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Ask any football fan, each one of them would name Cristiano Ronaldo as a GOAT.  Undoubtedly one of the greatest players ever to grace the game, Ronaldo has made the game his own. Not only on the pitch, but Cristiano Ronaldo has even made a name for himself on streaming websites. One of the best and most interesting websites on the internet is This website has a beautiful picture of the man from Lisbon on it’s home page. The smile is so beautiful and the picture so sharp(Messi fans look away).  You’ll probably love the look of this website.

Scroll down a little and you’ll find a schedule box. This schedule box has the biggest football matches over the globe listed onto it. The matches have a small timer running over them. This timer will tell you the time that is left for any match to begin. It’s always good to know when your team is going to play next.

My favourite section from this website is what I am going to talk about,next. Under the category ‘Latest News’, this page only updates news on Ronaldo. With his recent switch to Juventus and everything going on around Messi, this column only gets more interesting.

Sorry for spoilers but most of the content on this website is about the rivalry between the two GOAT’s.  But that’s not it, scroll down a little more and you’ll find a section called ‘Latest Game Photos’. This section consists of beautiful pictures saved by the admin from all over the internet. Every picture is of Ronaldo and is in wallpaper quality. You can also choose to shop on this website for (you guessed it right) Cristiano Ronaldo merchandise which is produced by the admin. The products range from jerseys, shoes and tickets to matches all taking you back to the Portuguese legend.


Is free for live football streaming?

Yes, the website is fully free to use for live football streaming.

Can be used for other football matches?

Yes, the website can be used for other matches where Ronaldo isn’t going to play as well.

What are the minimum requirements to stream live football on

You will have to download ExpressVPN and have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on your PC to stream live football for free on

What are the alternatives to

Below is a list of alternative websites to for live football streaming. This list can be used in case of a crash of or Geo restriction.

10 of the Best Alternatives to [Author’s Choice]

I have written plenty of times about this website. It is one of the best available all over the Internet. If you’re a die-hard sports fan, you definitely must’ve heard of The basic content of this website is free for users. Also, it’s simple to use and provides good quality content. It’s the premium account you should be concerned about, my friend. Below are the features of the premium account:

    ● Commercial Free Content

    ●The capacity of streaming up to 4 matches at once

    ●Ability to rewind live streams

    ●All content on the premium account comes in Ultra HD quality provides all these features to its users for a mere €4.99 only. Which accounts to around 999 Indian Rupees.

This is the reason I always choose to write first about this website in all my live streaming. premium account is surely better than

Author’s Rating: 9/10

12th Player

Mainly known for its football content, as the name suggests. 12th Player is a decent website in case is not working. The design is okay and the features are very basic. It does not have anything unique I can write about, but if you decide to watch football without disruption, kindly use this website. As the name, it’s not supposed to be on your favourite websites. But in case nothing works, this will do. The website does not stream American sports or Football. Sorry, Americans.

Author’s Rating: 7/10

Wizwig is a new entrant on our list for live sports streaming. I should’ve added this website long, long ago. The interface is pretty basic in a white theme. Nothing extraordinary about that. But what is actually extraordinary about this website is the Radio feature on the website. Long gone are the days people enjoyed listening to live commentary. It’s old, but it’s great. You can sit inside your car while driving and use this feature.

The website does not ask for a sign-in or registration. The upper section of the home page has all the sports categorized. The sports offered by wizwig are Football, baseball, rugby, tennis, etc. It’s a cool website, I didn’t have any problems with the commercials either. This website left me content, with its content.

Author’s Rating: 7.5/10


The godfather of live sports streaming on the Internet. This website has been running for a long time. It has also been delivering since I started using it. It’s a basic website interface, not very attractive. But it’s quick and has most of the sports content a die-hard sports fan would like to watch.

Currently, firstrowsports is working as But that could change anytime soon, given the strict restrictions around illegal streaming. Firstrowsports offers various kinds of sports to its users ranging from Football to Motorsports. Links for football streaming are found on the home page itself(no stress there). Your event links are mostly posted 45 minutes before the game has begun. This means you have plenty of time to prepare yourself.

It’s available on both PC and Mobile devices. However, the experience on PC is better than a mobile.

Author’s Rating: 8.5/10

Mama HD

Currently, Mama HD is running on Mama HD was created by a bunch of geeks on the internet. This website is simple to use. It has a very large base of sports content on it. Which means, you will probably find a game that is not streaming elsewhere, here. The homepage has a chatbox. This chatbox can be used for directions to know how to use Mama

HD. You can choose to use it to discuss games with other users watching as well.

The only issue with the website is you’ll have to deal with websites. Express VPN is currently the most famous ad running on the Internet. You should probably try to use that so you never see it on your screen again. Mama HD offers Football, Tennis, Moto GP, Formula 1, fighting, etc. 

Author’s Rating: 8/10


With a pitch-black theme, this website is high quality. They don’t have any features other than live streaming. Stream2watch particularly specialises in streaming live sports content. The website has stuck to that right from the day it started.

Once you open the website, you will notice 2 options to choose from. The website offers its users to choose between sports events and sports channels. Watching a sports channel is just like watching TV. You don’t know what you’re going to get. Although, you can keep switching channels and choose what you want to watch. The sports services offered on this website include sports like Boxing, Soccer, Tennis, UFC, etc. Channels on this website include established giants like Fox, ESPN, Eurosport, etc. You can choose to watch your content in SD or HD quality depending on how fast your network is. Whereas, you can also decide between various commentary languages stream2watch provides its users with. Stream2watch is currently running on

Author’s Rating: 8/10

Social442 is one of the most beautiful website interfaces you will ever come across. It is so beautiful, yet minimalist. This website claims to have over 1 million users. Although you will have to register on this website, it’s worth the effort to do so. That is when the fun really starts, to be honest.

The website has several different features, you will love. For example, this website gives you an opportunity to find local football communities to play a beautiful game with. The website astonishingly even claims to have no pop-ups. Which basically means, you will enjoy your stream smoothly.

Social 442 is an interactive news platform that directs news that you want to know about to you. It even goes to claim to have 100 times more updates than Sky Sports. Sky Sports is the most established service in the UK. The process of receiving news is fairly simple according to the website. All you need to do is

    1.Choose your football club, for example, Chelsea

    2.The website will start to scan the web for you

    3.You will get more updates.

It’s that simple. Social 442 is one of my favourites to use for live streaming.

Author’s Rating: 8.5/10

SportStreamTV offers a variety of sporting activities on its platform, it’s hardly believable. The website has such a long, long list of matches and upcoming games. I can assure you’ll be entertained 24/7. There’s a live match at a frequency of every 15 minutes. Each fixture is symbolised by an icon of the sport it represents. Some of the sports offered by are Rugby, Basketball, Racing, American Football, etc. The job of this website is to not give you any links for any sport. But, what it does is, it will tell you all the websites that are broadcasting the game for free. Bookmark this page even if you have a go-to streaming website for live sports. You can always use this page to find new links and websites for live sports streaming.

Author’s Rating: 8/10


We are approaching the end of our list but the quality of websites is just getting better. This is a very famous website among streamers. Streamhunter provides it’s users with plenty to choose from. Options include English Premier League, NBA, MLS, Ligue 1, etc. Links to upcoming matches are found on the home page itself. Just like SportstreamTv, you will surely have something to watch 24/7. There’s a new live match at a frequency of 10-15 minutes. This website truly is a gem. Various sports offered by streamhunter are Golf, Athletics, Table Tennis, Water sports, Beach Soccer, etc. You can choose to chat with the website technical team in case you are facing issues with your links. The website is very simple and easy to use, yet effective.

Author’s Rating: 7/10

This website is focused on football only but provides other sports as well. Although it just broadcasts other sports it goes into the depths of football. Not just the top leagues it also broadcasts matches from lower leagues like the English league 2nd division. The website has matches from so many countries, you’ll never be out of action. is a real gem for football fans. The other sports offered on this website are ice hockey, tennis, basketball, fighting, etc.

Author’s Rating: 7.5/10

Final Thoughts

Every website on the list has pros and cons. All you have to do is try and test each one of them for a game or two. Everyone has a different taste so choose what best supports you and help us know other websites that are better and why in the comments below.

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