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GoMovies is a free movie streaming website where users used to share movie files with their peers to download. Due to legal issues, the website shut down its operation in 2018. However, there are many clone websites that stream movies.

If you are looking at how to download Go Movie on your device then I have listed the step below which would guide you to download the free movie streaming service.

How to download GoMovies

How to download GoMovies on iPhone/iPad/iOS

Step 1: Open and download this Go Movies App Apk on you Apple device

Step 2: Once the Go Movie go app Apk has been downloaded you need to accept the unknown app on your device.  Menu >> Setting >> General Settings >> Profile >> Go Movies >> Accept

Step 3: Open the Go Movies app once you have accepted the download.

Step 4: Now you can watch free movies tv, Video and tv shows without login in

How to download GoMovies on Android device

Step 1: Open and download this app apk link on you Android smartphone

Step 2: The second step is to allow the unknow app to run on your Android smartphone. Go to Settings >> Apps >> Special App Access >> Unknow app >> Accept GoMovies App

Step 3: Open the Go Movies app on your Android smartphone

Step 4: Watch free movies and TV shows on your Android phone with even signing up

How to download GoMovies on Amazon Fire TV/ FireStick

Step 1: Open your Amazon fire TV and open the browser on your Fire TV

Step 2: Download the Go Movies App Apk on you Firestick from the browser

Step 3: Next go to Setting >> Developer Options >> Unknow Apps >> download Go Movies on your device

Step 4: Open Go Movies and watch free movies tv shows

How to download GoMovies on Windows PC

Downloading GoMovies App Apk on your Windows PC is a tedious process the first step is to download. Choosing the right Android emulator is not easy. I have listed the best android emulator in this article so that you don’t get confused

Step 1: Open the Go Movies app apk on your Windows PC with the help of your Android Emulator

Step 2: Run the Go Movies App on your Windows PC from the Android Emulator

Step 3: Open the GoMovies App and watch unlimited free shows and movies without the need to sign up

Features of GoMovies

Free movie streaming app

Go Movies has the latest free movies which is uploaded by the peers in the platfrom. Peers upload the latest movies and shows which is why the GoMovies has a very large user base.

Go Go Movies has thousands of movies on its platform and hundreds are uploaded every day to its streaming service.

HD Quality free movies

The movies and shows on GoMovies are uploaded by the user and the quality of the movie totally depends on the user’s input. However, most of the movies and shows on hbo Go Movies come in High quality which means it has good video and pictures.

Download latest movies

In the GoMovies app, you can download the movies and shows of your choice. You can watch the shows when you are not looking to stream them. Downloading the movies and shows will take time if you are on a good network speed then you would love using the GoMovies app.

No sign-up required

The best part of GoMovies App is that you don’t have to sign up and give your credentials to an unknown source. As soon as you open the app you can watch free movies and shows on the go with the mobile app.

Compatible with all devices

GoMovies app can be used on Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad. You can even download the go movies app on firestick. For users who like to watch movies on their personal computer then you can do that as well with the Go movies app. However, I would recommend watching go movies with the mirror link click here to check the mirror link.

Latest updates of GoMovies

Gomovies app Apk gets updated on a regular basis. I have shown the way in which you can download the latest version of go movies on your device. Follow these steps give above and you would be able to use GoMovies latest App on you Apple, Android, firestick, and Windows PC

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Is GoMovies legal?

No, GoMovies was termed illegal due to copyright issues and had to shut down its official website. There are many clone website and apps you can use GoMovies

Do I need to pay for GoMovies?

GoMovies a free movie streaming service. You don’t have to pay for watching movies and shows on GoMovies

Can I download the content on my device?

On the GoMovies App, you can go to the download option and download free movies and show on your smartphone

Whats is the monthly fee for using GoMovies?

There is not month fee or yearly fee for using GoMovies app

Do I need to create an account to use GoMovies?

GoMovies users do not have to create an account before watching movies and show online as well as on the Go Movies App

Final words

People are always looking for films, tv shows, news, series on the go, and this free movie streaming site has provided a list of movies tv shows for users from all around the world. Please note all the right are reserved to the movie owners and copyrights owners and not geekymint team members

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