Top 6 alternatives in 2023

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What is is like any other free movie streaming site you can use right now. Over at this website, you will be able to watch a number of the latest films and web series all for free. 

If you can’t already tell by now through the description I provided for it, it is a website that basically pirates the content and provides it to its users. 

I have written a number of different articles where I have discussed about websites and applications you can download to watch free movies and web series, and this article will be no different than those.

Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid using and maybe choose some of its alternatives. 

Reason to look for sites like Netmovies. to

Reason 1 – Not a trustworthy website

When you try to access’s website, you end up not being able to access it because of server and security issues. 

Your computer and browser will try to prevent you from going on the website as it might be a bit prone to the security of your device. 

This is a good thing for your computer, but it is not so much for the website and having a website that you can’t trust fully is one of the biggest reasons why you should avoid using it in the first place. 

Reason 2 – Same movies and shows provided elsewhere 

If you look at the overall library of films and shows that this site is providing its users, it is not something that is new and original that is only available on this website. 

There are a number of different options available online that are safer to use and provide the same movies and shows to its users and that also becomes as one of the big reasons to choose’s alternatives. 

Reason 3 – A number of proxy websites

There are also a number of websites available with the same name as and those websites are even more vulnerable to attacks and malware installed.

And since is not a very popular website, users can very easily be fooled into using those other websites for streaming their movies and tv shows, which can be quite harmful for the device, as well. 

Best Alternatives



Stremio is a really good option for you to try out if you are looking for alternative. Stremio is not a simple website, such as, but it is actually a streaming platform on its own. 

The overall service of Stremio is available all on a platform, and users can download their app on their smart TV, mobile, laptop, etc. So, users will be easily able to watch your favourite movies and tv shows for free. 

There is quite a lot more to talk and discuss about Stremio, so without wasting any more time, let’s get started. 

What we liked about Stremio

The great thing about Stremio is that it is available on multiple devices, making it quite similar to what users might expect from paid streaming platforms, such as, Disney Plus, HBO Max, etc. 

This also helps in making the overall viewing experience better since it is comfortable to watch something straight from the app rather than going to a website like and watch something you like. 

The second thing that I really like about Stremio is also that the overall service is open-source, which means all of your data is safe when you are using this service. 

What we didn’t like about Stremio

Stremio can be a little tricky to boot up and start-up. When you are making your account, you have to do a lot of little things to set it up, and this can be confusing for a lot of people. 

Since Stremio is supplying you latest movies and tv shows illegally, its app is not featured on popular app stores, so you have to download its app from its website, as well. 

Installing the app on your device or your smart TV can be tricky for some people, and this might discourage users from using this service because its setup is not as easy and simple as the other streaming platforms set up.

If you are not happy with stremio then here are the 9 Perfect Stremio Alternative to stream content.

Why did we choose Stremio as an alternative?

Stremio is basically better than in all aspects that you can think of. The overall software and the UI of Stremio is much better compared to 

You are able to stream your movie or tv show from any device you like, unlike, where you have to use their website to watch. 

Along with it, the overall service is open-source and that roughly translates to the fact that all your data is quite safe on Stremio when compared to on 

Review and rating of Stremio

Stremio is a wonderful app that you can download from their website and watch all the available movies and tv shows for free. 

It should be noted that Stremio also has pop-up ads on its UI, but they are not as annoying as it is on 

The overall service is quite useful for watching something that you don’t want to pay money for, and you get to see a lot of great content from different devices on Stremio. 

It is a great service, and for that reason and more, I will rate Stremio 4/5 stars. 

Pluto TV


Pluto TV provides free movies and tv shows on its platforms. Pluto TV does this because it has partnered with different producing companies around the world and it gets the rights to their content to stream on its platform. 

And it does all of this by providing you with ads in between movies and shows.

Pluto TV has a good content library that people would find interesting when they watch it on its platform.

What we liked about Pluto TV

The biggest plus point is the fact that Pluto TV is free to use. The content library has some recognisable tv shows and movies that people would love to watch for free.

Pluto TV is also not an illegal site like All the movies and files available on Pluto TV are either owned by them or they have the rights to stream them on its platform.

What we didn’t like about Pluto TV

Although Pluto TV has free content on its platform but don’t expect to watch the latest and the best movies. In fact, just expect the total opposite of that.

The majority of the movies that are available on Pluto TV, are actually TV movies, i.e. movies that are designed to be shot and released on television networks. 

There are films that you may have never even heard about in your entire lifetime.

Why did we choose  Pluto TV as a alternative?

It is not exactly a substitute, but it is close to it when it comes to delivering content for the price of $0 Dollars. 

As I always mention in my articles, this list is for everyone.

Some people are looking for alternative just because they can watch something for free which would entertain them for some time. 

Maybe this can be something that you might be interested in.

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Review and rating of Pluto TV

Pluto TV is personally not my favourite application on this list. I am not a fan of the content they have on display. 

Yes, the app is free, but that should also mean that you are getting something of value out of it.

It has value, don’t get me wrong, but you have to find and look for some popular titles. Maybe you would find it to be better than I did, but I would be rating Pluto TV 2.5/5 stars.

Tubi TV


Tubi TV is where you can watch live television and channels and also stream movies and shows for free. It is basically a combination of both Philo and Pluto TV.

The great thing about Tubi TV is that it has content that is relatively better when compared to something like Pluto TV, for that matter.

Its monthly active members are more than 20 million users, which is a strong number when you compare it to other streaming sites.

What we liked about Tubi TV

Tubi TV is free to access. You also get access to live channels, which is a great thing.

Tubi TV’s overall service is guaranteed to be of good quality with some decent features that you would normally not get on a free streaming service.

Their service is also available in major countries, so you can rest assured that you will access the site in your country and watch its content for free on its platform. 

What we didn’t like about Tubi TV

Even though Tubi TV delivers on some premium features, it is not all perfect.

The channels you get to watch on its platform aren’t the full length in duration. Many of the live tv channels have their durations shortened for free service, and you won’t be able to watch the full show.

Why did we choose Tubi TV as a alternative?

Tubi TV is free to use, and that is a big plus point when compared to

Tubi TV has a good ratio of movies and live TV shows on its platform that you won’t get to watch for free if you decide to stream on

It is definitely preferred by people because of its services, and maybe you will like it as well.

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Review and rating of Tubi TV

Tubi TV is not a streaming service through and through. It is a combination of both streaming, and Live TV, that you might find useful if you get it through.

But for now, I would be rating Tubi TV 3/5 stars. It is a solid streaming site that is not directly competing with but is creating its own set of a fan base. 

Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time is an app that you download to watch many different movies and web series for free. 

Popcorn Time streams its movies and shows directly from torrents, so it doesn’t require any setup. 

There are a lot of great things to talk about Popcorn Time, so without wasting any more time, let’s get to it. 

What we liked about Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time has a really good UI that is very user-friendly, so you can easily navigate through the app to watch the movies and tv shows that you are looking for. 

It also doesn’t require any signups to work, and this is a really good option for people who don’t want to set up anything. 

The overall app is also fairly safe to use, so that is also something that you don’t have to worry about like you have to do on 

What we didn’t like about Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time’s pros can be cons for some people as well, so you can look at it both ways. As mentioned above, Popcorn Time doesn’t require you to sign up to watch anything on its service. 

While that may be great for some, it also means that you can’t stream the same content or continue watching it on different devices while you are travelling or trying to continue watching on a different device. 

The entire app has a search bar that helps find the type of content available on it, but the search bar doesn’t work properly half the time, so that can be annoying. 

You also don’t have the option of any add-ons, so you are mostly stuck with what is on offer by Popcorn Time. 

Why did we choose Popcorn Time as a alternative? doesn’t stand a chance against Popcorn Time. 

The UI of Popcorn Time is clean and simple, whereas that is not the case when you are using . 

Popcorn Time is also a lot more convenient to use against, and users are able to stream any type of movies and content that they want to watch on Popcorn Time much more easily compared to

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Review and rating of Popcorn Time

It is a simple download, and then you are off to watch different types of movies and tv shows that you want to watch on the platform. That being said, there are some cons that you should consider, as well.

So, if you just want to watch content for free without having to worry about setting up anything, then Popcorn Time is a really good option for you to try out. 

I will rate Popcorn Time 3.5/5 stars. 



Kodi is also not exactly a website like, from where you can stream movies directly, but it is a better alternative to because it is a streaming application on its own. 

Kodi has its application available for multiple devices, and over at Kodi, you will find tons of content to watch, and you can easily choose the different types of movies and categories you want to watch for free. 

What we liked about Kodi

Over at Kodi, there are several add-on options available on it, so you just have to add the channels you want to watch and watch the latest movies or TV shows for free. 

You also don’t have to suffer through tons of pop-up ads while you are using it; in fact, you don’t have to suffer any type of ads while you are using Kodi. 

Plus, you can continue watching your content from multiple devices, so it works as easily as all other streaming services apps, as it is linked to your account. 

What we didn’t like about Kodi

Setting up Kodi can be a bit of a challenge; this is because the app isn’t available on popular app stores. To download it, you have to go to Kodi’s website and from there, you have to download it. 

This can be a little inconvenient for some people, making it a little less trustworthy as well, and that is also true because, just like, even Kodi is streaming its content illegally on its website. 

Along with it, Kodi also offers the feature of accessing live TV, which is also not supposed to work that well. 

Working Kodi Addons Updated Weekly For Zero Buffering

Why did we choose Kodi as a alternative?

As I said above, Kodi is an overall better alternative to . At you have to suffer through poor UI, several ads, and malware threats, you don’t have to go through anything on Kodi!

It is pretty safe and simple and is quite a package when all things considered.  

Review and rating of Kodi

Kodi is a pretty good option if you have the skills to set it up because once you have done that, you don’t have to worry about anything else, and you are off to watch all the type of movies and tv shows you want to watch for free. 

I will rate Kodi 4/5 stars.


Plex tv

Plex is also another movie streaming platform that you can try out as an alternative to Netmovies. Plex is the most different alternative on this list because of many different reasons. 

For starters, the entire platform is not a streaming platform, but it actually heps in making your own computing device into a server so that whatever you have in store on your computing device can easily be streamed on a number of different devices. 

There are free movies and shows present on Plex, as well. But that is not the main thing that Plex is able to do. 

There is a lot more to talk about Plex, so let’s get into it. 

What we liked about Plex

Plex has a really nice UI, and the app is available to download for multiple devices. Unlike Kodi and Stremio, you can download Plex from popular app stores like Play Store and Apple App Store as well. 

The overall service works pretty smoothly when you try to stream your content from your computing device onto different devices. 

There are also a number of different settings options provided to users, as well, which makes it quite unique platform, as well.

What we didn’t like about Plex

As I mentioned above, Plex has movies and tv shows to watch for free, but that is not the main thing for which you should use Plex. All the movies and tv shows you want to watch on Plex should already be downloaded on your computing device. 

This makes the overall platform less as a free movie streaming service and more of a platform that allows you to stream movies and shows. 

It can also be a little complicated to setup and use, and sometimes the app also resets itself, which can be a little annoying.

Why did we choose Plex as a alternative?

Plex is still a good alternative present to Netmovies right now. You are able to stream your movies and tv shows on different devices, and it acts like a proper streaming service of its own. 

There are a number of different settings available that are nowhere near available on Netmovies, and if you are able to use the app, then it can be a pretty good app as well. 

Review and rating of Plex

Plex is a solid server-making app, and it does take some time to get used to it, but once you are able to use the app properly, then it can be quite useful for people who have movies and shows on their devices and want to stream it on their tv or their phone. 

For those reasons, I will rate Plex 3.5/5 stars.

Our recommendations on the best alternative?

Well, there you have it. An article discussing about the various Netmovies alternatives present in the market right now. Each of the above alternatives presented above are targeted at different groups of people.

My personal favourite among the six of them would be Popcorn Time.  

Why did we choose Popcorn Time as the best alternative?

The reason why I found Popcorn Time to be the best alternative to Netmovies is that it does exactly what Netmovies does but with comfort and ease. 

Yes, you are not able to continue watching movies on different devices on Popcorn Time, but so is the case with Netmovies, as well.

And it provides you with all the best movies and tv shows without having to go on its ad-filled website. So, as the best Netmovies alternative, I choose Popcorn Time.

As always, these have been my thoughts on this topic. What about you? Share your ideas and applications in the comments section down below!

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh is a Journalism and Mass Communication graduate. While studying in this field he quickly realized what he wants to do in his life: Filmmaking. His interest in writing scripts is what made him give a try in the world of content writing. Sanjit's an avid Movie Geek and is an award winning Director as well.

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