Build a simple mob farm on Minecraft in 7 easy steps

simple mob farm

Step 1: First Farm

First Farm

The first thing you need to do if you want to build a simple mob farm is to construct a 26 high block pillar

Step 2: Channels


After you have made a 26 high block pillar then you need to make a cross that consists of 7 blocks on each arm.

Step 3: Levels


This steps requires some patience and skills. As you have to add the secondary spawn levels. 

Step 4: Spawning


Once the secondary spawn levels have been added then you need to add the primary spawn level,the signs and the water.

Step 5: Walls


You will need walls for protection. So make sure you add the foundations for building the walls.

Step 6: Building Higher

Building Higher

In order to have an added layer of protection to your walls you need to add the second level. Use this screenshot for reference on how the walls should look.

Step 7: Taking Cover

Taking Cover
Taking Cover

Now all that’s left to do is to take cover. So add a roof and you are all set with your simple mob farm on Minecraft.

Pro Tips!

  • For those of you who are making a simple mob farm in survival make sure to carry a bucket.
  • For max efficiency make sure to set up a few chests and hoppers.
  • At the end of the cross add an extra block to make it 8 instead of 7 this helps the mob to not float and fall. 
  • Light up the area around it so it focuses spawns in the tower
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