using the application, you have to be careful about that. Once you are done with it, then it is still easy to use. 

You also have some illegal plugins on it that stream content that they don’t have rights to.

Why did we choose Kodi as a EuroTV alternative?

Kodi can act as a great alternative to EuroTV simply because of what it offers in terms of compatibility and features list. You have access to your live tv channels and other programs.

You get all of this for free, basically, and that was one of the draws of Euro TV as well.

Review and rating of Kodi

Kodi is a great application if you get used to it. It will take some time to figure out how the app works and how to set it up, but once you are past that process, then you will have a good time using it.

For those reasons, I would be rating Kodi 4/5 stars.

Apple TV Plus 

Apple tv

Apple TV Plus is a streaming service which is owned and operated by the people of Apple, which is a bit weird to think considering that they are a tech company, but the film industry is so lucrative that everyone wants to have a piece of the pie. 

Apple TV Plus is a great alternative to EuroTV because the entire streaming service produces some really great entertaining content, whether it be movies or tv shows. 

Recently Apple TV Plus has also been killing it in the overall quality of the shows that they produce, and that is something to look forward to. 

What we liked about Apple TV Plus 

There are a number of things to like about Apple TV Plus, it has a fairly cheap subscription price, compared to other streaming services, so for a lot of people who are looking for an alternative to EuroTV, this one might suit well. 

Along with this, you get some really good original tv shows to watch, such as Shrinking and Ted Lasso, which have gone on to get great critical and audience response, as well. 

What we didn’t like about Apple TV Plus 

Apple TV Plus certainly has some cons, as well, and you can find them out if you are trying to use an Apple TV Plus subscription for more than two people as it doesn’t allow you to create any profiles. 

Along with this, Apple TV Plus is another motive for Apple to move you to into its ecosystem of products, and if you don’t have that, then you might be missing on some great features, such as Spatial Audio for some of its content.

Why did we choose Apple TV Plus as Euro TV alternative?

Euro TV is dead, so any thing that is still active and working in the world of movies and tv shows is a great alternative towards it. 

Along with this, the overall price of this service is fairly low, so you don’t have to shell out a lot if you are looking for a place where you can watch some great movies and tv shows. 

Review and rating of Apple TV Plus 

Apple TV Plus is a streaming service that I have mentioned a couple of times now in many articles and that is because the streaming service has started to grow on a lot of people and it is attracting many people from the film industry, as well. 

The overall content on the platform is premium, which is something what Apple strives for, and if you are looking for something like that, then Apple TV Plus is the streaming service for you. 

I will rate it 3.5/5 stars.

Our recommendations on the best EuroTV alternatives?

EuroTV was a classic, and people used it for all sorts of reasons, but now that it is gone, people are looking for its alternatives.

I listed above seven of the best applications I could find that could act as its alternatives. But if you ask me for my suggestion as to which app I would prefer to use. I would have to go with FilmOn and YouTube TV.

Why did we choose FilmOn and YouTube TV as the best EuroTV alternatives?

I always choose my favourites based on the context of the article, rather than just choosing it randomly, and according to the context of the article, I found these two to be great alternatives.

Let’s start with FilmOn. FilmOn, I mentioned in my review as well, is the perfect EuroTV alternative as it has 600+ live tv channels to offer, and it is a TV-first website, just like EuroTV was.

YouTube TV, on the other hand, is just an alpha in every possible way when compared to EuroTV. You have some of the best features available on the platform. 

It has all the possible live tv channels that you would be needing to enjoy live tv; its features like Unlimited DVR space are a major attraction for the people who are looking to cut their cable connections.

It just is, overall, a great application for live-tv streaming and, for that, has been called by the CNN as the “best live-tv streaming platform”. 

But then again, as always, these are all my personal selections among the seven sites that I would choose when I would look for an alternate for Euro TV.

What about you? Did you agree with my list and the two finalists that I chose, or did you have some other application that you would use? Do let me know in the comments down below! 

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh is a Journalism and Mass Communication graduate. While studying in this field he quickly realized what he wants to do in his life: Filmmaking. His interest in writing scripts is what made him give a try in the world of content writing. Sanjit's an avid Movie Geek and is an award winning Director as well.

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