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Mobdro app

About Mobdro

Mobdro App is one of the latest introduction into the free movie streaming app market. Mobdro is rapidly dethroning some of the big free apps in the entertainment category despite not being available on any app store.

What is the hype about Mobdro App 

The majority of the tech experts have termed Mobdro as one of the best if not the best free movie streaming app available in the market. Mobdro has so far not faced any technical glitches nor has any legality issues all signs say that this is a free movie streaming app that is here to stay for a long time.

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The developers of the platform are constantly updating the app apk with innovative features as per the feedback received by its users is another reason why the app is quickly gaining traction as a fan favorite.

How does Mobdro App Apk work 

Mobdro is a free movie streaming app that is not available on any app store. To download the app you will have to do it through an apk download link I have provided the safest links for every device along with steps as to how to download the app below.

For android phones and tablets, you can directly download the app via the apk link, your android device may ask for an option ‘accept a download from unknown sources’ we recommend reading all the terms and conditions carefully before allowing permissions not only for Mobdro App but any third-party application.

 If you are an iOS user you will have to follow an additional step and download an android emulator to run the App on iOS device. I have highlighted some of the best android emulators available to download for free. 

Mobdro app is available for all iOS devices like iPhone MacBook, iPad as well as for PC, FireStick TV and Amazon FireStick. For android users, if you have an android device that runs on a version below 4.1 then you will need to update your android version for the app to work on your phone.

Steps to download and install Mobdro app apk on Android

Step 1: Download the apk file on your smartphone 

Step 2: Accept the download of the unknown app. Tap on Setting>App & permissions>Special App Access>Install the unknown Mobdro app.

Step 3: Open the app and create an account once you have installed the unknow app.

Step 4: You can now enjoy movies on your Android smartphone.

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Steps to download and install Mobdro iPhone/iPad/iOS

Step 1: Download the app apk file on your Android device

Step 2: Next Step Go to Settings>General Setting>>Profile and Device>>>Verify Mobdro app

Step 3: Install the app on your Apple device and create an account 

Step 4: Login to watch unlimited free movies and TV shows

Steps to download and install Mobdro app apk on MAC or PC

If you want to use any app on your PC or MAC you would need to first download an Android emulator on your system. Choosing the right Android emulator is confusing so I have listed down the best android emulators.

Step 1: Download and install the app apk file on your PC or MAC

Step 2: Run and install the file in your system 

Step 3: Open the android emulator and then open the Mobdro app

Step 4: Create an account and login to watch free movies on your PC or MAC

Steps to download and install Mobdro app apk on firestick/Fire TV

Step 1: Download this app apk file from your firestick/fire TV device. 

Step 2: Next step go to Setting>Device>>Developer Options>>>Accept and download the app.

mobdro firestick
mobdro firestick 2
mobdro firestick 3
mobdro firestick 4

Step 3: Install and create an account in the app

Step 4: Log in to watch movies, shows, and documentaries on your Fire TV/Firestick

Features of Mobdro app  

I love to do a deep analysis of any topic before I write about it and after testing out the Mobdro App these are some of the features which stood out for me and make this free movie app so appealing.

Frequent updates

I liked this feature about the Mobdro app the most as it shows that the developer of the app actually pays attention to what the user demands. Mobdro app for Firestick is not available directly but can be downloaded using an Android emulator. The developers of the app have hinted that they will soon be providing an updated apk link for firestick.


This wasn’t exactly a feature that I enjoyed as it got a little annoying to view recommendations from the Mobdro app pop up often. However, if you are someone who is in a constant search for watching latest movies and tv shows for free you will enjoy this feature as it updates you with the latest releases instantly. There is also an option to disable this feature simply go to your device settings and select ‘turn off notifications for the app.

Premium benefits

Although not yet officially released, developers of the Mobdro App have hinted at a premium version of the app which will reportedly get features like Chromecast support, loading of guides, and sleep timer amongst other added benefits.

Lite App

Being a lite app, Mobdro does not take up much space on your device and also does not eat up a lot of data plus after testing I found it to be relatively faster than the other free movie apps.        


This feature segregates movies and tv shows systematically according to genres like gaming, motivational, and spiritual, amongst others, and displays it on the home screen of Mobdro app making it very user-friendly.


For someone like me who is not good with names, this feature is really helpful as it allows you to bookmark a show or movie as ‘already watched’ so the next time you open the app you can search for another movie to watch. Through this option, you can also bookmark a whole genre by which the app will provide you recommendations as per the genre of your liking.

In App Settings

Mobdro is a third-party application so the settings in your device for apps installed through the app store or play store will not be the same for the app. I have listed below a few app settings that you might prefer changing before using the app apk.


As the app constantly comes up with newer and newer updates you may end up using a lot of data for these updates. To stop this you can go to your phone settings and disable automatic updates for Mobdro. So the next time the app comes with a new update you will get a notification asking for your permission to update the app.


Mobdro App has an option to clear its browsing history under settings options, a user can also enable the clear history tool after which the app will never save any search history.


The free movie app is available in 12 languages, Users can also enable the ‘Parental Filter’ and/ or ‘Alphabetically’ option to arrange recommendations accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q – Is it safe to download the Mobdro app?

Answer- Any unknown app you download comes with its own privacy policy and terms and conditions. Make sure you read them carefully before installation.

Q – Does the Mobdro app come with ads?

Answers – Yes, the app comes ads that help them to monetize their income.

Q – Can I download and use the Mobdro app on my firestick and Fire TV?

Answers – Yes, you can download the app with the apk file. Follow the steps given in this article and you should be good to go.

Q – Can I download and use the Mobdro app on my MAC or PC?

Answer – Yes, it is a bit confusing so I have given a step-by-step process to download and use the app.

Q – Can I download and use the Mobdro app on my Apple iPhone, iPad, iOS?

Answer – Yes, you can download and install the app on your Apple device by following the steps given above.

 Q – Can I download and use the Mobdro app on my firestick and Fire TV?

Answer – Yes it is very simple to download and use the app on your amazon firestick and fire TV device. Just follow the steps in the article and you should be able to use the app quickly

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