Funimation Review: Analysing price, features, screens, video quality, available anime & manga

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Funimation review

Funimation is a popular website among anime and manga fans. If you are one, you know what I’m talking about! Funimation is an anime streaming website where you can watch and download your favorite anime from multiple genres. It has emerged to be one of the topmost sites to watch anime along with Crunchyroll, Netflix, Amazon Prime TV, etc. And with the massive surge in the number of people watching or wanting to watch anime, the limelight on Funimation has intensified. Hence, I will be doing a detailed Funimation Review in this article as I will be taking you through the nooks and crannies of this colorful website.

Funimation has a lot to offer and I want you to know exactly what is available for watching, the pricing and other subscription plans, compatible platforms, and other features that you can find on this popular website. This anime streaming website is quite interactive and I am sure you will definitely have a worthwhile experience. I will also take you through the limitations of this website, in this Funimation review.

Anime has gained quite a lot of attention in recent times. Just like Funimation, there are other several Funimation alternative websites that have come up to serve an ever-growing audience. These websites are doing a marvelous job in streaming anime and urging more people to check out what the hype is all about!

Funimation library and list of available anime 

Funimation’s library offers you a vibrant collection of anime in genres like adventure, thriller, comedy, action, supernatural, sports, music, horror, mystery, sci-fi, romance, love, etc. In Funimation, you will find mostly dubbed anime. The reason for this is that in 2016, the two most popular anime streaming websites, Crunchyroll and Funimation, came under a contract that let Crunchyroll offer anime mostly subbed and Funimation stream anime mostly dubbed versions. Although this pact is since obsolete, a few subbed and dubbed anime are available on Funimation and Crunchyroll, respectively.

list of anime on Funimation

The list of anime available on Funimation is diverse. Popular names like Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Boku no Hero Academia, One Piece, Dragonball, Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, Fruits Basket are all present in Funimation. Other anime like Tokyo Ghoul, Mirai Nikki, Re: Zero, Mob Psycho 100, Soul Eater, Ao no Exorcist, etc are also available for watching. 

Few shows are available on Funimation which are not included in Crunchyroll’s library. Some of these are – SK8 the Infinity, Horimiya, Wonder Egg Priority, Cowboy Bebop, and Initial D.

Anime Genres on Funimationadventure, thriller, comedy, action, supernatural, sports, music, horror, mystery, sci-fi, romance, love, etc. 
Manga Genres on FunimationShonen, Seinen, Shoujo, Josei, horror, fantasy, thriller, sports, psychological, rom-com, sci-fi, thriller, etc.

More than 600 shows are available on Funimation that you can watch in English dub. The total number of anime is 1200 and will surely satisfy an anime nerd. Funimation also offers Simulcast, which means you can watch a new episode of an anime at the same time when it is broadcast in Japan. 

Funimation Pricing and Plans

A proper Funimation review needs to have information on the pricing and subscription plans for the users. Funimation lets you watch ad-free videos in 1080p and to avail of this and other features you have to subscribe to either of its three subscription plans. Let us look at these plans at a glance.

  • The Premium plan comes with multiple exciting features. Alongside getting full access to the Funimation library (both subs and dubs). The Premium Plan also lets you make two simultaneous streams. The pocket pinch for this plan is $5.99 per month.
  • Next comes the Premium Plus. The special feature of this plan is that it lets you make five simultaneous streams, makes offline viewing possible, gives you shopping deals, and lets you attend special events. The price for this plan is $7.99 per month.
  • The Premium Plus Ultra plan offers you all of Premium Plus, and also gives you free shipping, two free rental videos per year, and also sends you an anniversary gift! The pocket pinch for this is $99.

The best part is that you can do a free trial for two weeks!

Funimation plans and pricing

You can also use the Funimation free trial version but that comes with a lot of ads and you also won’t get any of the perks included in the three Premium Plans. However, you can try each of the Funimation free trials for two weeks.

Which devices are compatible with Funimation?

In this Funimation review, I have to mention the device compatibility for this cool anime streaming website. And in this department, it is one step ahead!

Funimation is very versatile when it comes to device compatibility. It can be streamed on Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Samsung and LG smart TVs, and gaming platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, etc.

One great perk is that you can also stream it on Nintendo Switch. And it looks like Funimation is way ahead of its time when it comes to this like no other streaming sites, not even Crunchyroll provides this option.

You can also access Funimation through the web. The website is quite user-friendly and allows you to navigate through it pretty easily. The Web Player makes sure that your viewing experience is the smoothest ever by letting you control the brightness. You can also switch between dubs in different languages and shift from Simulcast and uncut versions. 

PlatformsAndroid & iOSAmazon KindleAmazon Fire TVAndroid TVApple TVChromecastRokuSamsung & LG smart TVsPlayStation 4Xbox OneNintendo Switch

Top Features of Funimation

A Funimation review is incomplete without mentioning some of the bonus features that this streaming site offers. You can buy loads of apparel and other items from this site and we all know how important merch is to a hardcore fan! You can get clothes, action figures, home videos, etc., on various anime like Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, etc. What can be better than a site where you can get it all!

Funimation sweeps out all the rest when it comes to dubbed anime. And the best part is that you can watch even Simulcast videos in the dubbed version of your preferred language. There is a special feature called SimulDubs which lets the dubbed version stream in the same time frame as the subbed version. The availability of both subbed and dubbed versions in Funimation makes it so dynamic and versatile.


Funimation also lets you watch all your favorite anime offline free of any advertisements. It also has amazing parental control tools that let parents block some of the mature and adult content. It should be kept in mind that anime is not only for kids but there are lots of adult anime that kids should not watch. Therefore this feature is very convenient for adults to monitor what their kids are watching.

✔Merchandise store

✔Intensive dubbed anime collection

✔Dubbed Simulcast videos

✔Offline watching

✔Ad-free videos

✔Good parental-control

What are the limitations to Funimation?

Up until now, I have only discussed the perks and advantages of this wonderful streaming website in my Funimation review. However, as with everything else, this platform comes with a lot of shortcomings that can sometimes make it difficult to use.

First and foremost, Funimation isn’t available in all countries across the globe. In some countries, you cannot access Funimation at all. However, this problem can be solved with the use of a VPN. 

Features like multi-user accounts with different settings and whitelisting are missing. This could create a better and safer experience for every age group who uses its services.

There is also a few anime that are missing from Funimation’s library. Popular shows like Jujutsu Kaisen, Hunter X Hunter, KonoSuba, Haikyu! Etc., are not available on Funimation. 

The free version is also not very convenient with all the ads and has no option for offline viewing.

On how many devices can you stream one Funimation account?

With the $5.99 per month Premium Plan, you can stream Funimation up to two devices. But this gets better with the Premium Plus and the Premium Plus Ultra Plans. With the Premium Plus Plan for $7.99 per month, you can stream on five platforms simultaneously. With the Premium Plus Ultra Plan for $99 per year, you can stream this site on five platforms.

Final Thoughts: Is Funimation worth it?

Funimation has come a long way since the day of its inception. With the passage of time, the website has gained nothing more than popularity. With its diverse catalog of anime and attractive subscription plans, the website has been successful in gaining more traffic every day. So far in our Funimation review, we have learned about the prices, plans, anime collection, device compatibility, etc. I hope this gives you a general idea about what the platform is like if you are planning to subscribe to it. If you want to compare this site with any other site like it, you can check out our article on Funimation vs Crunchyroll to get more information.

Funimation is quite an amazing anime streaming platform that exists today and we sure hope you have a great time on it!

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