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9 of the best Rainiertamayo alternatives to watch unlimited online free movies and tv shows

Movies and tv shows have entertained people since the 1960s. Earlier to that people used to go to fair and circus to get entertained. From the 1960s to present-day people get watch tv and movies to keep themself entertained.

People have shifted from watching movies in the theater to watching movies at home on their Laptops, TV, and mobile phone.

Movies are streamed from the internet and access to movies from all over the world has been never so easy. Rainiertamayo has worked its way up in getting thousands of users to use its platform to stream free movies and tv shows.

List of the best sites like Rainiertamayo

I have listed 9 sites like Rainiertamayo with its features. I have also listed which sites are legal to stream free online movies and tv shows and which are illegal in the list rainierland alternatives

Morph tv

Morph TV App

Morph TV is an updated website of the famous Morpheus TV with tons of free online tv shows and movies. On Morph TV watch movies online.

If you are looking for sites like Rainiertamayo then Morph TV has everything you need with a free movie streaming site. When you can’t find the watch movies and shows Rainiertamayo then Morph Tv is a good choice.

How to install Morph TV apk on multiple devices

Features of Morph TV

  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Watch high quality movies
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Download and watch later

Supported devices

  • Android devices
  • Apple iPhone and iPad
  • Fire tv and fire stick
  • Ruku
  • Windows PC

My review on Morph TV

Morph TV is a good rainierland replacement it has thousand of movies to choose from and people from around the world have used it. If you looking for some good tv shows and movies then Morph TV has a good collection.

Thop tv

thoptv logo

Thop Tv has over 11 million download of its app. A few years ago the thop tv app was available to download on the play store. Due to legal and copyright issue the Google and Apple took it down and now the app is available to download via its app. Do not worry if you know to download the thop tv app apk. I have listed a step by step process to download and install Thop tv on devices.

Thop Tv has thousands of movies and shows which can be played from all around the world. If you looking for any movies just go the search bar on the top right corner you might just come across some other gems.

Features of Thop tv

  • Full HD and 4k movies
  • Can download and watch later
  • Latest movies
  • Good user interface

Supported devices

  • Android 4.0 plus
  • Apple iOS
  • Windows PC
  • Firestick

My Review on Thop TV

Thop Tv was one of the most popular free movie streaming platforms until it got banned from Google Play store and Apple app store. If you looking for features of rainierland like websites then Thop Tv app apk is perfect for you. Thop TV has enough content to keep you entertained for years

Tubi tv

Tubi tv

Tubi TV is the biggest legal movie streaming website with thousands of movies and shows. Tubi TV has over 20 million users and millions of hours of content making it one of the biggest legal free movie and tv show streaming websites.

Fox corporation purchased Tubi Tv for over $440 million if you are looking for something like netflix then Tubi TV is one of the best.

Everything you need to know about Tubi TV

Features of Tubi TV

  • Fully legal movie streaming
  • Original tv series and shows
  • 138 million hours of content
  • 4k video quality

Supported devices

  • Windows
  • Roku
  • Apple device
  • Firestick
  • Any device with a browser

My review on Tubi tv

Tubi tv the best rainiertamayo alternative with more features and millions of hours of content. The website has grown leaps and bound in the last few years. You don’t need to worry about any legal issue as Tubi TV is free to watch online and gains its revenue from ads



Most of you movie lovers know Imdb for its movie and tv shows rating and reviews. It the world’s most popular movie review platform with a review on millions of movies. IMDb TV is a free movie streaming website that not only has tv shows and movies but also audio files, audiobooks, and podcasts.

IMDb TV has a very wide range of content make it the most unique site like rainiertamayo. The quantity of content is so large that users won’t even know where to start.

If you are looking for some old 90s or even 80s movies and shows then look no further just visit IMDb TV. The only drawback is that its available for people living in the US

Features IMDb tv

  • One of the largest data base of movies and shows
  • Has audio books and podcast
  • Good old movies

Supported devices

  • Any device which supports a web browser

My review on IMDb TV

IMDb is on of the most famous film review site and has set the benchmark. IMDb TV is looking to do the same for free movie streaming with millions of hours of content.

For now, people living in the US can use IMDb tv to watch films and other media content. I would highly recommend IMDb TV as an alternative to rainiertamayo

Pluto TV


Pluto TV is not only a free movie site like rainiertamayo but also a good alternative traditional cable. It has millions of hours of movies and shows to watch online for free. Do not worry about any legal issue as it is free to watch.

The quality of the content has to be the best in this list of the best sites like rainiertamayo. The range of movies and show would suit the teenager as well as adults.

The platform has millions of users and daily active visitors as its legal to watch content. You won’t find the new releases but definitely all good shows.

Everything you need to know about Pluto TV

Features of Pluto TV

  • HD and 4k movie
  • Amazing user experience and user interface
  • No email sign up

Supported devices

  • Any device which supports a web browser

My review on Pluto TV

I have spent hours watching movies on Pluto TV. It has amazed me being it a fully legal free streaming website. There is nothing in Pluto TV I would complain about in the subscription service.It is the gold standard for legal free movie streaming.

Morpheus TV

morpheus tv

Morpheus TV is another alternative to rainerland with the same feature and quality as rainiertamayo. The website has thousands of hours of content making its a good pick.

The user interface and layout can get better but it’s not bad for a free site. Morpheus TV has authentic content that can be played in full HD. Some videos can be played in 4k as well making it very user friendly. Users don’t need to sign up before visiting the site which makes it even better for someone who is looking for privacy.

Features of Morpheus TV

  • No Sign-Up or login required
  • High-quality HD movies
  • Constant update of the platform
  • User can download and watch videos later
  • Supported devices

Supported devices

  • Android devices
  • Apple iOS
  • Roku
  • Firestick

My review on Morpheus TV

Morpheus TV is just like rainier tamayo with all the features. Due to legal issues, the app was removed from Google Play Store and Apple store but you can download Morpheus TV app apk on devices to watch your content. I like the fact that they update the platform on a regular basis.



123movies was one of the best and biggest free movie streaming site which published pirated content. It had millions of users from all over the world and even after shutting down, it has many proxy sites.

Basically what 123movies does is that it looks for torrent links and places it on its website. Users can use that link to download movies.

As soon as any new movie or show was out in the theaters it was available to download on 123movies.

Features of 123movies

  • Can download on one click
  • Available on many platforms
  • High quality video
  • Sports streaming
  • Fewer ads than other platforms
  • No login required

Supported devices

  • Android
  • Windows PC
  • Roku
  • Fire Tv / Fire stick
  • iOS/ Mac OS

My review on 123movies

123 movies if the largest free online movies and tv shows streaming and download site with millions of monthly users. It’s a good rainierland alternative as it has more movies and tv shows. Not only that users can download movies and shows in just one click.

How to download and install 123movies app apk on devices

Show box


Showbox is a free movie streaming site likerainiertamayo with a lot of movies. If you are looking to watch movies from the 90s the show box has wide range. Just visit the site or showbox app apk for which I have given simple steps to download.

Showbox not only has new tv show but also old ones like friends and how I met you, mother. You can to the top right corner search bar to look for tv shows for the 90s and you would definitely be delighted.

Overall Showbox is a very popular site like rainiertamayo but not as good as Tubi Tv

Features fo showbox

  • Thousand of new tv shows and movies
  • Good quality content
  • Comes with user-friendly interface

Supported devices

  • Windows OS
  • Mac Os
  • Fire TV
  • Apple iOS
  • Android

My review on showbox

Showbox is very popular competitor to rainiertamayo and gives almost the same feature like rainiertamayo. The audio and video quality is top-notch along with a good user interface. If you are looking for new tv shows then Showbox has a large database



Gomovies was one of the most popular movie sites where you could use proxy links to download movies. If you are looking for any latest movies you cant find anywhere else then GoMovie has the best collection.

Users from all over the world place proxy links to download movies and tv shows on GoMovies. The movie collection is one of the best in this list from sites like rainiertamayo.

If you cant find gomovies website I have listed an article on how to download go movies app apk on multiple devices

Features of GoMovies

  • Can download movies and tv series
  • Less ads than other
  • Full HD and 4k video quality
  • Contains Audio files and Ebooks

Supported devices

  • Windows devices
  • Android Device
  • Apple device
  • Fire TV
  • Roku

My review on Gomovies

If you are looking for online streaming sites then Gomovies ticks all the boxes for rainiertamayo replacement. Gomovies and 123movies have led the way when it comes to latest movie streaming and a very good alternative to rainiertamayo.

Why did rainiertamayo shut down?

Rainiertamayo publishes free movies and tv shows and most of the content has copyright issues that are not legal. The founders if Rainiertamayo had to shut down the free movie streaming sites.

Like most of the free movie streaming sites, there are sites like Rainiertamayo and also its mirror links. If you loved watching the latest movies and tv series on Rainiertamayo don’t be upset I have listed the best alternatives to Rainiertamayo both legal and illegal site to watch movies.

Is it safe and legal to use rainiertamayo?

Rainiertamayo has the latest movies and tv series which makes it very acceptable to some who cant afford to pay for legal paid movie streaming sites.

When it comes to the safety issue Rainiertamayo has ads that are played constantly and can annoy you most of the time. Using such a site it’s better to use an antivirus and know about the trojan virus which can affect your device.

It’s not legal to use free movie streaming sites like Rainiertamayo in some countries so make sure you know the law. Make sure you check out my list of best legal and illegal Rainiertamayo alternatives below to watch the latest movies and tv series

Final thoughts

I have listed 9 of the best rainiertamayo alternatives in this article. I hope you like my article on free movies rainierland please comment below if you think we need any other alternative.

Please note: This article contains information of legal and illegal movie sites. Geekymint does not promote, post or share any copyright and pirated content our article is purely for educational purposes

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