Top 8 best free NBA streaming sites with reviews

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NBA or the National Basketball Association is among one of the most, if not THE most, popular sports in America. It has been for ages, and the hype is not stopping anytime soon.

People worldwide are always excited to watch the games, but they sometimes just lack the resources to watch them. 

With many people trying not to opt for NBA League Passes and so much more, they are in desperate need to find a streaming site that can allow them to watch the games for free. Well, if you are one of them, then you have come to the right site.

For those reasons and more, we have gathered for you 8 of the best NBA streaming sites that will allow you to watch the games for free and from the comfort of many other devices of yours.

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NBA Streams

What better and more obvious way to start off the list than by talking about a site that literally is built for NBA. 

NBA streams, as you guessed it, is designed specifically for your favourite teams. It has a straightforward UI to use. It’s got all the images of your favourite teams. 

You just have to click on the team whose match you want to watch, and the site will redirect you to the game.

What are the good things about NBA Streams?

The great thing about NBA streams is that the site is easy to handle and use. It’s got a fairly good bitrate (that just means that the video will run smoothly on your computer).

Along with all that, you can also use their app to watch the games on your Android and Apple devices, so wherever you go, you can rest assured that you’ll have the match with you on the go.

What are the bad things about NBA Streams?

Here’s the trick, even though the site is free to access. It requires you to make an account on its site to access the game. Now for some people, that shouldn’t be an issue.

But for many others, it might be bothersome to give access to your data to a free site. The site also can ask for your card details if you want to go ahead and buy their premium services.

Why did we choose NBA Streams for NBA streaming sites?

Because A) the site’s name just suggests what they are truly about, and they deliver on that promise.

B) The site is pretty easy to use and can be a great watch for people who are looking for sites for NBA streaming. 

So for those above reasons, we really found it to be a great fit for a site that lets you watch live NBA online.

Our review and rating on NBA Streams

If you don’t have an issue with the site asking you for your bank account number and your email id, then I feel NBA Streams could be a great website for you to check.

But, I know, regardless of how great the site looks, some people will not feel secure enough to give access to their data to such sites, so for that reason, I rate NBA streams 3/5 stars.

NBA Full Match

nba streams

NBA Full Match is also one of the websites where you can easily sit around and watch your favourite team play one off of each other. 

It’s a pretty straightforward NBA streaming platform where you can easily click on the link of the game that you want to watch, and it’ll redirect you to that platform.

And as a bonus, the website doesn’t ask you for your email id or credit card to access it.

What are the good things about NBA Full Match?

The website isn’t loaded with a lot of features and plugins, so that makes it easier for the user to just watch the game as it is. It also doesn’t require you to make an account to watch the game as well.

Overall, as I have mentioned above, it’s an above-average website to watch your game on your laptop and have a good time. It doesn’t distract you much, and the service is also fairly reliable.

What are the bad things about NBA Full Match?

The website does boast a lot of pop-up ads, even after you have installed an ad-blocker. So, chances are that you’ll have to click a lot of ads before you start watching the game.

It also has clickbait-y titles as well, that’ll prompt you to immediately click on them. Those aren’t the actual links for the matches. 

And lastly, the website isn’t secured, so there are chances that your laptop could potentially get viruses uploaded on it while you stream the match. 

Why did we choose NBA Full Match for NBA streaming sites?

The reason for choosing it is obvious. It is a designated platform for you to stream the games live. And it doesn’t ask you for any of your details to stream the matches.

It’s an above-average NBA streaming website that lets you watch the games as it is on your laptop or desktop (you can stream it on your mobile and tablets as well with the help of the chrome browser, but the experience wouldn’t be that seamless).

Our review and rating on NBA Full Match

NBA Full Match lets you access the full matches of the NBA by providing you with a decent service. It is easy to use, has a simple-looking website, and doesn’t ask you any data permission to watch the games.

Just be sure to use an ad-blocker and don’t click on the clickbait-y ads, and you’ll have a fairly good time watching the matches. For those reasons, I give the NBA Full Match a rating of 3/5 stars.


Crackstreams is a popular website even among us at the GeekyMint. It is a well-known streaming platform that many people must surely be aware of.

Crackstreams is not just an NBA streaming website. It is a streaming website for everything sports. You can basically watch any sports of your liking, and it’ll show it to you. 

NBA just happens to be one of the sports that the site streams.

What are the good things about Crackstreams?

The first and the most obvious one, the site is free to access. You have a wide variety of sports to choose from, and it is handled fairly well.

The stream quality of the games is respectable for the services they provide to you. Keep in mind that you are accessing paid content for free on such sites, so there has to be some room for compensation.

What are the bad things about Crackstreams?

The bad things about Crackstreams can be the same as the good things about Crackstreams. The stream quality of the site is a bit wonky. Sometimes, you’ll get a crystal clear image; the other times, not so much.

The site also has the issue of not being a secured website, so you always have the chance of having your lovely laptop or desktop be infected with some not-so-lovely viruses.

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Why did we choose Crackstreams for NBA streaming sites?

Unlike some sites, Crackstreams is still one of the known sites available that help you stream the matches for basically free. And that level of trust and knowing makes the site a respectable site.

That means that the site runner knows their audience and will cater to them by trying to provide a good service so that people can come back to their sites to watch some more matches and games.

Our review and rating on Crackstreams

Crackstreams is one of the sites that you wouldn’t mind if it shows you some ads along the way. Because of its simplistic UI and easy-to-navigate videos, it is still one of the more reliable sites for NBA streaming.

It may not be perfect by any means or form, but it is still a reliable website that you can always count on. For that reason, I rate Cracstreams 3/5 stars.



StreamEast is also the new kid in town when it comes to NBA streaming sites. It’s got a fancy website that would surely attract your eyes.

As a matter of fact, it has attracted the eyes of other third-party sites, as well, as a lot of other sites are copying their design and logo to lure you in.

That could probably mean that they provide the good service that they do, in fact.

What are the good things about StreamEast?

There are plenty of good things when it comes to StreamEast. First off, great looking website. It’s super clean and nice to look at and easy to navigate as well.

You are also not required to but have an option to sign in and become a member of the site. They also have a discord channel, so you can easily join their server on discord, and you’ll be notified about their future updates there.

You also get the showing of the game’s time as per your standard of time, which means you don’t have to convert EST or anything else to figure out when the game will be on. They do it for you.

What are the bad things about StreamEast?

When it comes to the bad, there isn’t much about StreamEast other than the usual about being safe about your data and some pop-up ads here and there. 

Why did we choose StreamEast for NBA streaming sites?

I chose StreamEast for this particular article because I personally liked their website and their UI a lot. It seems very easy to use and access for the majority of people.

I personally don’t see any major issues with the sites that would upset the mass audiences when they decide to stream their favourite NBA matches or games on this site.

It’s a pretty cool site, and it’s already got some people’s attention. 

Our review and rating on StreamEast

StreamEast is the new player in the town, and they are coming head-on with their competitors to provide a really nice experience to the people coming to their website.

They have most of the features you could ask for and some more, like a Discord server that many of the sites on this list don’t have for themselves.  

It’s a fairly new website, and you should utilise it as much as you can. For those above-mentioned reasons, I give StreamEast a rating of 4/5 stars.



Buffstreams is another popular website among the fandom of sports streaming. Even we here at GeekyMint have written about it because it is a really great website.

Buffstream encompasses all things sports and has all the sports action you could possibly ask for. It is simple to use, has a great UI and is overall a great site to access your favourite NBA games from.

It has its ups and downs, and that’s what we’ll discuss now.

What are the good things about Buffstreams?

So, the good things about Buffstream. It is a free site to run and pretty easy to access as well. Along with that, you have a custom-made UI for each and every sport you can encounter on that site.

Buffstream also provides you with a great live chat, so you can discuss the game with complete strangers and have some fun with the game as well.

What are the bad things about Buffstreams?

Buffstreams does suffer a lot from a small number of servers, so that could lead the website to load up pretty slowly.

One major thing that would bother some people is that Buffstreams asks for your email address and credit card number to access its site. Now it is a free website, so nothing would be charged immediately, but then again, you can’t be very sure about these kinds of stuff.

Why did we choose Buffstreams for NBA streaming sites?

Because it is a sports-dedicated website and has the NBA streaming on it. It is fairly simple to use, and if you could get comfortable with allowing it to access your email and credit card, then you can have a great time with this site.

A lot of people around the world trust this site, and maybe you can be one of those people as well!

Our review and rating on Buffstreams

Buffstreams may not be the perfect site for some, but it is a trustworthy site. You can give it a try and see if you like it or not. 

If it’s not for you, then there are plenty of other options we have laid it out for you in this article. But we here at GeekyMint trust the site and would still recommend you to use it.

For those reasons, Buffstreams gets a rating of 3.5/5 stars.



Stream2Watch is another popular website in the world streaming sports sites. It is a relatively old site, and you can figure that out by just looking at its UI, but it does offer you the content of your liking.

It has some issues and some great things about it as well, which we’ll discuss now.

What are the good things about Stream2Watch?

The great thing about Stream2Watch is that it offers you a lot of links for the matches, so even if a link isn’t working or is redirecting you constantly to a pop-up ad, then you can choose from other links.

You can also access the site on your Mobile devices as well so you can be able to watch the games on the go as well.

Another great thing about Stream2Watch is that it features a really smart chat feature that automatically blocks out spammers and some inappropriate messages that would ruin your game watching.

What are the bad things about Stream2Watch?

Some of the obvious bad things about Stream2Watch can be that it has loads of pop-up ads, which can always be bothersome for a lot of people. 

Along with all that, since the UI is pretty old-looking, people can find it a bit confusing to navigate through the site and watch the matches for which they have come on the sites.

Why did we choose Stream2Watch for NBA streaming sites?

I mean, why not? It is a sports streaming site that streams NBA matches as well. Isn’t that the end goal? Along with all, this site is completely free to access to use and stream from.

You also get a pretty decent setup of sound and video from the sites that stream the matches, and it has a great chat feature as well.

Our review and rating on Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch can act as a regular website for you if you want to stream games all day long because of its great variety of links and servers.

It has a pretty decent UI to go with it, but that gets enhanced by its really nice and semi-advanced chatting feature. 

Give it a try and see for yourself if you really dig this website. We give Stream2Watch a rating of 3.5/5 stars.

NBABite Live Stream

NBABite Live Stream can track its origin from a SubReddit called “r/NBAStreams”. Originally what used to happen was that in the subreddit, everyone used to post the link from which you could stream the matches.

And the owner of the subreddit would use it to compile those lists in terms of their qualities. But now they have their own site to run and have access to all the NBA Streams you could ask for, plus some additional sports as well, such as NHL, NFL, etc.

What are the good things about NBABite Live Stream?

NBABite Live Stream has plenty of goods available that make it worthy of this list. First off, the website is pretty light, so it loads pretty quickly on the web browser.

Everything is laid out pretty neatly on it, which would make it easy for a lot of people to navigate through the match they would want to see first and foremost.

Along with that, the site is not just strictly related to NBA related, so you can pretty much watch other shows as well.

What are the bad things about NBABite Live Stream?

The one major negative thing I found about NBABite Live Stream is that while I was navigating through its site, even though it is very well laid out and everything, I found it really difficult to get to the link that would stream the match.

I mean, that’s the ultimate point of this site. Maybe I was having a bit of bad luck or was just simply pressing the wrong buttons, but I was just going deep down into the different games the site can stream rather than the game itself.

Why did we choose NBABite Live Stream for NBA streaming sites?

I find this question a bit stupid, like why would we put any other website than the website that does the job? It has a function to do, and that it does (even though I had trouble finding it to the job).

It’s a website from the Redditors and has a pretty nicely laid out UI to choose from. You can (hopefully) watch the game of your liking and have fun while you are doing it.

Our review and rating on NBABite Live Stream

NBABite Live Stream may have a long name with it, but it seems to be one of the websites that can give you great quality when it comes to sports and games. 

People will definitely find the UI of this site to be very pleasing to the eyes as everything is laid out pretty well and in a neat format. I give NBABite Live Stream a rating of 3/5 stars.

Joker Stream


Joker Stream offers users many different types of sporting events to watch, and one of them happens to be NBA games live, as well. 

The overall streaming website has been mentioned quite a lot of times on this website, because of its great UI and the number of links that are offered to the users, as well. 

Let’s go in some details about this particular website. 

What are the good things about Joker Stream?

Joker Stream’s UI is pretty good compared to other such sports streaming website, it has a black theme, so that means it is an energy efficient theme if you are viewing that website on your OLED device. 

The overall user interface of the device is also pretty good and simple to use, and you have access to many different sporting events, as well. 

What are the bad things about Joker Stream?

There are no partcluar bad things about Joker Stream to discuss, but there are some few flaws that it should overcome. For starters, the website takes a long to load, this could be due to some server issue. 

Along with this, the website is not easy to look up, as well. You always have to use a VPN to find the correct website, otherwise you end up going on a cloned version of the website. 

Why choose Joker Stream for NBA streaming?

Joker Stream offers users many different sporting events to watch and one of them happens to be NBA games, as well. That acts as a major reason for the recommendation of this website on this article. 

Along with that, the overall usage of this website is also simple.

Our review and rating on Joker Stream 

Joker Stream is one of many websites that are available right now which allows users to watch the games for free online. NBA is just one of the many sports that you can watch on this website. 

Although you should note that in order to access this website, you should be able to have some form of VPN, because other than that you won’t be able to checkout this website. 
For that reason, I will rate Joker Stream 3/5 stars.

Our recommendation on the best NBA streaming sites from this list?

I think you should know a couple of things about me before asking for my recommendation about using any of these sites. Firstly, I am not into NBA, so I frankly don’t care about on which platform I watch it on.

Secondly, I prefer convenience and reliability for my entertainment. Gone are the days when we used to illegally pirate stuff just to watch it. 

Nowadays, we are filled with nothing but content and are probably living in the golden era of content because of the price we pay to watch it. Whether it be sports, movies, tv shows, sitcoms, interviews, or so much more.

It is too much to choose from, but if I had to choose from any of these above-mentioned websites, I think I would be choosing StreamEast.

Why did we choose StreamEast from all of them as best NBA streaming website?

Let me explain why I chose StreamEast as my favourite NBA streaming website. First of all, it is a new website, so they are trying their level best to gain new customers.

Lucky for us, because of this, we get to watch the games in high-quality while also not having to suffer through a ton of ads as well. The site also doesn’t ask for your email id and credit card, so you can watch the games without worrying about your data.

It is also a secured website to use, so you can rest assured that when it comes to viruses and malware, your computer would also be free from all of them while you stream your matches.

They also have a discord server for their site as well, so you can easily join their server and get the latest updates from there as well about the site’s policies and its new features.

The site is also fairly light when it comes to loading, so it boots up pretty quickly on your browser without any excess loading time. And lastly, the UI of the site is super clean and easy to use. 

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It’s got a great red, black and white colour theme (that’s actually one of my personal favourite colour themes), so it looks pretty cool and easy to use as well. I mean, it’s got everything that you could possibly ask for, and it delivers on all of them.

But anyway, those are my reasons as to why I prefer StreamEast as a great NBA streaming site. 

What is your favourite among all these 7 websites that we have mentioned that’s your favourite, or are there any other sites that you use that we have failed to mention in this article. Do let us know in the comments down below!

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