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Showbox: Download Showbox app apk and best showbox alternatives

About Showbox

Showbox is a way for you to become the popular member in your friends circles. You can become the most talked-about person amongst your colleagues by installing the showbox app apk.

Everyone likes to watch movies and TV shows. I know paying for multiple subscriptions can be expensive. The simple solution is to download Showbox app apk through which you can watch latest TV shows and movies for free, anytime and anywhere.

How Does Showbox work

Show box app is similar to streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. As a matter of fact, Showbox is regarded as one of the best Netflix alternative by a majority of movie watchers. I was very curious to find out why Showbox is so highly regarded in the free movie streaming apps and websites sector. 

What are the best features of Showbox app apk 

Free movie streaming app

Showbox app can be downloaded for free through the Show box app apk link. You do not have to pay any subscription fees to stream movies and TV shows on Showbox.

HD Quality free movies

You do not have to worry about bad quality while streaming movies or TV shows on show box. 

Showbox app apk provides 720p and 1080p HD quality free movies and TV shows.

Compatible with all devices

You can download the Showbox app apk on iOS, Android, PC, MAC, Firestick TV and also connect it on Chromecast.

No sign-up

Showbox app apk does not ask you to register using your email id or phone number. 

Download latest movies

If you are looking to download and watch movies offline for free then you can do so using the Showbox app.

How to install Show box app apk

Follow the below steps to install the Showbox app for particular devices.

Steps to download Showbox on Android

Step 1: Click on this link and download the Showbox app apk for your Android phone

Step 2: Then go to setting on your phone tap on Apps> Special App access> Download the unknow Showbox app apk. 

Step 3: Install the app on your phone and create an account 

Step 4: There is no step 4 just watch free movies and you should be good to go

Steps to download Showbox on Apple iOS/ iPhone/ iPad

Step 1: Open  the Showbox app apk on your Apple iOS device 

Step 2: Accept the unknow app on your phone. Go to Menu>Settings>General Settings>Profile>Showbox App> Accept the download

Step 3: Open the Showbox app on your Apple device 


Steps to download Showbox on Windows

First, you would need to download an android emulator on your Windows PC. Downloading the right Android emulator is very crucial hence I have listed the best android emulators to download

Step 1: Open and run the Showbox app on your Laptop

Step 2: Then go to the android emulator application on open the Showbox app with the help of the android emulator.

Step 3: Open  the app and watch free movies and shows

Steps to download Showbox on Amazon Firestick TV

Step 1: Open the Fire tv app on your TV and then go to your browser

Step 2: Download this Showbox app apk on your Fire Tv

Step 3: Go to setting>Device Options> Developer Options> Unknow Apps> Accept the download on your Device

Step 4: After the app has been downloaded create an account to watch free movies and shows

Showbox alternatives 

Just like every other individual who loves to watch the latest TV shows and movies at the comfort of our home absolutely free, I was very upset to hear that Showbox had to shut down its services. 

It is the bitter truth, but until we have any latest updates on the showbox app I have compiled a list of the best alternatives to show box app which work just as well as Showbox or even better.


thoptv logo
thoptv logo

Overview: ThopTV is the latest free movie streaming website and app which has quickly become very popular in the market. 

ThopTV is a silent giant when it comes to watching latest movies and TV shows for free. 

It is an ad-free free streaming app and website.

My Review: ThopTV is definitely one of the best Showbox alternatives, it provides all the same functions as the show box app. 

As an additional benefit over Showbox, ThopTV also lets you stream free live tv.

Ratings : 4.5/5

Click here to download ThopTV


homepage of TeaTV App Apk

Overview: TeaTV quickly became a fan favorite when it comes to free streaming and Live TV services because it is highly innovative and updates the TeaTV app frequently.

TeaTV app is the only free streaming app where you will get features like multiple screen support, and safe and unsafe mode.

 My Review: I really liked the innovative platform of TeaTV app. It gives a user a premium feel while streaming free movies and Live TV.

If you are looking for an app which is arguably better than Showbox then I would highly recommend you check out TeaTV.

Ratings: 4/5

Click here to download TeaTV


123movies download guide

Overview: The Motion Picture Association of America had termed 123movies as the top illegal website in 2016 due to which 123 movies lost a majority of its fans. 

However, 123 movies made a few twitches and updates to its 123movies app and is back better than before. 

123 movies is available for iOS, Android, MAC, PC and also compatible with Chromecast. 

My Review: 123movies is back and I was very happy with its new User Interface, response time, content quality and list of free movies and TV shows in particular.

You can also watch regional movies dubbed in English on 123 movies which is another added benefit.

However, given its history I too am not entirely convinced with the credibility of 123 movies.


Click here to download 123movies


Overview: The official website of cotomovies has been taken down by its developers due to some legal issues. But the cotomovies app continues to function smoothly.

Cotomovies app operates in a unique way, it does not directly provide video content for latest movies and TV shows.

The coto movie app gives you the best links to watch all the latest movies for free which is why it continues to function smoothly.

My Review: If you are looking for the safest showbox app alternative which will be available for a long time then the cotomovies app is the best option. 

Ratings: 3.5/5

Click here to download cotomovies

Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV download app apk
Terrarium TV download app apk

Overview: Terrarium TV app and website was launched a couple of years ago. The 24mb app apk has well over 56,000 downloads.

Terrarium TV will let you watch almost any movie or TV show that you search for as it has a huge collection of free movies and TV shows.

My Review: Terrarium TV has 56,000 downloads and so far has not received any bad reviews amongst movie streamers. So I used the TerrariumTV app and website and I too had to agree with the 56,000 terrariumTV users.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Click here to download TerrariumTV


Vudu app homepage

Overview: Walmart is the parent company of this free movie streaming website and app.

Vudu app is available to download for free on PlayStore.

You have the option of watching movies and TV shows for free and you can also rent out selected movies and TV shows which are not available for free.

My Review: Overall I liked the functions of Vudu, the best part is that I can confidently say that Vudu is one of the safest apps for watching the latest movies for free.

That being said, Vudu does have a few restrictions as it cannot stream a select few movies.

Nonetheless, Vudu is certainly one of the best alternative to Showbox.

Ratings: 3/5 

Click here to download Vudu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happened to Showbox?

Showbox was one of the most installed free movie streaming apps up until recent times, however several production companies raised objections over the Showbox app which resulted in Showbox developers taking down the free streaming app. But do not worry you can still be the one who provides your friend circles with latest movies and tv shows for free, check out the best Showbox alternatives that I have given in the article. 

Is Showbox Legal?

Sharing movies and TV shows without the authorization of its copyright owners is a punishable act, and under this rule, the Showbox app and Show box website had to be taken down by its developers.

Is Showbox app available on android or App store?

Showbox is not available on android, PlayStore or App store because it is a third party app apk for watching latest movies and tv shows for free. If you wish to install Show box app apk on your device check out the steps I have given above.

 Where can I find apps like Showbox?

Show box app apk was well and truly one of the best free movie streaming apps in the market. However, it had to be shut down. If you wish to find apps similar to Showbox you have come to the right place. I have highlighted the best Showbox app alternatives in this article. If you still want additional website options for watching latest movies and shows for free check out the best free movie streaming websites.

***Please note that the author or geekymint are not associated with Showbox, this article is strictly for educational purposes.***

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