Top Best Glotorrent Proxy & Alternatives 2024 Edition

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Glotorrents Proxy

GloTorrents is a popular torrent distributor website. It is a free website that enables millions of people to search, download, and contribute torrent files and magnet links for different categories. The website is packed with features and has an advanced search engine.

However, ISPs may often block torrent sites like GloTorrents, which means that you cannot access them directly. There are several proxy websites that can be used in such a situation. Check out our list of the best GloTorrents proxies to learn more about this.

GloTorrents Features

Wide Range of Categories

GloTorrents offers diverse content categories, including games, tutorials, educational videos, and movies, totaling up to nearly 20 categories. This makes it easy for users to navigate and find content as everything is neatly divided into different categories.

Search Filters

GloTorrents has some advanced search filters that help users refine and narrow down search results by including or excluding specific keywords. Thus, you can use the + and – signs to enhance search precision.

Direct Downloads

Users can download torrents directly from here. GloTorrents provides both torrent files and magnet links for this purpose.

Multilingual Platform

GloTorrents offers movies in over ten languages, including Chinese, Korean, and Tamil. Thus, users can search for content in their preferred language and expand their horizons by accessing media from different cultures.

User Interaction

GloTorrents also provides a place where users can engage with each other by leaving reviews and comments. They can register to track their favorite torrents and engage in a better way with the community.

Regular Updates

GloTorrents regularly updates its catalog, giving users access to the latest movies, series, games, and more.

Contributor Integrity

GloTorrents’ contributors earn points over time, which helps gauge the reputation and reliability of their uploads.

Seed-to-Leech Ratio

The website maintains a decent seed-to-leech ratio, ensuring faster download speeds for users.

Pop-up Ads

GloTorrents displays numerous pop-up ads, some of which may be full of malware. Users should, therefore, use ad-blockers and antivirus software while accessing the site.

GloTorrents Proxy Sites

There are several GloTorrents proxies that you can use if you find the main torrents site blocked. Some such proxies are:

  • glotorrents.nocensor.nbs

12 Best GloTorrents Alternatives

The best alternative to GloTorrents out there is It is a BitTorrent site that is helpful for people who rely heavily on torrents to download movies. This website offers you a vast selection of films along with an intuitive interface.

You can find all the latest files on in HD and even 4K resolution. It also has subtitles for non-English films, making it one of the best GloTorrents alternatives.

The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay works excellently as a GloTorrents alternative. Millions of people worldwide use this torrent-based website. This makes it the perfect GloTorrents alternative. ThePirateBay provides a great user interface and torrents for different genres. It is, therefore, the go-to place for all your torrenting needs.


1337X is a one-of-its-kind website and a great GloTorrents alternative. Launched in 2007, it has quickly gone on to become a community where users share trustworthy torrent files for download. The website features the most extensive torrent database, making it a popular destination for those looking to download movies and TV shows.

Therefore, you bet that 1337X will have something to satisfy your entertainment needs. It also maintains a working mirror domains list on its About Us page, which is quite helpful for users.


Another fantastic alternative to GloTorrents is Torrentz2. It is a meta-search engine, a new and improved version of the original Torrentz. There are over 60 million torrents available here, and you can quickly sift through them thanks to its simple interface.

Thus, you can download movies, songs, TV shows, and games using the magnet button in the search results. You don’t even have to go to the specific torrent listing page for details. While Torrentz2 is generally reliable, checking the updated last, leechers, and seeders is still a good idea before clicking on a magnet link.


Another GloTorrents alternative, RARBG, helps people around the globe fulfill their media streaming needs. This website is the perfect place to explore your preferred high-quality torrents leisurely. One thing you should note here is that RARBG has tons of ads and pop-ups. Therefore, you should get an ad-blocker and robust anti-virus software before using it.


Torlock is a popular alternative to GloTorrents as it houses only verified torrents. You will find more than 9 million verified torrents across over a dozen categories here. There is no possibility of encountering fake torrents on Torlock. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface, which is convenient for exploring content. 

Along with movies, TV shows, and software, Torlock has a category for images which is generally not found on other BitTorrent sites.


One of the most active torrent services in the world is TorrentReactor. It is a place where you can find everything from anime to music files to the latest episode of your favorite TV show. There is an advanced search engine that helps you find what you’re looking for.

Here, you can sort and filter the files according to popularity and upload time. You can also share your own files on TorrentReactor. It is because of the contribution of users that it has become one of the leading torrent providers.


IsoHunt is also a website listed among BitTorrent’s authorized peer-to-peer systems. This online platform has an index of thousands of torrent files in every category imaginable- music, movies, books, software, anime, and more. It lets you explore and download torrent files without any limitations. Further, you can upload and share your own files here, contributing to the ever-growing database.


ExtraTorrent is a leading torrent search engine that allows you to find original torrent files for free. It has an advanced search engine that provides the perfect results with just a few words as input. ExtraTorrent’s directory is quite easy-to-use and is one of the biggest torrent file directories in the world.

It is a website where you can always find the latest content and even share your own files.


LimeTorrents is a popular torrent site for different categories, such as anime, music, software, movies, games, etc. It has a massive library of content available for free. Therefore, you can easily download verified links for movies, TV shows, software, and more across all its mirrors and proxies.

LimeTorrents does not host links from other torrent providers; you will only see its own collected and user-contributed torrents here. It comes in handy to ensure that you download valid and appropriate files. You can create an account on LimeTorrents to upload and share your own files.


TorrentGalaxy is one of the most underrated GloTorrents alternatives. It hosts only verified torrent files and even has teams to vet them. Like all torrenting websites, it provides magnet links and torrent files. However, in addition to that, TorrentGalaxy also provides direct download links where you can find files on a file-sharing website.

Here, you can directly stream movies and TV shows instead of downloading them.


Torrent9 is a reliable torrenting website and a great alternative to GloTorrents. It offers a variety of content, including movies, TV shows, software, music, games, and much more. The website boasts an excellent user interface and organizes all the content into different categories.

It has an impressive collection of movies, and you can find several console game collections here. Torrent9 is primarily in French but has enough English buttons that you won’t face any significant issues.



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