VSCO Search: How to Find Friends on VSCO in 6 Easy Steps

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In simple words, VSCO is a photo editing and sharing platform. It is available both as a website and app for iOS and Android devices. It is similar to other popular apps like Instagram in that users can add filters to pictures and then share them with other users.

However, unlike Instagram, VSCO has limited features for social interaction and does not really incentivize engagement. It is more of a vibes-above-all platform that offers a suite of tools for photographers and other creators to unleash their creativity.

VSCO has both free and paid premium versions. The free version offers basic photo editing tools and presets but otherwise, the options are quite limited. The premium version gives users access to advanced tools and more filters and presets.

The VSCO Search option can be used to find images, collections and other users with a style aesthetic that appeals to you. Do note here that all VSCO profiles are by default public and can be seen and used by anyone. It does not have the option of a private profile or account as yet.

How Does VSCO Search Work?

VSCO is a photo editing and sharing platform where you can explore collections by other creators and follow them. You can curate your feed with the help of the app’s search function and filter posts using a specific hashtag or user. Now, let us see exactly how the VSCO Search function works:

Use Tags to Find Images

To filter for the kind of aesthetic you are looking for, just go through your feed and identify what you would like to follow. Narrow down the tags and then search them. You will be able to find similar photos that other users have posted with the same hashtag.

Search for Journals

On VSCO, journals refer to blog posts created by users. It includes stories, tips for taking better photos or any other written composition accompanied by photographs. You can simply enter the topic or tag you’re looking for into the search box and click on the Journals tab to explore the collections posted by other users.

Search for Friends

You can also search for your friends or other users you don’t follow yet on VSCO. Even if you do not know their username, you can use the search box to find them. 

Plus, if you search a specific term and go to the User tab, you can see the users who are posting photos that match your vibe. This is a good way to find friends with a photography aesthetic similar to yours.

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How to Search Friends on VSCO?

Did you know that you can search for your friends on VSCO? You can either link your X(formerly Twitter) contacts or add them from the contact list on your phone. Follow these steps to search for friends on VSCO:

Step 1

Open the app on your phone or access the website through a web browser. You will see the login button in the bottom left corner if using the website. Click on the button and then enter your registered email and password.

Step 2

After logging in, you will see the Search option on the bottom left corner if using the website. Click on Search and then select the People option to search for the people you want to follow.

Step 3

Now, to add friends from the VSCO app, first access your Feed by tapping on the icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Then tap on the Profile or Smiley Face icon located in the upper left corner.

Step 4

Next, tap on the two horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen. This is the Global Menu icon that will take you to the next menu. Tap on People to access further sections.

Step 5

Tap on Contacts to add friends from your phone’s contact list. Similarly, tap on Followers to add any user you want to follow on VSCO. Note that you need to first give the app access to your Contacts to directly import your contact list.

Step 6

You can tap on the Plus icon in the top right corner to search for people with their VSCO username. 

VSCO Features

There are many features for photo, video and GIF editing in VSCO such as:

Photo Filters

VSCO offers lush presets that you can use to start editing your images right away. There is a wide variety of presets available- from muted and quiet ones to vibrant and saturated ones that will give each of your photos a unique look.

Video Editor

The VSCO Video Editor also has various presets, advanced editing tools and effects that can be used to create one-of-a-kind videos that match your vibe. Here, you can trim and reverse videos and use features like Speed to add a slow-motion effect. 

There are also features like HSL that help you adjust white balance and play around with color control.


With VSCO, you get access to many pre-set templates to create the collage of your dreams. Otherwise, you can also start with a blank canvas and customize it with photos, shapes, sizes and colors to make the best collage.


Along with photo editing tools, VSCO offers a camera feature as well. The camera feature has four options- Burst, Retro, Prism and DSCO that can be accessed from the studio to explore new ways to create memorable photos.

Dodge and Burn

The Dodge and Burn tool on VSCO can be used to control light in images and correct other common problems. This can help you guide and direct the viewer’s attention to the image.


In VSCO, Spaces is a collaborative feature that facilitates the creation of a safe space where creators can brainstorm ideas, share inspiration and use collective galleries to connect with each other.


Of course, you are not going to post raw pictures on a photography platform of all places. You would need a private place to edit these photos before you publish them. On VSCO, this space is called Studio where you can import and edit raw pictures before putting them up for all to see.


The Journal feature is exactly what the name suggests- a place where you can create a blog-style post. These are text posts usually accompanied by photos and can include anything from anecdotes to photography tips.

Feed and Discover

Like Instagram and other social media apps, Feed is the place where you can view updates and posts by the people you follow. The Discover feature can be used to browse and find new and interesting content.

Blocking and Reporting

You can block a user on VSCO so that they are not able to send you messages, follow you or like or share your content. However, blocking will not prevent them from viewing your profile or images. 

You can also report images and accounts containing inappropriate content so that they can be removed for violating VSCO’s Community Guidelines.


VSCO can be a fun app to find people to share your interest in photography. You can collaborate to create collections and also exchange tips to take better photos. With a few simple steps, you can also find friends on VSCO. You can then have a feed customized according to your preference and aesthetic in a few minutes.


Can People See Who Searched Their VSCO?

No, no one can see the people who searched their VSCO profile. It does not track profile views like that. There are also no third-party apps that can help in this case. Therefore, just like you cannot see the people who have searched your VSCO, others cannot see that you have searched their profile.

Thus, the only way people can see who searched their VSCO is to check activity and see who is liking and commenting on their posts.

Is VSCO Like Instagram?

VSCO is an image and video sharing and editing platform like Instagram. People can share their pictures with other users but unlike Instagram, VSCO has limited options for social interaction. 

It does not track who views your profile and the follower numbers are also not publicly visible. You are, however, privately notified if someone likes your post. While VSCO has a direct messaging feature, it is only for parties that are following each other.

Why is VSCO So Popular?

VSCO is popular because of its suite of tools for photo editing. It provides artists with creative control and makes the editing process fun. It has lush, film-like filters and a serene vibe that makes it a popular place to edit photos before they are posted.

Plus, users can connect with others and build a community on VSCO. Its social interaction features are still limited compared to other social media apps like Instagram, it also does not incentivize engagement and lets the community develop organically.

Is the VSCO App Free?

VSCO has both a free version and subscription plans. The free tier has core tools for basic photo editing but otherwise the options are quite limited. Users on the free tier cannot access the video and GIF editor and have only 15 presets at their disposal.

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