7 best Kisscartoon alternatives for free anime and cartoon streaming in 2023

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Kisscartoon was one of the best anime and cartoon streaming sites with the latest shows but shut down due to legal issues. Since it shut down many alternatives to kisscartoon have emerged. I have listed the 7 of the best sites like kisscartoon for free anime streaming with its pros and cons, and reviews.


Kimcartoon is a great kisscartoon alternatives if you want to watch cartoons and anime. Kimcartoon streams cartoon shows like Tom and jerry, power rangers, swat kats.

Kimcartoon is for those 90s kids who spent their childhood watching cartoons and tv shows. Kimcartoon not only plays cartoons online but also makes sure its played in high quality.

I have written an entire article on how to download and everything you need to know about kimcartoon.

Features of Kimcartoon

  • High quality content
  • No sign-up or login before streaming cartoons and anime
  • Users can download anime and cartoons
  • Large Cartoon genre

My review on Kimcartoon

I’m a 90s kids and I grew up watching Tom and Jerry, Mr bean, and many other cartoons, anime, and tv shows. Kim cartoon is one of the best cartoon sites like kisscartoon. My kids love watching the tv shows on this streaming site.

My Rating on Kimcartoon

I would give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars



Kissamine is has a huge collection of Japanese anime series making it a really google kisscartoon alternative. Kissanime is famous for its anime tv shows and series. The anime streaming site is very popular among anime lovers.

If your stream or watch cartoons online especially anime then Kissanime is a very site like kisscartoon. I love using anime to streaming anime season I cant stream in my country.

Kisscartoon has grown to become a large illegal streaming site with pirated content so I have written and entire article on How to download Kissanime and its alternatives

Features of Kissanime

  • Content played in High Quality
  • A large collection of Japanese Anime
  • Latest cartoons and tv shows

My Review on Kissanime

If you are looking for Japanese anime shows then kissanime is good website like kisscartoon. When it comes to features kissanime is similar to kisscartoon.

My Rating on Kissanime

I would give it a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars

Gogo Anime (Editors choice)

gogo anime

GogoAnime has a large collection of animes. Gogoanime is the largest free anime streaming sites with millions of users worldwide. The site like kisscartoon has one of the largest databases of content.

Gogoanime of most of the anime, cartoons, and tv shows from all over the world. The reason why gogoanime is given the editor’s choice is because of its high quality content and a large collection of anime and cartoons.

Gogoanime shut down due to copyright and legal issue hence I have written an entire article on how to download in install Gogo anime apk.

If you dont like Gogoanime you can read my article on Gogoanime alternatives.

Features if Gogoanime

  • Biggest collection of animes from this list of alternatives to kisscartoon
  • A large collection of cartoons
  • High-quality content

My review on Gogoanime

I have given Gogoanime as the editor’s choice as the best kisscartoon alternatives. Sites like kiss cartoon have grown in popularity and Gogo amine has got millions of users. The free movie streaming site is illegal so make sure you take precautions.

My rating on Gogoanime

I would rate it 4.7 out of 5 stars


justdubs tv

Justdubs is another alternatives to kisscartoon which is known for its cartoon and movie shows. Justdubs a good collection of cartoons from the 90s which make the 90s kids a fan of this streaming site.

Justdubs was launched in 2015 and since then has grown to a large illegal cartoon streaming website. If you are looking for websites like kisscartoon then Justdubs is a good choice

Justdubs had to shut down its free streaming site due to copyright and legal issue. Hence I have written an entire article on how to download and install justdubs apk with its alternatives.

Features of Justdubs

  • A good collection of cartoons
  • HD content

My Review on Justdubs

I personally would stream cartoon series on other Kisscartoon alternatives as it does not have a large collection of animes. If you are looking for cartoons then Justdubs is a good streaming website

My Rating on Justdubs

I would rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars



Contv is the legal streaming website in the list of alternatives to kisscartoon. Contv has a large conent collection of comics and cartoons. The website not only has comics and cartoons but also movie and tv shows you want to watch online.

Contv does not play any pirated content and is a fully legal site. You don’t have to worry about ads and trojan viruses. Make sure you check this website for all you bing watching.

I have written the pro and cons, features and my review on Contv


Mobdro app

Experts from all over have stated Mobdro as a good free movie streaming website. It not Kisscartoon alternative to watch animes and cartoons but you can watch a lot of movies and TV shows.

Mobdro has thousand of monthly visits and users have chosen it to watch free movies and shows. If you are looking for alternatives to kisscartoon then Mobdro has a lot of movies and shows.

Mobro app shut down because it was playing copyright content so I have written an entire article on how to download and install mobro app apk

Features of Mobro

  • A large collection of movies
  • Good quality content
  • Wide range of tv shows

My review on Mobdro

If you are looking for alternatives similar kisscartoon then Mobdro is not the right chose but if you are looking for movies and shows then it the right choice.

My rating on Mobro

I would rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars


TeaTV App

Teatv is a third party app which streaming thousands of hours of movies and tv shows. The streaming app has a small category for cartoons and animes so that the reason I have listed Teatv on this list of sites like kiss cartoon.

Teatv has users from all around the world and good quality content and latest movies and shows which make is a good app.

Teatv app is not available on Google Play store so I have written an entire article on the step on how to download teatv on multiple devices.

Features of teatv

  • HD quality content
  • Fast streaming
  • Good database

My review on teatv

If you are looking for movies and show then teatv is a good choice but does not have a lot of cartoons and animes

My rating on teatv

I would rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Final words

Kisscartoon has become a big anime streaming website but if you are looking for its alternatives then I hoped you liked my article. If you thing we need to add anything extra please comment below.

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Please note: This article is for educational purposes and the geekymint team is not connected to these sites.

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