How to Activate the UMID Card


SSS is the main office that will issue UMID cards to all private workers, while the GSIS will issue the UMID cards to government workers. If you work in a private company, you may want to apply for the UMID card at the SSS branch. On the other hand, if you work in the government office, you need to apply at the GSIS branch. However, if you are both GSIS and SSS members, you are allowed to inquire in any offices around you. You can inquire at the GSIS or SSS office which is convenient for you to reach.

Steps on How To Get UMID Card

a. Fill out the UMID card application form

This is the first step that you are going to do. You can read all instructions that are available on the page of the UMID form. There is no error and deletion that can be allowed in the form. When you are ready, you have to check the form to ensure that everything is written correctly. You also need to provide your phone number, email address, and also permanent address.

b. Submit all of your documents and form to the nearest SSS branch

You should be aware that not all SSS branches can process UMID applications. You can take a look around yourself, so you can find out the one with the UMID processing office. It is also a good idea for you to visit the official website of the SSS, so you can find out the nearest SSS branch around you.

 c. Have your fingerprints, photo, and signature taken

After the SSS staff members check and confirm your records, you may be asked to stand in front of the computer. You need to take your photo for getting your ID ready. They will ask you to have your fingerprints taken. UMID requires you to leave a digitized signature on the cards. You can use a computerized pen for leaving your signature on the tablet. The signature needs to be close to the actual signature that you put on the form.

d. Pay the UMID card processing fees

This is another important step that you have to do before you can leave the SSS office. If you want to apply for a brand new UMID card, you don’t need to pay anything. New UMID card applications will be free for all first-time applicants. However, when you update your UMID card or you want to replace your old SSS id, you may be required to pay a PHP 200 in the SSS accredited banks. You also need to present your notarized affidavit for a lost card.

e. Wait for the UMID card to be delivered to your address

According to the official website of SSS, you are going to get your UMID card in less than 30 days from the application. After getting your application, the SSS office will release your UMID card in about 8 – 10 days. Then, they are going to deliver the ID via a local post office or Philpost. The delivery process will take about 2 – 3 weeks if you live around Metro Manila. The shipping process may take about 1 – 2 months if you live far away from the SSS office. 

f. Activate your UMID card

You can activate your UMID by visiting the satellite office or SSD branch. The activation process will let you use the UMID card to check your SSS contributions, records, benefits, loans, and any other services.

g. You can also follow up on your UMID status

If you haven’t received your UMID card since 3 months after your application, you can follow up on the status of your card by sending a private message to the SSS official Facebook Page.

h. Apply for the UMID ATM Card

There is also a UMID ATM card. This card is created to allow the withdrawal of pensions and advances easily. Unionbank is the only bank that can give these ATM cards to users. You can show your UMID ATM enrollment form in the SSS office that can process the ATM cards. 

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