Top 11 Tools for Planning and Managing Tasks

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When you’re working on a project, it’s important to keep everything under control. This is true if you have to organize the interaction of an entire team. Set goals, track the current result, discuss the nuances and distribute the workload – planning tools will help. These reliable tools are great for Individual and teamwork.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks is as user-friendly as a 22Bet mobile betting app in Kenya thanks to the number of features it provides. This handy tool for creating and editing to-do lists on your computer or mobile device. You can use it to assign time and date, add subtasks, organize tasks by date or priority, and set up reminders.

All data is synchronized and remains accessible regardless of your location. You can comfortably integrate with Gmail and Google Calendar.

The service is suitable for personal use, but it’s impossible to create a detailed description, or attach a link or file. Interaction with third-party services is also limited.

Microsoft Planner

This is a convenient service for team collaboration. It helps to develop plans, distribute tasks, exchange files, organize tasks, discuss current tasks and control their implementation.

Each plan has its own board, on which it is convenient to divide tasks into groups. You can assign them to certain categories based on the status of the task and the performers.

The program allows you to work comfortably in collaborative mode, illustrate projects with photos, and discuss tasks without switching between applications.

Microsoft To-Do

The app helps you create and manage your task list. You can use the service to plan your day or outline future tasks.

You can view the scheduled tasks in your Outlook calendar. To-Do allows you to group them by subject, set reminders, and share them with other users.


This is a cloud-based program that is suitable for small group project management. It allows you to efficiently organize personal or teamwork using the Japanese kanban board methodology.

To organize tasks, it uses a board with cards that are categorized by type. For example: scheduled, ongoing, and completed.

The card has the ability to exchange comments with other users, attach participants, and use a checklist. The service allows you to quickly assess the progress of all major processes at once, in real-time, and on one screen.


An app that helps you consolidate and manage everything related to a person’s schedule: calendar, notes, to-do list, personal accounts, and bills.

The service synchronizes with calendars such as Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, and Yahoo! Calendar. For example, if you have planned a business meeting or a trip to the movies with friends, the app can alert you about traffic jams or weather features.

Events, to-do lists, and notes can be shared with other users. It’s also convenient to schedule calls with the application, as the service integrates contacts and information about calls.


This is a cloud-based project management service that includes a tool for creating documents, knowledge bases, and to-do lists. It’s suitable for both individual and corporate use. It has proven to work well for designers, marketers, and programmers.

Free rate allows an unlimited number of users to work in the service. But there are a number of restrictions, in particular – the number of created blocks in the knowledge base can not exceed one thousand, and downloadable files should not be more than 5 MB. If necessary, these restrictions can be removed by connecting to a paid plan.

Any document in the application can be made accessible by a link to a certain circle of people. Project management is organized by the Japanese methodology kanban boards. It’s possible to integrate data from Google Docs, Slack, and GitHub.


This tool is for to-do and task management. With its help, you can make lists of tasks for each day, and divide them into subtasks, thus forming a tree-like structure for greater clarity. You can also attach files, and write comments and notes.

Each app has a built-in calendar, which is handy for quickly switching between tasks for a certain day, week, or month. There’s a daily planner with an hourly schedule to plan a particularly busy day in detail. You can set a reminder of upcoming meetings and tasks.

The service supports the creation of tasks by sending emails from a registered account. Comment sharing is available for teamwork.

There are a number of interesting tools: Gantt chart, goal ladder, kanban board, and so on.


A task manager for managing project tasks. Suitable for both personal and team use. It allows you to structure your workday, plan a list of tasks and combine them into projects.

In the Business version, team members can discuss tasks together, delegate and prioritize them. In turn, managers have the ability to set a daily plan for an employee. There is a function to view the project in the form of boards, which allows you to see the project in sections and plan future actions.

In paid versions, you can receive reminders in the service itself or via email, customize the theme, add your tags to tasks, attach files, and so on.


Corporate online service for collaborative work and project management. It allows you to plan projects, prioritize tasks, track their schedule, and interact with your team. It contains a network schedule and project reports, and allows you to set reminders.

However, the platform can l be customized for individual use. It’s often used by managers, executives, salespeople, strategists, and marketers.

The service is available in ten languages. Up to five users can work for free and the cloud storage capacity is 2 GB. The app can integrate data from services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office 365.

The tool helps organize to-do lists and reminders to increase efficiency. The platform is designed for both individual and collective use.

Among the key features cloud synchronization, speech recognition, customizable time for tasks, and setting reminders are included.


A tool for teamwork on projects, tracking tasks, building communication, and sharing documents. The app has a multifunctional set of tools, which makes it possible to conduct projects without being distracted by third-party services.

Projects can be viewed as a task list or a kanban board. Project participants have access to the dashboard, where they can view tasks to be performed or already performed, track statistics, and add charts and widgets.

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