10 best morph tv alternatives to watch free movies and tv shows online

Morph TV app

Previously known as Morphious tv, Morph tv is back with a bang in its full glory. Now as the application is available in an apk format and has over 100k downloads, this website is surely here to stay. 

Some of the key features of the morph tv are its vivid picture quality and a huge library. Morph tv provides its viewers with torrent links of every movie so you can click on it and download it for later for the times when you don’t have an internet connection. 

We have gathered here some alternatives for you because keeping options is never a bad idea. All the apps and websites that are here on this list are well built and are full of quirky features and in no way are less than Morph tv.          

If you want to know more about Morph tv we have a dedicated article on it. Please do check it out.

Tubi TV

website like morph tv

Tubi tv is one of the best applications for free movies and tv shows. This Morph tv alternative is highly compatible with all the major devices and is 100% free and legal. Tubi tv is owned by Fox star entertainment hence it is free of all copyrights related issues. With a large collection of Classic movies and tv shows and a 4k quality option to choose from Tubi tv is one of the best sites like Morph tv. 

Supported devices for Tubi TVvideo 

Tubi tv is available on all the major platforms like Android, Apple iOS and Mac, Fire tv stick, Roku, Samsung smart tv, Xbox, and 25 other platforms. This wide range of availability is one of the reasons which makes this application like Morph tv a better alternative than many other websites in this.

Features of Tubi TV

Tubi tv is a feature-rich Morph tv alternative as it provides its users with a large collection of movies and tv shows in 4k quality video on many all the major streaming devices for free.

This site like Morph tv is completely legal and safe. A good user interfaces with a few ads this application is a steal deal in my opinion. 

Review on Tubi TV

Tubi tv is a website that provides a free and legal streaming experience so they make their revenue by showing some ads in their videos so apart from this there is no single thing that can drag it down from the race of being the best  Morph tv alternative. 

Youtube original

watch movies on youtube with no signup

Youtube originals or as previously known as Youtube red is a set of new and original series made by Youtube itself. It is a well-known platform hence the content you stream is completely safe and legal.

Since 2019 some of the shows on youtube originals are made free for all the users to see whereas some other shows are still reserved for the people who have Youtube premium subscription Youtube. 

Supported devices for Youtube originals

Youtube Originals is available on all the devices on which you can access Youtube which is way better than many websites like Morph tv.

Features of Youtube Originals

All the well known and most used features which you can get on Youtube, you can get them for Youtube Originals. This Morph tv alternative gives the ability to download and to stream in HD quality to its users. The Youtube premium subscription, the users can watch all the Youtube Original shows ad-free.

Review on Youtube Originals

Youtube originals are one of its kind. If you love Youtube, you will surely enjoy this application which is a way better Morph tv alternative. 

Thop Tv

thoptv and morph tv

Thop tv the best app for free live streaming and watching movies in my humble opinion. This another app like Morph tv is a very well known application as it was once available on Google play store with high user ratings. Now, this Morph tv alternative is available in an APK format which can easily be downloaded on any of your devices.

Thop tv has a very user-friendly interface which is divided into four categories like live tv, movies, tv shows, and the home page. Downloading and installing thop TV apk has a few steps. I have given the entire steps to download and install thop tv on apple, firetv, Roku and many more devices

Supported devices for Thop TV

Thop tv is supported on all the major platforms like Android, iOS, Roku, browser, etc. 

Features of Thop TV

Thop tv like Morph tv is a very famous application. This Morph tv alternative is a well-built application that houses over 300k popular movies and tv show titles. Shows from all the big subscription-based OTT platforms are also available for free.

This application like Morph tv allows you to choose between HD and SD quality for the video playback as per your internet connection. Thop tv provides users with access to all the latest shows and movies as soon as they are released. 

Review on Top TV

With periodical OTA updates which can directly be downloaded on your device itself which eliminates any bugs or issues, you were having in the previous generation of the application.

Thop tv unlike Morph tv provides you with notification alerts whenever the site is down for maintenance and whenever it is back up and ready to be used. All these features make this application a better alternative to Morph tv. If you don’t like thop tv looking for its alternatives check this article

Cyberflix tv


Cyberflix is a free Morph tv alternative and is a very well known website among all the websites like Morph tv, Vudu, etc. There are more than 1000 international titles for you to choose from.

Cyberflix provides its users with a 4k experience without any kind of subscription model. Cyberflix is a well known and very well respected website.

How to download and install cyberflix tv app apk on devices

Supported devices for Cyberflix TV

This streaming platform is available for all the major players like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Amazon Fire Stick which is very rare for other apps like Morph tv.

Features of Cyberflix TV

cyberflix apart from being a free and safe website provides a user-friendly interface and an option to download the tv shows and movies in 4k  for your future entertainment. This Morph tv alternative is also compatible with the vast majority of devices.

Review on Cyberflix TV

Cyberflix is a very simple application with no strings attached. Free 4k viewing experience and a huge library alone make it a good alternative to Morph tv. The download feature is one of its added benefits unlike the other sites like Morph tv.

Tea TV

site like morph tv

If you are looking for websites like Morph tv then Tea tv is a good alternative. It has an easy to use interface which allows you to search and view all of your favorites free. Tea tv has an option to switch from SD quality to Hd quality.

Supported devices for Tea TV

Tea tv can be easily accessed on all the major smartphones and computing devices like Android and iOS, Windows, and Mac os which is a plus point in all the sites like Morph tv. 

Features of Tea TV

One of the main features of this Morph tv alternative is that it gives you an option to choose the quality of the video from SD to HD according to your internet speed and preference. Tubi tv is an application with a stocked up library. 

Review on Tea TV

Tubi tv is a very good application but it frequently encounters problems like copyright infringement and piracy law violations. Apart from its legal shortcomings, this application like Morph tv is a good way to enjoy your live tv streaming experience.

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Mobdro is another one of the great Morph tv alternatives. This application goes well along with many operating systems and allows the users to watch and download thousands of popular movies and Tv shows for free. Each and every update of this application brings about a new change that is always welcomed. A good website with a clean interface, unlike other Morph tv alternatives.

The process o Download this application in its apk format is not easy so to understand the step by step procedure to download this Morph tv alternative please check out our detailed article on Mobdro.

Supported devices for Mobdro

All the variants of Android and iOS smartphones, Roku, Smart TVs, etc. are the main supports of this application like Morph tv.

Features of Mobdro

The main highlights of this website like Morph tv are its feature to let the users download the title in high quality so that one can watch it later on. This application refreshes itself with new features in every new update. The very common feature of this site like every other alternative on this list is that it is free and offers a variety of titles in high quality.

Review on Mobdro

The Mobdro application is a very convenient way to stream online content like all the other applications similar to Morph tv. This is a simple way even for the most non-technological person on the plant, some quick steps, and off you go. No registration or subscription is required. 

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IMDb-TV alternative morph tv

This is a very well known application brought to you by the most respected rating website IMDb. These Morph tv alternatives are mainly for all the detail and rating geek as it provides trivia and other details along with the movie title and its rating. 

Everything you need to know about IMDB TV with pros and cons

Supported devices for IMDB TV

All the devices that support browser are the devices which support this Morph tv alternative.

Features of IMDB TV

This application like Morph tv provides all the American classics and sitcoms for free. As the application is an IMDb subsidiary it gives the ratings alongside the movies while you watch them. A very clean and interesting user interface allows you to navigate in this application very swiftly.  

Review on IMDB TV

As mentioned earlier this is a very well-known application thus it is safe, legal, and free. It may not work in some countries for which you can use a VPN connection or any other Morph tv alternative from this list. All in all, this is a very reliable and easy to use application for all the online streaming fanatics 



This Morph tv alternative is the best one for all the sports geek out there. Lola tv is a sports streaming website that streams all the major football, cricket, baseball, and basketball leagues.

All of the sporting events can be easily streamed with a single click of high quality. There is a paid version to this service also but I think for most of us the free version is enough. 

Supported devices for Laola.1 tv

This Morph tv alternative is supported on all the major platforms like Android, iOS, windows, smart TVs, Xbox and etc. 

Features of Laola.1 tv

This Morph tv sports alternative allows all the fans to watch live matches from anywhere in the world on any device. The premium version allows you to access some exclusive matches and shows with an option to rewind the live stream and download the match to watch it whenever you want to.

Review on Laola.1 tv

This live sports streaming website unlike other sites like Morph tv is hands down the best thing that can happen to you in this football season. The free version also allows you to stream the match in high quality automatically detecting your Internet connection speed. 

Pluto tv 

Pluto-TV Morph tv alternative

We have talked a lot about this Morph tv alternative a lot many of us here at Geekymint use this application to watch all of the latest shows and movies absolutely free. With a parent company like Viacom, this platform is very much legal and safe too. A very promising user interface accompanied by 170+ channels this app can keep you entertained for a long period of time.

Supported devices for Pluto tv

Devices like Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, and etc support the Pluto tv application which far better compatibility than any other site like Morph tv. 

Features of pluto tv 

The most amazing functions like 4k and HD streaming options, over 170 channels with all the famous titles are it’s USP. This application like Morph tv generates its revenue through ads so you may encounter some but if you just ignore them this a gem of an application. 

Review on pluto tv 

As it is a legal Morph tv alternative, this application is long-lasting and can not be taken down for piracy or copyright infringement related issues. We have been using this application for a long time and the easy to use interface is never hard on the eye and is easy to navigate.

Jio Cinema

Jio TV

Jio Cinema is a streaming service that is run by Jio and it has been going on since 2017, but it has really picked up since last year as it got the streaming rights to broadcast FIFA 2022. 

Since then, you are able to watch a number of different movies and tv shows on it for free, with ads in between the programs. 

The streaming service is determined to bring back the cable-tv days, but at free of cost, where you are able to watch your favourite movies and tv shows for free with ads on them.

Supported devices for Jio Cinema

Jio Cinema is currently available to use on multiple different devices, such as Firestick, Chromecast, Android and iOS devices, and much more. 

Basically, any popular media viewing device will get an application for Jio Cinema, along with being available as a website as well. 

Features of Jio Cinema

Over at Jio Cinema, you are able to watch 4K content on it, align with free movies and tv shows, as well. Jio Cinema also supports Dolby Atmos content, as well, and that is something that you don’t often see being delivered for free. 

Review on Jio Cinema 

Jio Cinema has a long way to go. Even though you are able to watch free movies and tv shows on it, the service still feels a little cheap and it does need to look little more premium. 

The ads that are available on it in between the movies and tv shows can get a little annoying, still you can’t complain a whole lot when you are watching something for free.

Final words and conclusion

all the Morph alternatives are better than it one way or the other. We have researched extensively so that we can provide as many great and versatile options as we can. 

The websites are not placed in any particular order of best or worst but are here only for you to make more informed choices. You choose any one of them and enjoy your binge-watching sessions without worrying about the law or hefty subscription fees. 

Disclaimer- All the following Morph tv alternatives are well researched and shortlisted for your entertainment. We do not get paid from any of the below-mentioned websites and applications. It is all our own honest opinion which we have formed after using these platforms personally.  

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