Top 11 Music Torrent websites in 2023

Music Torrent Sites

Music can instantly lighten up your day. The taste of music from people all around the world varies. But we believe everyone deserves to listen to their favorite music. This is why we have listed the best music torrent sites to download songs for free in 2020. Here you will find full albums and songs from all genres.

You may think that Torrents are only available for downloading games, movies, TV shows, ebooks, and videos. But seeing the popularity of music and songs some of the best torrent sites have set a dedicated server for free music streams. We will save you the time to search for such sites all you did to do is check out this music torrent list. 

What to do if Music Torrent Sites are not loading?

Many of the best music torrent sites have been blocked by individual ISPs in several countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Portugal, Morrocco, United Kingdom, and others.

A top VPN application will help you in accessing blocked BitTorrent sites in all countries. This guide on the best VPNs for torrenting will help you in selecting a good VPN.

We have also published a guide on How To Unblock Torrent Sites if you have trouble torrenting

NOTE: Geekymint does not encourage the use of torrents to illegally obtain content. Using torrent websites is done entirely at one’s personal risk. Geekymint or its team is not responsible if you incur any legal problems. This article is solely for educational purposes.

Top 10 Best Music Torrent Sites

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The best working music torrenting sites in 2023

The Pirate Bay

ThePirateBay website
Best FeaturesMagnet links download available; High-quality FLAC format music downloads available
Types of Contentmusic, TV shows, movies, software, games
AvailabilityBlocked by individual ISPs in certain countries
Mirror URLLink 1 (

Thepiratebay is one of the most popular torrent websites of all time. You simply cannot deny that just like a similar site like BitTorrent,  The Pirate Bay provides you with the best quality music download links. You can download the latest music within seconds using this site.

The Pirate Bay has a huge library of verified torrent links to download content like TV shows, latest movies, software, video games, and more.

After extensive research, while searching for music on The Pirate Bay we also found verified links to download high-quality FLAC format music. The Pirate Bay website has a simple design which makes it very easy to navigate and find results quickly.

If you cannot access The Pirate Bay in your country you can use any of these Best Pirate Bay alternatives or use a VPN application to perform safe torrenting.


Best FeaturesClean and Sophisticated UI ; Has a frequently updated category for popular music torrents
Types of Contentlatest TV shows, movies, anime,music, games, software
AvailabilityRestricted in Austria, Ireland, Australia,United Kingdom.
Mirror URLLink 1 (

After BitTorrent, 1337X is arguably the second most popular torrent site on our list. Unlike most of the torrents, 133X has a dedicated category of music torrents that are updated regularly with the latest content. The clean and elegant UI of 1337X makes it easy for music lovers to search for music torrents from their favorite artists.

You can search for a music torrent link in the search bar or you can download the most popular music torrents that are displayed on the homepage of 1337X.

1337X has a huge library that contains verified torrent files and magnet links of anime, movies, games, software. You can filter a file based on its size, name, upload time, or date.

VISIT 1337X (


Best FeaturesTorlock contains verified torrents; A seperate section for music torrenting
Types of ContentMusic, anime, movies, games, software, TV shows.
AvailabilityAvailable worldwide.
Mirror URLLink 1 (

Torlock is a leading torrent site for downloading songs or music. Torlock lists only verified torrents so it is one of the safest music torrent sites currently available on the internet.

One thing is assured that you will not find any fake or dubious torrent content on this site. Torlock is just like 1337X for song torrents as both websites have a dedicated section for music where you can easily search and browse for relevant content.

Before you click on a torrent file Torlock gives all information like size and number of files for every music torrent so you can know with certainty where you are being redirected. Torlock shows a moderate amount of pop up ads. But overall it is one of the safest music torrent sites in 2020.

VISIT Torlock (

Best FeaturesBasic fast loading UI; Specific category for music-based torrents
Types of ContentSongs, movies, anime, games TV shows, software
AvailabilityPotentially blocked by individual ISPs.
Mirror URLLink 1 ( is the latest working version of kickass torrent. After the popular torrent site found itself in trouble, the developers of KickassTorrent revamped the platform with added content, improved security, and a new domain called

Just like the site like Kickass torrents, has a separate category for music-based torrents that is updated daily. has a refreshing design that is easy on the eye. This makes it easier to browse for the latest music torrents. The website cannot handle lots of seeders and leechers at one time so it goes in maintenance mode quite often.

If you are not able to access KATcr you can try these Kickass Torrents Alternatives



Seedpeer torrent website
Best FeaturesAdvanced filtering; one of the oldest torrent website
Types of ContentMusic, Tv shows, Movies, applications, games, anime, books.
AvailabilityPotentially blocked by individual ISPs.
Mirror URLLink 1 (

Seedpeer is similar to as both torrent sites have been around for more than a decade. Seedpeer was originally known as Meganova, a torrent site that is popular among music lovers as a reliable music torrent website.

Seedpeer is just like Meganova when it comes to having a dedicated section for music torrents. As you would expect from top music torrent websites Seedpeer displays information like health, upload time, and size for all music torrent.

Seedpeer contains a dedicated section that features only verified torrents. As a music enthusiast, you will find all that you need on Seedpeer.

VISIT Seedpeer (


Best FeaturesFast Loading and Sophisticated UI; Displays trending music torrents on the homepage of the music section.
Types of ContentMusic, Movies, TV shows, Songs, games, anime, books, applications.
AvailabilityBlocked by individual ISPs in India, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Morocco, Denmark, and United Kingdom.
Mirror URLLink 1 (

Torrent9 is one of the safest sites for downloading music torrents on PC. Music is just one category in this multi-category website.  Torrent9 has a dedicated section for music torrents that is updated daily with the latest songs.

Searching for music content on this website is quick thanks to its sophisticated and fast-loading UI. To help in your search quest Torrent9 displays the latest trending music torrents on the homepage of the music section.

Users can search for songs of different categories of Metal, Punk, Hard Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and a lot more on Torrent9.

VISIT Torrent9 (

Best FeaturesOne-click Torrents Downloads; LimeTorrents gives details of every torrent file instantly.
Types of ContentGames, movies, ebooks, music
AvailabilityBlocked by individual ISPs of France, Australia, and United Kingdom.
Mirror URLLink 1 (

LimeTorrents is one of the most developed torrent sites on our list. This site has already satisfied millions of torrenting clients from years. Just like Torlock, you will get verified one-click torrents downloads on LimeTorrents.

LimeTorrents has a separate section dedicated just to music torrents. This music torrent site does not redirect anywhere before providing health, upload time, and size of every torrent.

Music is just one category on this website where you can additionally download torrent games, movies, ebooks, software, amongst others.

VISIT LimeTorrents (


Torrent Downloads
Best FeaturesMusic is well categorized into different sections, Only verified torrents are listed by TorrentDownloads
Types of ContentGames, Movies, TV shows, music, applications, anime, books.
AvailabilityPotentially a target of individual ISPs.
Mirror URLLink 1 (

TorrentDownloads is one of the best torrent websites for downloading content from torrent search engines that extents to verified music torrent links.

TorrentDownloads makes it very easy for a user to find Music related torrents. It has arranged different sections like Hip Hop, Pop, Electronic, Folk, Pop, Rap, Rock, EDM in a simple to search manner. TorrentDownloads strictly restrict the website to list only verified torrents.

In a nutshell, TorrentDownloads is an ideal music torrent site for music lovers with its massive database of music torrents.

VISIT TorrentDownloads (


ETTV torrent website
Best FeaturesHigh-quality FLAC music files available; informative description about albums and music tracks
Types of ContentGames, TV shows, Movies, applications, anime, music, books.
AvailabilityPotentially blocked by individual ISPs.
Mirror URLLink 1 (

ETTV is one of the fastest websites for downloading music torrents. On ETTV a user can find and download all kinds of songs from regular MP3 music and high-quality FLAC music files within a matter of seconds.

Just like you would expect from all the best music torrent websites ETTV will provide you with information like the size and upload date of every music torrent on the site before you click any link to download.

All music tracks and albums on ETTV feature a small snipped showing their age, health, category, genre, and language.



Best FeaturesTorrent site just for music; Classic Music, Vintage Music albums, and all songs from different categories available.
Types of ContentMusic and Songs
AvailabilityAvailable worldwide.
Mirror URLLink 1 (

Music-torrent is a popular music torrents site and perhaps the only one that contains only music streams. Music-torrent is the only website where you can do music torrenting by finding any song from different categories of Electronic, Classical, Vintage, Rock, Metal, Symphony , Orchestra and more.

This music torrent site will provide you with verified streams to songs from every album ever made. If you are looking for just a music torrent website then you will be more than satisfied downloading high-quality music torrents from here.

VISIT Music Torrent (

Is Torrenting music illegal?

Browsing through Torrent clients and downloading torrents are not illegal acts. But downloading copyright-protected content is deemed illegal as per law.


With that, we sum up the best music torrents that are still working. These websites contain streams to all your favorite songs and albums. You can give them a try!

Let us know if you come across other reliable music torrent sites we will update this space to keep you music lovers happy.

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