Mobdro Revenue model, worth of mobdro website and legal issue

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mobdro revenue

Mobdro is a free movie streaming site with most of the latest movies and shows. The streaming service also offered its users live tv and had over 40 million users. The app was taken down from the Google Play Store and Apple App store and the owners of the app faced legal charges. 

Millions of users then started using the app apk which is not easy to install on devices which is why we have listed the step-by-step process on how to install mobdro on multiple devices.

Some estimates state that mobdro had over 100 million users worldwide wide which is a staggering number while compared to the other streaming services.

The app was shut down from all websites but there many better alternatives to mobdro. We have listed 15 of them in this article.

Mobdro Revenue model explained in detail

Free movie streaming sites make their revenue by placing ads or by running affiliate programs. Mobdro makes its revenue by placing ads on the platform and also while playing movies and shows. 

With over 40 million users the streaming app makes an estimated income of over $100k per month. The owners of the app had over 20 registered domains which are completely ill-legal

Mobdro yearly revenue was over $1 million according to some estimates. 

Worth of Mobdro website

Mobdro is worth ZERO since the app was shutdown and all of the revenue was taken away by authorities. When the website was live and working the estimated worth of the site would be $5million.

The main reason for the valuation is due to a large number of users on the platform and the ad revenue generated from it. 

Modbro owners

Since the arrest of the owners last week, the government official has not yet disclosed the owners of the website. Three people in connection to Mobdro were detained by the police and one was arrest.

Joel Picardo

Joel Picardo

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