Top 9 best manga like Solo Leveling

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manga like Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is a popular webtoon written by Chugong. In recent times, this manga received a lot of hype and more people began to get into it.

The main story of the manga is set in a world where a group of humans possessing special magical powers called ‘hunters’ exist, whose main purpose is to protect the human race from deadly monsters who are plotting to annihilate them once and for all. In the midst of such chaos, one particularly weak hunter named Sung Jinwoo finds himself fighting endlessly for his survival.

However, after narrowly escaping an extremely powerful double dungeon that almost wiped out his entire group, he is chosen by a mysterious program called the System as its only player granting him the ability to level up in power.

As Sung Jinwoo battles monsters and men to protect the human race, he also goes into the depths of his suddenly achieved mysterious powers and the secrets of the dungeon.

Solo Leveling is an extremely adrenaline-inducing manga that has definitely succeeded in grabbing the attention of thousands of fans worldwide. Its action-packed sequences, ethereal world of magic and monsters, and Sung Jinwoo’s unparalleled resolution are truly something to vouch for. 

All that being said, there are several other manga like Solo Leveling that offer equal amounts of thrill and excitement. These mangas also have fantasy, supernatural, and sci-fi elements as their main themes, and reading them can bring you the same amounts of joy as reading Solo Leveling. So let us look at some of these manga like Solo Leveling that are creating an alternate dimension of magic and fantasy for fans all across the globe!

Top 9 Manga Like Solo Leveling


This is a manga similar to Solo Leveling that also shares certain common themes with the popular manga Attack on Titan. The story of Origins is set against the backdrop of a world plagued by monsters and ruled by the King. The King has built up strong barricades to guard his kingdom against said monsters, very similar to Attack on Titan. He only selected the strong few to help him protect his kingdom inside the walls while kicking out the weaker ones.

Origins manga novel

The protagonist of the story has his village demolished by the monsters, with only him being the sole survivor. He possesses special powers that are strong enough to fight off these monsters. Will he be able to successfully use his powers to fight off these awful creatures planning to massacre humanity? To find out check out Origins written by Omoy, ASAP!

Second Life Ranker

This Solo Leveling replacement is also known as “The Ranker Who Lives a Second Time” and “The Ranker Who Lives Twice”. The manga narrates the story of Yeon-woo whose twin brother disappeared five years before the start of the series. One day, by sheer chance, he finds a pocket-watch left by his brother.

After opening it, he found a mysterious diary inside, which has the records of his brother’s life during his time in the Obelisk: The Tower of the Sun God, which is a world where various universes and dimensions come together in one. 

Second Life Ranker manga series

Yeon-Woo’s brother had been betrayed in this world during his quest to climb the Obelisk. After coming to know of this, the protagonist (Yeon-Woo) decides to climb the Obelisk along with his brother’s diary.

But fate has something else for him. This is one of the best manga like Solo Leveling that will surely captivate you enough to keep you hooked. I highly recommend you give it a go.

I Am the Sorcerer King

This manga like Solo Leveling centers around the rift monster horde that formed from space and time 10 years ago and began targeting humanity ever since.

Humans too have started to awaken magical abilities and hunt these monsters for the sake of money and fame. Lee Sung-Hoon, a human, is in dire need of money to help his ailing mother.

He takes on a diabolical quest to hunt down these monsters by acting as bait for the hunters, four times a month.

I Am the Sorcerer King manga series

After Being seriously injured by a monster, and taken to the brink of death, he suddenly remembers his past life as the Sorcerer King.

This leads him to awaken his powers and thus begins his game of magic and hunting down the monsters by himself. This is an extremely cool manga like Solo Leveling that will surely keep you on your toes till the last chapter. I loved it myself and I would love it if you checked it out too!

Kill the Hero

Kill the Hero narrates the story of Woojin who is given the chance to start over his life after being killed by the righteous leader of his own guild. However, this time around he wants to get revenge from the ones who murdered him instead of trying to save the world from monsters.

He quickly makes his return known among the game plebs through his high-level kills, while also boosting up his statistics. This helps him make his way to the top. 

Kill the Hero manhua series

However, one thing is still ambiguous. Exactly for whom is Woojin playing for? With newly gained experiences, Woojin is set to destroy the hero and win this game.

Kill the Hero is one of the most exciting Solo Leveling alternatives that had me grinding my teeth in thrill and anticipation. I would definitely recommend you check it out as you won’t regret it for sure.

Resurrection of the Catastrophic Hero

This Solo Leveling like manga also deals with Hunters and dungeons. The manga narrates the story of the strongest Hunter who was betrayed by his own teammate while trying to raid a dungeon.

A few days before this took place, he was told of a prophecy by his friend, according to which, death would come to him if he goes to the dungeon. That particular dungeon being the highest rank, the protagonist had calculated the risks but still decided to give it a shot after all. 

Resurrection of the Catastrophic Here is a manga series like Solo Leveling

Although he was successful in defeating the boss monster, what came after that ended up taking his life. He was pushed off the cliff by one of the raid members in his team who later announced that he had died while trying to clear out the dungeon.

But with a twist of fate, the protagonist had survived and 20 years later, climbed up the cliff seething with anger and plotting revenge. This manga like Solo Leveling is definitely one of my favorites and I would urge you to check it out at least once.

The King of Bugs

This manga like Solo Leveling is more sci-fi inclined. It tells the story of a protagonist working in a game developing company, being ridiculed by his boss and other colleagues due to his games having unnecessary bugs in them.

This was definitely a source of irritation until one day everyone in the company was teleported into the world of a game that he developed. 

The King of Bugs manga series

Although this world was full of monsters, the protagonist knew how to fight them all since he knew all the hacks and cheats in the game. Now, he has taken it upon himself to gain more power with the help of these cheats and rise to the top.

This manga is definitely worth the read as it shows the protagonist changing from being a powerless subject of ridicule to the powerful character in the game, toppling over everyone else. I would definitely suggest you all check it out.

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Limitless Abyss

In this manga like Solo Leveling, the protagonist is an orphan who has always been by himself since childhood. Having a disease that makes him feel hungry all the time, didn’t help his loneliness either.

After the appearance of superpowers and magical abilities in the world, he came to be known as one of the weakest Hunters the world had ever seen.

Limitless Abyss manga series

One time during a raid, he was to be used as a sacrifice but just at the brink of death he decided to live till the very end and this realization helped him survive and triggered powerful abilities that were latent in him.

He decided to bring about the destruction of the monsters once and for all. This Solo Leveling like manga has an amazing art style that resembles the former, and I would definitely suggest you check it out if you haven’t yet!

The Second Coming of Gluttony

The Second Coming of Gluttony is also a really great manga that is packed with great action and an enthralling storyline just like Solo Leveling.

The Second Coming of Gluttony is a remarkable manhwa series that has its focuses on its characters and their overall arc, which is something that you don’t often see in most manhwas.

The protagonist of this story is Seol Jihu who is first revealed as someone who is addicted to gambling and everything that is related to it. 

He is heavily disliked by his parents for many different reasons and all of these elements help in  showing the extent of the depravity that our character Seol Jihu is facing.

However, Seol slowly but surely starts to approach his life differently and everything changes after he gets a new chance in the Lost Paradise. 

Over here, Seol becomes a formidable fighter who has abilities that are quite overpowered compared to others, and they all are in the form of his nine eyes. 

Although the Second Coming of Gluttony is not faithful to its source material, the web novels, it is still an interesting read for fans of Solo Leveling.


Leviathan is also a great story that is set in a world that is water-based and apocalyptic as well. 

In the world of Leviathan, humans fight every day and struggle to survive on massive ships. 

They are stuck in their never-ending battles against monstrous sea creatures like Genod, the Kraken, Kentrassi, and more monsters of this apocalyptic world!

For winning over these beastly creatures, humanity comes up with the idea of creating an elite squad that consists of well-trained Harpoonist, and other fighters with many different skills who are capable of killing the ginormous sea monsters of this world.

The story centres around our main protagonist, who goes by the name of  Bota Ma. Bota Ma recently lost his father, who was a six-star legendary Harpoonist against a vicious sea monster, who the people of this world call Kentrassi. 

After going through a near-death experience with Kentrassi, Bota Ma decides to train as a Harpoonist with Kana, who is a three-star Harpoonist. He asks for Kana to be his mentor in preparing him to become a great Harpooinist. 

Leviathan is an adventurous tale that deals with depicting how our main characters battle against sea creatures every day, all while struggling to survive in a world filled with corruption and discrimination. 

This apocalyptic world has a mixture of various different genres, and it is filled to the brim with emotions. The storyline of Bota Ma and his adventures of his is something to look forward to. 

Leviathan is filled with epic fighting scenes, and it has a remarkable art style that is quite distinguished from others. 

So, if you are someone who is looking for something similar to Solo Leveling, then it’s a great choice for you!

Final Thoughts

Solo Leveling has garnered so much popularity that it inspired other writers and webtoon artists to come up with their own stories similar to it. And sci-fi, supernatural and fantasy genres are a recurring theme in Korean Webtoons, manhwas, and manga.

So, this definitely played a major role in so many mangas like Solo Leveling to come up. You can read all of these on manga reading sites and manga reader apps in English subbed versions.

Which manga like Solo Leveling will you go for? Let us know in the comments!

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