Sling TV vs Fubo TV: Guide to select the best streaming service


With more and more users opting to cut the cable cord and switch to live streaming options the demand for Sling TV and fuboTV has surged immensely. These streaming services are highly sought after because both offers features including a cable-like live TV experience, the option to customize bundles with add-ons, and several resembling exciting offers. So I created this guide to help you decide which streaming service would cater to your entertainment preference and more importantly which fits perfectly in your budget.

In this article we have an evenly poised matchup of Sling TV vs Fubo TV, I have compared the features, price, list of channels, and other external factors to find which is the better streaming option.

fuboTV: A subscription streaming service with an impressive list of sports channels and live TV channels

fuboTV pros:

  • A plethora of sports content
  • Base package includes more channels than Sling TV
  • Add-on option available to upgrade packages
  • 4K HDR content included in some packages

fuboTV Cons:

  • Packages are costly
  • Does not support Blu-ray players and video game consoles
  • Does not have all premium channels

Sling TV: A reasonably priced live TV streaming service that comes with customizable bundle options

Sling TV pros:

  • Reasonably priced
  • More flexibility for customization options
  • Selecting premium channel add-ons is not overpriced

Sling TV cons:

  • Base package does not include as many channels as fuboTV
  • Base package contains only 10 hours of cloud DVR storage
  • Sling Orange subscription users cannot enjoy streaming on multiple devices simultaneously
  • Does not have any 4K HDR content

Unique features of fuboTV and Sling TV?

fuboTV and SlingTV have their differences, but they also have quite a few common features. Evidently, they both are live TV streaming services with an arrow of TV channels. It’s like a cable or satellite that streams online.

While fuboTV’s base package contains more channels than SlingTV, the former definitely costs more than the latter when you consider the basic bundles.

With SlingTV and fuboTV, you can customize your bundles with add-ons, be it small add-on bundles or premium channels add-ons. Both SlingTV and fuboTV are more flexible in terms of bundling than their rivals like AT&T TV Now. 

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll learn about fuboTV. But if you’re looking for a colorful assortment of premium channels, SlingTV is your go-to choice here.

When it comes to how many devices can be used with each TV streaming service, SlingTV had the upper hand over fuboTV. With SlingTV’s Sling Blue base subscription you can log in to up to 3 devices. While fuboTV’s base package allows 2 simultaneous streams. For an extra $6 per month, fuboTV provides a Max of 3 simultaneous streams.

If you like to record content on DVR, fuboTV is a suggestive option. fuboTV’s cloud provides 30 hours of storage while SlingTV offers a mere 10 hours. With an additional $10 per month, you can get 470 extra hours of cloud DVR storage at fuboTV. While in SlingTV, with an extra $5 per month, your storage space increases up to 50 hours more.  fuboTV offers on-demand content in HDR or 4K in limits whereas SlingTV doesn’t provide the same.

fuboTV on-demand library content has around 60,000 shows and movies. However, fuboTV’s content changes on a monthly basis. However, SlingTV takes the lead with more than 70,000 on-demand titles. 

fuboTV vs.Sling TV: Which has more content?

SlingTV and fuboTV have been developed to let you watch live TV easily. First getting into SlingTV offers two base packages; Sling Blue and Sling Orange. Their initial monthly rate is $20 after which it changes to $30 per month. When it comes to the channel provided by these two packages, Sling Blue provides more channels i.e 45+ channels, a few of which are also provided by Sling Orange. The latter offers 30+ channels, a few of which are TBS, AMC, ESPN, CNN, and Disney. ESPN and Disney aren’t a part of the Sling Blue package.

Sling TV allows you to opt for both Sling Blue and Sling Orange at a discounted price to which you can add on small bundles called “Extras”. With these “Extras” bundles offered by Sling TVyou can add channels from one genre. SlingTV also lacks the superior networks of CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox. Although it has some brilliant international content.

“fubo Standard” which is fuboTV’s base package provides more than 100 channels. The fubo standard offers channels like MSNBC, Fox News, MTV. Most of the other channels are more or less the same as the Sling Blue and Orange packages.

Similar to Sling TV, fuboTV also provides add-ons. Since Sports is fuboTV’s focus, it provides many unique sports channel packages including Fubo Cycling and International Sports Extra. 

fuboTV vs Sling TV: Comparing the costs of both streaming services

Sling TV has two different versions Sling Orange and Sling Blue both of which are priced at $30 monthly. However, you can get both at a cheaper price of $45 per month if you opt for the combo package. If you require any additional channels or content you can get it from the Extras option that starts from $5 per month (The cost of each ‘Extras’ is subject to change based on your selection).

With its base package starting at $54.99 monthly, fuboTV’s pricing is 45% costlier than that of Sling TV and with the option for selecting additional packages, it can cost you a premium of nearly $95 every month. For instance: Fubo TV comes with a Family Plan that includes Showtime for $74.99 monthly and if you select its family package you get 116 channels at $65. If you are finding Fubu tv very price here is the list of best fubutv alternatives

fuboTV Vs. Sling TV: Which is better?

Here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind if you are confused between fuboTV and SlingTV

For sports enthusiasts

When it comes to sports streams both fuboTV and SlingTV have different channels so I strongly suggest that you first review the list of content of both streaming services by contacting their local office. This will help you get a definitive list of all sports channels that you will receive in the package you select.

In general, the sports section of fuboTV is better than Sling TV as it has more niche sports, like Table tennis or Badminton. But in terms of pricing Sling TV is more flexible and cheaper with its add-on packages for customization. 

For movie lovers

If you and your family are movie lovers then I would reckon fubTV as it has a better collection of recorded content that you can stream via DVR along with an impressive collection of 4K HDR streams. However, if the majority of your household members are fond of on-demand content then you should go with Sling TV. 

Final verdict (Would I pick Sling TV or FuboTV?)

Based solely on performance both fuboTV and Sling TV are evenly matched. Overall any cord cutter would not miss out on much by opting for either of the two streaming services. Feel free to comment below and let me know about your personal experience and which do you feel is better.

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