8 of the best live net tv alternatives to watch live tv online in 2021

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Live Net Tv alternatives

Live NetTV is one of the best Android Applications which provides live streaming of many TV channels and movies. Live NetTV APK provides almost every channel on earth. 

The application also provides the users with an option to choose the quality. You can select SD and HD Quality as per your requirement. 

As the Live net TV application is not available on the Google play store one has to download its APK which in some cases can be risky. 

After researching and spending some time on the internet we have gathered 8 safe and legal live net TV alternatives which are equally feature-rich and easy to use.  

What are the 8 best alternatives to live net tv

  1. Thop Tv
  2. Tubi TV
  3. Cyberflix tv
  4. Tea TV
  5. Mobdro
  6. Pluto tv
  7. IMDB TV
  8. Laola1.tv

Thop TV 


Thop tv is one of the most popular applications which is worthy to be a live net tv alternative. This is a free live streaming application.

Thop tv app was once available in the Google Play Store but was later removed because of the Google privacy policy. It can be downloaded in the apk format.

I have written an entire article on Everything you need to know about Thop TV with Pros and cons

Supported devices for Thop TV

 it is supported on all the major platforms like Apple iOS, iPhone, and Mac Os. 

 Other Devices like Android smartphones, Fire TV, and Fire Stick also support Thop tv. 

Key Features of Thop TV

 Features like HD Streaming, live cricket, and TV streaming is a USP for this live net TV alternative. Users can also watch all shows and movies from all the OTT platforms for free. 

Review of Thop TV

Thop tv is one of the legendary live TV shows and online content streaming applications. It was available in the play store but now can only be downloaded as an apk and which is free of cost. 

Thop tv is indeed the best alternative to live net tv in the year 2020. With it’s easy to use design and the versatility of content, Thop tv allows you to view shows from the OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu for free without any registration or subscription. 

This app like live net tv is well built and provides the users with time-to-time updates to fix all the bugs and issues.

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Tubi TV


Tubi tv is an application that is accompanied by a plethora of options and contents to choose from. This a legal alternative to the live net tv platform. Tubi tv has a massive availability on all of the famous live streaming services. 

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Supported devices for Tubi TV

Tubi tv is available on more than 25 major platforms like IOS, Android, x-box, Amazon fire stick, and Windows.

Features of Tubi TV 

Some of the major features of this live net tv alternative are the fact that it is 4K compatible, 100%legal, good user interface, and very ads that make Tubi tv one of the best websites like live net tv. 

Review on Tubi TV

Tubi tv is one of the best alternatives to live net tv and any other free live tv-shows streaming application as it is owned by fox star entertainment and provides the users with 100% legal content. 

The library is full of 1000s of titles to choose from and that too for free. You can view all the tv shows and movies in high quality as it supports 4k and HD streaming options.

It generates its revenue from placing ads in between videos but even the ads are very few in numbers which is why it is a worthy player in the race of being the best live net tv alternatives.


Cyberflix tv 


Cyberflix tv is available in the apk format. It is available in all the right places. The application is full of potential when it comes to online streaming platforms.  The best part about this application is that it supports 4k streaming.

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Supported devices for Cyberflix TV

This live net tv alternative is supported on all new-age smartphones which come with Android and iOS. Just like other sites similar to live net tv, Cyberflix tv is also available on Amazon fire stick and firestick tv.

Features of Cyberflix TV

it has all the necessary qualifications to be an alternative to live net tv as it supports 4k and HD video streaming options. Users can download shows and movies and watch them later. It is absolutely free to use. 

Review on Cyberflix TV

CyberFlix TV is an online streaming app on which you can watch free movies and TV Shows.

One of the best ways to behold the live tv-shows, cyberflix can effortlessly work on all the major iOS and Android devices. You can easily use this application on the Amazon fire tv and windows platform.

This is one of the apps like live net tv which comes with a nice user interface that is somewhat easy to use. 


Tea tv


Tea tv is the app which is not the perfect platform in toto but it’s easy to use interface makes it less painful. It supports all the well-known devices. It’s a fun alternative to the live net tv application. 

How to download and install Tea TV on Multiple devices

Supported devices for Tea TV

It is available on all the iOS and Android devices just like the other live net tv alternatives.

Features of Tea TV

 it’s easy to use interface and variety of famous tv shows and movie titles to choose from which makes it a good alternative for all the sites like live net tv.

Review on Tea TV

 Tea tv is a great app which like the thop tv app can only be downloaded as an Apk. This app prevails as one of the best ways to live stream tv shows on Apple tv and chrome cast. 

This platform is supported on various devices like iOS and Android. It is one of the finest quality videos for on-demand streaming applications. 

It can provide you with an array of movies that you may find only on the paid OTT platforms.

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Mobdro is a high-quality streaming service provider. It is a very well known platform which houses many famous OTT platform titles. It is also a great option for Android tv or smart tv users.

Supported devices for Mobdro

users can steam by using this application/website on a variety of platforms like Roku, Android, and ios. 

Features of Mobdro

Just like all the other websites similar to live net tv Mobdro has a good library which also plays tv-shows and movies in high quality. This app is always fresh as it gets new features and bug fixes in every update.

Review on Mobdro

Mobdro is very similar to live net tv.  With the help of this easy-to-use platform, the users can stream high definition tv-shows and movies for free though sometimes the ads can be a hassle. 


Pluto tv


If you are looking for a platform that can easily be accessed from your PlayStation or Xbox One then pluto tv is the way to go. This is a very well made live net tv alternative. This is also a completely legal platform.

Supported devices for Pluto TV

This live net tv alternative is a very popular platform that is available on all major platforms like Xbox, Android, IOS, smart tv, PlayStation, and amazon fire stick. 

Features of Pluto TV

 Pluto tv houses more than 170 channels for your entertainment. It is a completely legal live net tv alternative that provides high-quality content on all the major platforms. 

Review on Pluto TV

This is an application like live net tv which will surely exceed your expectations by providing over 100 channels for free. It provides you with a 4k and HD streaming option with minimal ads. If you are looking for live net tv alternatives then Pluto tv is the one which ticks all your boxes in the checklist. 

This is a perfect and a legal way to watch tv shows and movies for free as you do on live net tv. 




We must have used  IMDB a lot but what I tell you is that there is a way to watch the movie and see it’s ratings. IMDB TV is the perfect place to get all the quality content you require. It is legal for all its users from the United States.

Supported devices for IMDB TV

IMDB TV is supported on the browser and devices that use the browser can use IMDB TV.

Features of IMDB TV

 It offers a wide range of classic tv-shows and movies with good video quality and is a completely legal alternative to live net tv especially in the U.S.  

Review on IMDB TV

IMDB is one of the most respected and known rating websites. It’s tv shows and movie streaming websites is known as IMDB TV which is a good alternative to live net tv. It has a user-friendly interface and the ads are minimum. This a perfectly safe and legal alternative to many other online streaming sites especially in the U.S. 

Though it holds all the classic movies sometimes the titles seem to be less as compared to other options in this list.




Laola1.tv is one of the well-known sports streaming platforms. It can easily replace live net tv in the aspect of live sports streaming. This the perfect choice for all the sports fanatics and it is partially free to use.

Supported devices for Laola1.tv

Supports all the major devices like Android, IOS, Windows, and mac os. 

Features of Laola1.tv 

this live net tv alternative is a unique website that provides a lot of features in its free version of the subscription. It comes with a variety of tv shows and movies to choose from just like live net tv. The best live net tv alternative for sports streaming. 

Review on Laola1.tv

 It is not only free of cost but comes with a multilingual setup and allows you to stream any time and anywhere. you can not only record the match and sports events but can also watch it with HD quality streaming facilities and an option to even rewind the live stream.

This website is also a good place for all the other sports live streaming too. By paying a nominal amount you can get access to the premium subscription which comes with its own perks and features like exclusive access to certain sporting events and shows.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Final words and conclusion

Live net tv is one of the OGs in the online live streaming scene but by providing it’s safe and free alternatives we have tried to enhance your online streaming experience and I hope we were able to do so. All the above-mentioned applications and platforms are the best ways to live stream tv shows and are the worthy websites which can be used as live net tv alternatives. All the sites like live net tv, are very user friendly and can be easily utilized on all the major streaming services.

All the websites are not placed in any particular order. All the ratings are based on the performance of the webpage and it’s an easy to use interface. 

For more of such amazing and informative articles please do tune in to our website. Comment below your recommendations and questions and we would love to help you out with them. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope that this can be helpful to you. 





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