VSCO App Detailed Review

VSCO Review

VSCO, earlier known as VSCO Cam, is a photo editing and sharing platform founded in 2011. It is similar to other photo-sharing apps like Instagram but unlike the latter which has a casual vibe, VSCO is geared more towards serious photographers who want a place to edit their collections and connect with other photography enthusiasts.

VSCO does not incentivize engagement much and has limited features for social interaction. It does not track profile views and the follower numbers are also not publicly visible. There is a direct messaging feature but it is only for parties that are following each other.

VSCO has two versions- free and paid. The free version has basic editing tools and presets while the paid premium version offers advanced editing tools along with a wider variety of filters and presets.

Now, you might be wondering whether VSCO is worth it or not. Is VSCO any good? What is VSCO search used for? Is VSCO a safe app? Is VSCO better than Instagram? If these questions are swirling in your mind, you are in the right place. Our comprehensive VSCO app review will answer all these questions.

What is VSCO Used For?

VSCO is a photography app that is used to capture and edit photos. Users can use preset filters and various editing tools such as Dodge and Brun to give their pictures a unique look. These photos can be shared on the apps’ feed or other platforms like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

VSCO targets professional photographers and serious photography enthusiasts who want a platform to share their work and view other people’s collections. Therefore, it has limited social interaction potential and is used more for expressing visual creativity by the users.

VSCO Features

VSCO offers many features for editing photos, videos, and GIFs. Some such features are:


Any photo or video you save on VSCO is kept in the Studio. This is a private space where you can edit your raw photos before uploading them on any platform. You can access it by clicking on the ‘+’ icon on the screen. 

Presets/Photo Filters

VSCO has a number of lush presets that you can use to edit your photos. You can find over 200 presets- from muted to bubbly, vibrant ones everything is available here. To make your job easier, the platform has divided the filters into various categories and also offers recommendations for a particular photo.

Video Editor

Like photos, VSCO has an excellent video editor with advanced editing tools and multiple effects and presets. You can trim and reverse videos here or even speed them up with the Speed feature. HSL helps you adjust white balance and you can also play around with special effects on the platform.


On VSCO, you can add all sorts of special effects to your photos. The Distressed category has effects like broken film, tears, rips, and expired film while Frames offers creative frame options. You can also experiment with flares and light leaks in Light. With Texture, you can play around with effects like grain, dust, and scratches.


This is something unique to VSCO. It is a collaborative space where users can safely brainstorm ideas, share inspiration, or connect with each other using collective galleries.


VSCO enables you to unleash your creativity in a text-and-picture style with its Journal feature. This is a place where you can create and share blog-style posts. Such Journal posts can include anything from an anecdote to photography tips with some accompanying pictures.

Feed and Discover

Any self-respecting photography app will have a feature to help users discover the kind of content the platform has to offer. On VSCO, this is the Feed where you can see the photos and updates posted by the people you follow. Similarly, with the Discover option, you can explore and find new and intriguing content.

VSCO Pros and Cons


Attractive Design

VSCO has a simple and relaxing design that goes well with its photos-above-all aesthetic. It has an intuitive interface and offers powerful editing tools to create one-of-a-kind photos and videos. The web galleries look beautiful and you will not find anything like Spaces anywhere else.

Great Suite of Tools

VSCO is geared towards people who are serious about photography and it shows in its suite of editing tools. There are over 200 presets, options for adding special effects, and various tools to adjust white balance and global exposure. The Video Editor also has useful tools like the Speed feature.

Less Pressure to be Popular

VSCO has limited options for social interaction. It does not have the comment feature and the follower count is not public either. This takes off a lot of pressure to be competitive and more visible and also keeps off trolls to a large extent. This peaceful vibe of VSCO makes it a platform worth considering.


Free Version is Not Good

VSCO’s free version has been constantly downgrading over the years. Most of the platform’s features and filters are locked behind subscriptions. Thus, you need to pay up if you want to get anything useful out of VSCO which many people may not like.

No Desktop App

VSCO can be accessed only via its website or mobile app. This can be a problem for people who prefer working from their PCs or laptops. Opening the website again and again can be cumbersome while the mobile app does not offer that feel of editing and viewing pictures on a bigger screen.

Is VSCO Better than Instagram?

VSCO and Instagram are similar in many ways. They are both photo and video editing and sharing platforms but their aim and target audience are rather different. Instagram has a more casual vibe with its filters and stickers. People usually use it to share snapshots of daily life.

On the other hand, VSCO is meant for photography enthusiasts who want more control over photo editing. It has an extensive suite of photo and video editing tools that meet the needs of artsy photographers.

As for the question of whether VSCO is better than Instagram, there is no definitive answer. Both have their pros and cons and which platform is better for whom depends on a person’s needs. They have a different audience and serve different needs of people. 

VSCO Frequently Asked Questions?

Are My VSCO Pictures Private?

No, any pictures you post on VSCO are not private. The website has no option for a private profile. So, anything you post on your VSCO account will be visible to everyone. However, the files you save or import to your Studio are visible only to you until you decide to publish them.

What is Not Allowed on VSCO?

Horrifying, violent, and threatening content is not allowed on VSCO. Any content that shames, degrades, and intimidates others is banned. You also cannot repeatedly contact anyone for solicitation. VSCO does not allow content that glorifies self-harm or promotes illegal and criminal activity.

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