Snapchat Vs Snapchat Plus

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Snapchat Vs Snapchat Plus

TikTok or Instagram may be in the news more than Snapchat may be in the news, but a large number of internet users still love the latter. While it was free to use for the longest time, the social media app launched its paid premium version in Summer 2022 to boost its revenue.

Known as Snapchat Plus or Snapchat+, this is similar to WhatsApp Business and Telegram Premium, which also give subscribers access to additional perks. A Snapchat Plus subscription brings you many exclusive benefits, but do you know what it is used for? What exactly does Snapchat Plus let you do? What is the difference between Snapchat and Snapchat Premium?

This article will answer all your questions, including whether Snapchat Plus is worth it.

What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus or Snapchat+ is the platform’s premium subscription that offers users access to several exclusive and experimental features on the app. It is a paid and enhanced version of the messaging app that is available in selected countries.

The Snapchat Plus subscription is priced at $3.99/month and gives access to many add-on features. However, it does not remove ads for the subscribers, which is a big letdown.

Snapchat Plus Features

Story Timer

A normal Snapchat story expires after 24 hours. However, you can set custom timers on your stories with Snapchat Plus. This custom time can range anywhere from 1 hour to 1 week. Therefore, you can post a story on Snapchat and keep it alive for more than 24 hours.

Custom Notification Sounds

Another exclusive feature available to Snapchat Plus subscribers is the ability to set custom notification sounds for different contacts. There are a total of 12 sounds that you can choose from for specific contacts. This feature comes in handy to know who sent you a snap without having to check the phone.

Pin a BFF

On Snapchat Plus, you can pin a friend, your #1 BFF, to the top of the chat window. You can choose any friend and don’t necessarily have to be a BFF with them to pin them in your chats.

Story Rewatch Indicator

This feature lets you see the number of times your friends have rewatched your story. This is indicated by the number next to an emoji under your stories. Note that this only shows how many friends have rewatched your stories rather than which ones rewatched them.

Custom App Icons

As you know, the default Snapchat icon is a white ghost on a yellow background. On the other hand, Snapchat Plus subscribers get over 30 custom app icons from which to choose. The platform regularly adds new icons to increase the users’ choices.

Snapchat+ Badge

Snapchat+ Badge is a cosmetic feature that indicates that you are a Snapchat Plus subscriber. It is indicated by the star icon next to your profile name and can be seen by other people as well. The badge is off by default, but you can switch it from your profile.

Friend Solar System

The Friend Solar System is an exclusive feature of Snapchat Plus that features planet-like friendmojis representing your top eight friends. You are the sun here, and the planet assigned to them represents their closeness to you. For example, if someone has Mars in your solar system, it means that they are your fourth closest friend.

Note that both you and your friend must have a linked Bitmoji to view the solar system.

Snapscore Changes

If you have Snapchat Plus, you can check out the changes in your friend’s Snapscore. Usually, it can take up to a few hours or even days to update Snapscore, but with Snapchat Plus, you can see your friend’s score in real time.

Story Boost

This Snapchat Plus feature lets you boost your story on the app. In other words, you can push your story to the #1 spot for 24 hours so that it can be seen by more of your friends. However, remember that you only get to have one Story Boost per week.

Chat Wallpapers

This feature can come in handy to personalize your Snapchat chats. You can use it to set custom wallpapers for different chats and group chats. Use a wallpaper that best describes your friendship with the other user to personalize your experience.

Priority Story Replies

Snapchat stars often post community stories, and they get thousands of replies. The replies posted by Snapchat Plus users are prioritized and, therefore, more visible to the Snap Stars. Thus, replies by such subscribers have a better chance of being seen and responded to.


As you know, normal Snapchat users can replay a story only once. Snapchat Plus users, however, can replay any snap two times after viewing it.

Bitmoji Backgrounds

Snapchat Plus subscribers also get to move away from the regular Bitmoji backgrounds. They get access to exclusive Bitmoji backgrounds right after subscribing to the premium service. Plus, some backgrounds come with a subtly placed Snapchat+ logo that can help you flaunt your subscription.

Custom App Themes

Tired of the regular Snapchat app theme? Buckle up Plus subscribers because it turns out that you can customize your app theme as well. You can choose between different pre-built themes or create your own by mixing and matching different options.

How to Get Snapchat Plus

If you are in a supported territory, subscribing to Snapchat Plus is a simple task that only takes a few minutes. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get Snapchat Plus:

Step 1

Open the Snapchat app and tap on the Profile icon displayed in the top-left corner. This will take you to your profile page where you’ll see a gold-tinted banner advertising Snapchat+.

Step 2

Next, tap on the banner and select the duration of your subscription. You can choose between a month, six-month, or one-year subscription. Note that Snapchat offers a free 7-day trial before your subscription starts.

Step 3

Tap on Next and then on Start Free Trial to begin your Snapchat Plus trial. After that, select a payment method and set a payment frequency. You will be charged accordingly after your free trial is over.

Step 4

Relaunch the app after the subscription is activated. Now, you can enjoy all the exclusive Snapchat Plus features.

Snapchat vs. Snapchat Plus


The free version of Snapchat offers all the classic features such as snaps, stories, chats, lenses, filters, and Bitmoji. Its premium version of Snapchat Plus builds upon these basic features with perks like custom app icons and themes, a friends’ planet system, Bitmoji backdrops, and much more.


The image and video-sharing app Snapchat is free to use. It has a range of features such as Streaks, Filters, Snap Map, Discover and Stories that have made it a popular social media platform. 

Snapchat Plus which is the premium version of this app charges $3.99 for a monthly subscription, $21.99 for six months, and $39.99 for a yearly subscription. Ads are, however, present in both versions.

Story Features

Regular Snapchat users can view a story only once. A Snapchat Plus subscription brings with it several additional story features such as story rewatch, priority replies and a story timer. It also has a Story Boost feature that can be useful to increase your presence and improve engagement.

Customization Features

Unlike the regular version of the app, Snapchat Plus offers users a high degree of customization. You can customize app icons, wallpapers, themes, and Bitmoji backgrounds. This is an excellent option for people who like personalizing their social media profiles and experiences.

Snapchat Plus Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can You Tell If Someone Has Snapchat Plus?

There are certain features by which you can tell if someone has Snapchat Plus. Firstly, you will notice that certain profiles have a badge that looks like a white star on a black background. This means that the user is a Snapchat+ subscriber.

If a friend can keep their stories up for more than 24 hours or if they have a post view emoji next to their name in your Chat tab, they have a Snapchat Plus subscription.

Which Countries Have Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus is a relatively new feature and is available in a few selected countries. These countries/territories are- the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Germany and the UAE.

Is Snapchat Plus Worth It?

Whether or not Snapchat Plus is worth it depends on what you want from the social media app. If you’re a casual user and content with the default options, a subscription might seem like a waste of money. 

However, suppose you love to personalize your social media experiences and want to maximize your presence on the platform. In that case, the subscription fee is a small price to pay for more meaningful engagement.
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