4 simple fixes you can use if you monitor shows no signal

Monitor No Signal

PC is arguably one of the most used devices ever, almost every PC user must have noticed that the monitor has no signal

The no signal issue basically means that your monitor is not receiving any input from your PC, so here are 4 quick and easy methods that you can do by yourself the next time your monitor shows no signal.

Method 1: Make sure the compatible video cable is connected firmly

If there is a loose connection between your PC and your monitor then your PC will not be able to send any data to your monitor which will hence prompt the no signal message. So the first thing you should do if your screen says no signal constantly is that you should make sure the compatible video cable is connected firmly.

Remove the compatible video cable and insert it back, do this a couple of times, and if the screen is still showing no signal then try out the next method.

Fix 2: Make sure you have selected the correct input source

monitor no signal

The monitor shows no signal If the input source you selected is incorrect. Below I will show you the correct ports for your monitor and your PC so that you can select the correct input source.

Use these steps to select the correct input source for your monitor:

Step 1) Make sure that both your PC your monitor are turned on.

Step 2) Then click the menu button that is on the edge of your monitor.

Step 3) Scroll near the Input Source and make sure you click the correct input source. For instance, if you have connected your monitor to the VGA port on your PC, then you should set the input source as VGA.

If your monitor still says no signal then try the next method to solve it.

Fix 3: Make sure your graphics card is inserted firmly in the proper slots

If you have tried the above two methods and your monitor is still showing no signal then you need to check if your graphic card is inserted firmly in the correct slot. 

To do so you will have to open your computer case so follow these steps carefully:

Step 1) First turn off your computer, then disconnect all the attached devices and the cables (including the power cord) from your computer.

Step 2) Then open your computer case and see where the graphics card is inserted.

Note: We cannot pinpoint the exact location of where the Graphic card is inserted in your computer as it is different for every PC brand. So if you are unable to locate the location of your Graphic card contact your PC manufacturer for assistance.

Step 3) Remove your graphics card from the motherboard of your and then make sure you firmly insert it in the right slot.

Step 4) Then replug the power cable of your monitor and connect it to your PC.

Step 5) Press and hold the power button for nearly 30 seconds to a minute and then connect your power cord back to turn it on.

If the monitor is successfully connected with your PC then congrats but if it hasn’t do not worry try out this next method.

Method 4: Test with another cable or PC

Chances are a damaged video cable that is causing the monitor to no signal issue for your PC. Use a new video cable to connect your monitor and your PC to see if the issue is solved. 

You can also try connecting your monitor to another PC, and if the screen still shows no signal then the monitor might be having some internal damages. In that case, you will have to contact the manufacturer of your monitor and they will provide you with further assistance. 


So here are the 4 easy and simple methods you can try out the next time your monitor shows no signal. We cannot pinpoint the exact reason why your monitor is facing that issue so you will have to try out all the methods and see which one solves the issue. 


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