Top Best Hoopla Digital Alternatives 2024 Edition

Hoopla Digital Alternatives

Audiobooks are the new thing in the publishing and reading scene. Well-narrated audiobooks bring life to the words on a page and help you achieve your reading targets while doing chores, driving, or working out.

Hoopla is one platform that has made audiobooks accessible to users. It gives users free access to audiobooks and ebooks if their library is a Hoopla affiliate. The app has several features, like sleep timers, bookmarks, and audio speed adjustment.

However, it is not the only audiobook app out there. To help you learn more about this, we have compiled this list of the best Hoopla Digital alternatives.

11 Best Alternatives to Hoopla Digital


Audible is the king of the audiobook space and, therefore, the best alternative to Hoopla Digital. Amazon has owned it since 2008 and is estimated to hold over 60% of the market share. Audible has an extensive collection of audiobooks and offers podcasts, exclusive titles, and original productions that are only available here.

The platform has custom app controls, and you can match your listening progress across formats with WhisperSync if you own the ebook. 

Audible offers the Plus and Premium Plus membership tiers. Both provide access to the main catalog, but Premium Plus also gives users one monthly credit that lets them buy books outside the Audible Plus catalog. This opens up the platform to more streaming and one-time listening users.

Apple Books

For iOS users, there is nothing better than Apple Books for listening to audiobooks. It is a convenient app that you can use for your e-books and audiobooks across all Apple devices. This platform is like a bookstore where you have to pay for each book instead of paying a monthly subscription.

Apple Books is, therefore, the better option for people who only occasionally listen to audiobooks and don’t want to waste money on an unused subscription. It also offers a decent selection of free audiobooks that include classics such as Pride and Prejudice.

Titles are effectively categorized based on genres on this app. You can also search based on new and trending books, book club picks, and Apple recommendations here.

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LibriVox is the best choice if you’re looking for a free alternative to Hoopla Digital. This platform offers a catalog of over 40,000 free and legal audiobooks. Volunteers narrate all these books, and they are available in the public domain.

LibriVox certainly does not have the latest releases, but it is an excellent platform to catch up on the classics. The audiobooks available here are DRM-free, so you can download them as many times as you want and listen to them offline.

LibriVox doesn’t have a fancy interface like the paid audiobook apps, but it does have basic bookmarking and timer features. This is one platform that celebrates literature and encourages users to sign up for audiobook narration. All this makes it the best Hoopla Digital alternative.


Libby is similar to Hoopla Digital in that it lets you listen to free audiobooks with a library card. You just need to connect your library card to get access to your local library’s e-book and audiobook database. It lets you add multiple library cards if you can access more than one library system.

Libby has a smooth interface; you can log in to your account from multiple devices. It has features for downloading books for offline listening, changing playback speed, adding bookmarks, and even putting on sleep timers. You can keep the audiobook for three weeks, but the Libby app remembers where you left off, so you can always borrow the book again.

The next Hoopla Digital alternative on our list is It comes with all the standard features of an audiobook app, such as easy browsing, a smooth user interface, and mobile and desktop compatibility. In the $14.95/month subscription, you get one audiobook credit along with an additional VIP book.

The VIP selection is changed monthly and has a range of fiction and non-fiction titles. offers a family plan where you can invite two people to share your account. You can also choose their level of access, letting them listen only or use audiobook credits.


Chirp is like a thrift store for audiobooks. The deals, the rush to get what you had been eyeing, and the thrill of discovering an underrated gem are just like that of an actual thrift store. Owned by an author promotion site, BookBub, Chirp offers some of the best audiobook deals.

It has new deals every day that almost always last a few days. The deal’s countdown is displayed with the listing itself. It does not charge any subscription, and you always pay by the book. This makes Chirp the best budget alternative to Hoopla Digital.

It is the best for readers and authors as the former gets great deals while the latter gets to find new readers.


Everand, also known as Scribd, is an excellent Hoopla Digital alternative for audiobook fanatics. This app gives you access to thousands of audiobooks, e-books, and magazines for only $11.99/month. The subscription also includes access to content from Slideshare, but you cannot keep the audiobooks once your subscription ends.

On Everand, you can download audiobooks for offline listening, and it also offers a 30-day free trial before you commit to a paid one.


Yes, Spotify is not just a music streaming app. It has audiobooks and good ones at that. The platform offers a fantastic selection of titles for all age groups. Premium members can even get 15 hours of free audiobook listening every month. Several bestsellers actually fall well below this limit, making the subscription worth it.

Spotify also lets you buy individual audiobooks. Thus, you can use it to try out audiobooks as a medium before committing to a dedicated service for the same. is a Hoopla Digital alternative that lets you buy audiobooks and support your local bookstores simultaneously. You just have to pick a local bookstore you want to help with your purchases. Now, whenever you buy an audiobook through, the bookstore will get a share of the profits.

It gives you one audiobook credit for $14.99, but you can also buy individual books. The books available on are DRM-free, so you don’t necessarily have to use the app to listen to the audiobooks. Simply download the MP3 file and use any app to listen to it.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is not particularly for audiobooks, but it has a fantastic collection of them. It does not charge monthly subscriptions but has in-app purchases, which means that you can buy audiobooks a la carte. You can also check free previews of the books on the app to decide whether you like a book before spending money on it.

Google Play Books can be accessed on Android and iOS devices and syncs your audiobooks across all devices connected to your Google account.

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Serial Box

Serial Box is another audiobook app that can be an excellent Hoopla Digital alternative. It gives you access to multiple audiobooks and e-books for one price. You can listen to them on your phone, tablet, or computer. Serial Box also has a Flow Reader feature that makes it easy to switch back and forth between multiple audiobooks.It provides short stories and complete books in various genres such as fantasy, science-fiction, drama, and comedy. Serial box has free previews of the audiobooks that you can take a sneak peek at before making a purchase.

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