Top 6 Ten Sports alternatives for live sports streaming (Free & Paid)

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ten sports

What is Ten Sports?

Ten Sports is a Pakistani-based sports media network that will give you access to sports like Cricket, Football, Tennis and MMA. It is partly owned by Sony Corporation, so you might see its name pop up around Ten Sports.

It is a cable tv network that you must have seen many times on your TV if you are living in Asia because it does provide sporting programmes that many people residing in the continent of Asia would like to watch.

And while Ten Sports does offer you a variety of sports and sporting programmes on its TV network, there are still a number of different websites that offer more services than Ten Sports.

Reason to look for sport streaming platforms like Ten Sports

Reason 1 – Sporting rights issues

Rights to sporting events can be very confusing and often very demanding as well, especially for many major sporting events. This is because multiple people like to watch these events played out in real-time.

Because of this, many events choose which company would broadcast their particular event, and Ten Sports doesn’t have the rights to the major sporting events that are played.

They have a good collection of programs on their content library, but they have numerously lost many of the bettings for having secured a particular right to broadcast the events on its network. 

Reason 2 – No Stream Service

Many companies have started their own streaming service or have partnered with a streaming service. 

Since a majority of the people are shifting from cable tv to streaming services, it is important to have their sports requirements met over there as well.

And Ten Sports isn’t available on any major streaming service right now, which can be a problem for people who are looking to watch their favourite games on their streaming devices.

And for this reason, as well, you should be on the lookout for alternatives to Ten Sports.

Reason 3 – No dedicated website

Ten Sports also doesn’t have a dedicated website online, or at least I couldn’t find one. Many sports cable tv networks like ESPN, and Fox Sports, they offer a website as well.

Over at these sites, you get news and information regarding all the sports that are happening around the world, and these articles are provided for free, so you don’t have to worry about any subscription rates.

But that is also something you don’t see from Ten Sport’s side, and it would have been really handy if they did provide such information!

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Best Ten Sports Alternatives

Top 3 free ten sports alternatives



FootyBite is a website which I recently got to know about. It is a free hosting website where you will get to watch all the sporting events that are happening across the globe, and that too for free.

The website has many different sports on its content library, so regardless of which sport you follow, you would easily be able to watch it on FootyBite.

FootyBite also has a number of different things that are something that people would like or not like about it, so let’s get to it.

What we liked about FootyBite

FootyBIte has a great website, everything available on the site is very easy to use and perform as well. You won’t have to look around a lot on this site to figure out how to use it. It is all super easy to handle.

The website also has next to no ads available on it, so you will have a seamless experience on the site when you are using it. 

The streaming links available on the website are also really great, and the links provided are in high resolution as well.

What we didn’t like about FootyBite

FootyBite, even though it provides with great links on its site, it also only provides only one link for each of the sports that it has to offer. Now, they do work most of the time.

But usually, on such sites, you get a number of different links on them because sometimes such links don’t work properly and are actually hoax sites.

So, when you have multiple streaming links available, you are more likely to be able to watch the games properly on your desktop or other devices where you stream your entertainment.

Why did we choose FootyBite a live sports streaming site Ten Sports?

FootyBite is a free alternative to Ten Sports; you don’t have to subscribe to it or tell your cable operator to put it up in your package.

It is readily available online and has a great working site that allows you to watch almost all the sports that are available online.

The website is also fairly easy to use, and if you are a beginner at streaming content online for free, then it is a great site to begin with, as everything is relatively easy on this website.

Review and rating of FootyBite

FootyBite is a site which was previously a subreddit on the popular social media site Reddit. The streaming links provided on it are genuine, and they work as well as they can.

The overall look of the website is also pretty nice and easy to use, which offers an almost no ad experience on it, and it has its focus on not just Football but other popular sports as well.

I really liked this website, and I think you would like it as well if you give it a try. I would be rating FootyBite 3.5/5 stars. 



VIP Row is also a well-known website that offers the option of streaming games on its website for free. Over at VIP Row, you would find a number of different links for a number of different sports.

VIP Row has established itself as a website that has the most number of sports on a free sports streaming website, and I would like to think that it is not fluking with that claim.

The overall website has many different things that would make some people love the website and some people not so much. Let’s discuss all the points.

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What we liked about VIP Row

VIP Row also has a great website. Everything on the website is fairly well built, and you will be getting most of the stuff that you want on a website like this. Everything is neatly laid out; it has an overall great look to it.

The second great thing about VIP Row is the fact that it offers a number of different streaming links for all of the sporting events that it covers. That is a major plus point because you can choose from the ones that provide you with the best service.

And lastly, the website also has a neat little trick where it provides you with some trivias for all the sports that it has to offer.

What we didn’t like about VIP Row

VIP Row is a website that is accessible if you are using a VPN. Otherwise, it would be pretty difficult to either access the site or just be able to find the site.

And a VPN isn’t cheap to use as well, so you would be shelling out some dollars from your wallet, regardless of whether it is a free site to use or not.

VIP Row also has many ads on it, and I know that this is how they are able to maintain and run the site, but after a point, the ads do start to get on your nerve, and you do get annoyed by them.

Why did we choose VIP Row as a Ten Sports alternative?

Just like FootyBite, VIP Row is also a great alternative to Ten Sports in which you are able to watch all the sporting events that you would want to watch, but at the cost of basically Free dollars (that if you are already a VPN user)

And if you are able to watch these sports for free, instead of paying a subscription fee for them, then it is obviously a no-brainer sort of a situation. 

You get what you would on Ten Sports and more, and you have to pay a lot less for it as well.

Review and rating of VIP Row

VIP Row is also a website that I have gotten fond of lately, simply because of its services and what it has to offer. 

Its content library is something that no one can even come close to, at least in the market of online free streaming, and it also boasts a great website which is pretty easy to handle and use as well.

I have really liked this website since I found out about it, and you would too if you give it a try. I would be rating VIP Row 3.5/5 stars!

Stream East


Stream East is a website that I adore for what it has to offer to its viewers. Stream East is also a website like FootyBite and VIP Row, where you can basically watch as many different sporting events as you like for free.

It has a great selection of streaming links on its website that will provide you with the best entertainment in the best possible resolution, so you can simply enjoy the games on your laptop, desktop, and other devices too! 

There are many more great things about Stream East, so let me introduce them to you.

What we liked about Stream East

Stream East offers a robust website that is very easy to handle, but at the same time, it is a type of website that you really wouldn’t expect to be a free website. 

The web design of Stream East is one of the best web designs I have seen for any free sports streaming site and trust me, I have seen a lot of free streaming sites for the purpose of research.

Stream East also provides its users with the option to have a paid subscription plan, but you won’t find it necessary because their free plan itself is just too good to be true! 

What we didn’t like about Stream East

Stream East has some of the best web designs and streaming links available on the internet, but there are still some nitpicky points that one can take away from using it.

First of all, Stream East is difficult to find without a VPN, and chances are that you will find a proxy website for it as well. 

But, if you don’t have a VPN, simply go on ‘’, and it will lead you to the main site of Stream East. You are also required to sign on to the site to access the streaming links on it.

For many people, that won’t be an issue since it is a free login, but for some, like me, they would be a bit uncomfortable with the whole prospect of submitting your email id to a site that is in the grey area of illegal streaming. 

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Why did we choose Stream East as a Ten Sports replacement?

Stream East can be your best free alternative to Ten Sports. It has a great variety of streams available on its website, and along with this, you are also offered a really robust website that is very easy to handle.

Stream East also regularly informs about its website using its very own discord server, through which users can know the latest updates that are happening on the website.

It is just a really good website to use, and not a lot of people are using it, which makes me want to promote the website even more!

Review and rating of Stream East

Stream East is the peak of free sports streaming, in my opinion. It has almost everything that you would be requiring in a website that has free sports streaming to offer. 

The website is nice and very easy to use; you have great streaming links, there are next to no ads on the platform, and you are also able to know about its updates via their discord server.

They have just packed a whole lot of great things into one website, and for that reason, I would be rating Stream East 4/5 stars.

Top 3 paid Ten sports alternatives



Now we get into the paid territory, these three remaining alternatives will require some dollars to be shelled out of your wallet, but they provide you with the value for which you are paying.

First up, we have the very definition of sports, and that is ESPN. ESPN has been around for a very long time now, and they have now recently entered the streaming market as well with their product ESPN Plus.

ESPN Plus has everything that you love about ESPN and more also. So let me talk you through it.

What we liked about ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus has all the live sporting coverage that you would need. It not only focuses on the major sporting events that happen live, but it also has some local sporting events on it as well.

Then with the subscription to ESPN Plus, you also get many Original contents from ESPN, where they share a peak behind the curtain in the world of sports, and they are tailor-made for their audiences.

And since it is ESPN, you will also get daily news regarding everything that is happening right now in the world of sports.

What we didn’t like about ESPN Plus

It isn’t something that I hate or dislike about ESPN Plus, but in an article where I have mentioned three websites that offer their service for free. 

It feels a bit awkward to write about a streaming service that charges you money for their service, but as I mentioned, they provide you with the service for which you are paying.

ESPN Plus was around $7/month, but now the service is around $10/month, which is a steep escalation in the subscription rate, which will only go up from here on too.

Why did we choose ESPN Plus as a Ten Sports alternative?

ESPN Plus, I feel, is a direct alternative to Ten Sports since both of them are dedicated cable tv network channels, but ESPN Plus is better than Ten Sports in almost all possible ways.

ESPN Plus has rights to almost all the major sporting events that are happening in the world; along with this; you also get a dedicated streaming service from there that will offer you more content.

If that’s not enough, you would also be getting free articles and news about everything that is happening in the world of sports, thanks to ESPN.

Review and rating of ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus is a subscription service and charges a hefty price point, but if you compare the amount of content that you are getting for the $10 price point, then you can see that it is good enough for many people.

It doesn’t skip a beat in terms of anything that is close to sports, and if you are someone who wants to know everything that is happening in the world of sports, then I think you should take the subscription to ESPN Plus.

I would be rating ESPN Plus 4/5 stars.

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Peacock TV

peacock tv

Peacock TV is a streaming service that is owned and operated by NBC Universal, and you know what else is owned and operated by NBC? That’s right, its very own sports channel NBC Sports.

NBC Sports also hosts a ton of different sporting events for which it has the rights to, and you are able to access all of them on NBC Universal’s streaming service Peacock TV.

There is plenty more to discuss about NBC Sports, so without any further delay, let’s get to it!

What we liked about Peacock TV

Peacock TV as a streaming service is pretty great, and it has being seen some great progress as well. But, we are here to talk about the main service on Peacock TV, which is NBC Sports.

NBC Sports has a dedicated website where you can watch highlights of all the matches it covers; along with this, you also get to read many articles and news headlines that it writes.

NBC Sports also covers many major sporting events, so you won’t have to miss out on anything if you choose NBC Sports as your go-to sports channel.

What we didn’t like about Peacock TV

Peacock TV, as a streaming service, is not available in many countries as of right now. They are slowly extending their reach to other countries. 

So if you want to access live sports from NBC Sports using Peacock TV, then you would be needing a VPN service. Otherwise, you would have to make do with their website and what all they have to offer over there.

Why did we choose Peacock TV as a Ten Sports like site?

Peacock TV is not a direct alternative to Ten Sports, but NBC Sports is. And NBC Sports does have a lot to offer when compared to Ten Sports.

It has its own website where it does stream live matches for some of the events for free; it also provides you articles about many different sporting events, each article covering a certain angle.

Plus, if you are residing in the US or somewhere where Peacock TV is available, then you are also getting some of Peacock TV’s originals as well!

Review and rating of Peacock TV

Peacock TV is one of the rare streaming services available right now that also allows you to access live sports on it without paying any additional charges. The overall subscription to Peacock TV is also fairly inexpensive. 

It costs around $5/month for an ad-supported plan and $10/month for an ad-free plan. So my suggestion is that you pick the ad-supported plan and enjoy the sporting events.

I would be rating Peacock TV 3.5/5 stars.

Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is an option that many people are opting for to cut down their cable tv service, as it is a streaming service that provides live tv on its application. 

Sling TV is one of the less expensive live TV streaming services available right now that has some quality channels available. 

But, the main reason why I have put it on the list is that it has access to Fox Sports, which is considered one of the best sports tv networks right now.

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What we liked about Sling TV

Sling TV offers a number of different live tv channels, and it has fairly simple plans. There are two plans, a Blue and an Orange plan. Both of them serve different purposes and are targeted to a different audiences.

Its Blue Plan is the one which is more sports-centric, where you will find Fox Sport and some more sports-related channels. 

And since it is a live tv streaming service, you can expect some additional features like unlimited cloud storage, multiple device streaming, parental control, and more.

What we didn’t like about Sling TV

Sling TV, even though it is cheaper compared to other live tv streaming services, it is still the most expensive on this list. 

The subscription to Sling TV starts from $35/month and goes to $50/month! And Sling TV is also isn’t available anywhere except in the United States. 

Why did we choose Sling TV as a Ten Sports alternative?

Sling TV is an option for those who are looking to cut their cable tv connection band and want to find a relatively cheaper alternative for it. Plus, it is not like you are paying $35/month for just Fox Sports.

You are rewarded fairly well for the amount you are spending with some other great live tv channels that are useful and handy as well. 

Review and rating of Sling TV

Sling TV is really an option for those who are more into watching live tv and want to have a live sports network as well. If you are one of them, then you should definitely check it out.

I would be rating Sling TV 3.5/5 stars!

Our recommendations on the best Ten Sports competitor?

I have listed down six of the best alternatives I can find, and all six of them are equally great in their respective departments. 

These six are usually my go-to platforms if anyone wants to see live sporting events because they are all really good. Now, it is up to you to decide which ones you would use for your benefit.

My take from these six would be Stream East and ESPN Plus.

Why did we choose Stream East and ESPN Plus as the best Ten Sports alternative?

I have adored Stream East for quite some time now, and it is reflected in this article as well. It is just a great overall option in the free streaming service.

And if you are willing to cut loose your wallet a little bit, then I would go with ESPN Plus, as it really the definition of sports, and you would find everything on it.

If you are looking for some more sports streaming websites then we have got you covered with the best.

But, as always, these were my picks. What about you? Do you agree with my pick? Or would you use a different alternative to Ten Sports? Do let us know in the comments down below!

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