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Vudu: All about the free streaming website and Vudu alternatives

What is Vudu?

Vudu is a movie streaming website that does not require any subscription or contract but asks its users to pay or rent each movie or show. Vudu also has its range of free movies and shows which are really amazing.

Vudu has many of its titles in 4k which makes the viewing and user experience incredible. I have been watching its free movies and titles for over a year now and I have nothing to complain

Vudu users can not only browse the website through the internet but also through over 10 plus devices. Users don’t have to worry about compatibility issues with the Vudu.

Pros and cons of Vudu


  • 4k video streaming 
  • Free titles 
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Available in many countries


  • More free titles needed 

Features of Vudu

  • High-quality movies and shows
  • Paid and free content 
  • 4k videos supported 
  • Compatible on over 15 devices

Supported devices for Vudu

  • Vudu is supported on multiple devices like 
  • Smart TVs,
  • Blu-ray players, 
  • Game consoles link Xbox One/S/X, PlayStation 3 and 4
  • Android 
  • iOS devices
  • Windows 10 devices, 
  • Apple TV,
  • Roku,
  •  Chromecast 
  •  Nvidia Shield and more.

The best alternatives to Vudu


IMDB has the largest database for movies and shows in 2019 IMDB released its free movie streaming platform called IMDB tv which became an instant hit. 

IMDB tv has a large collection of movies and shows but only available to US consumers. The free movie streaming and rating platform are looking to expand in Europe.

If you are looking for free movie streaming and living in the US then you should try out IMDB as an alternative to Vudu.

Tubi tv

Tubi TV is another alternative to Vudu and has tons of movies and shows. It’s one of the largest and best free movies streaming sites. Tubi has over 25 million active users per month and over 10k titles to choose from.

If you are looking for action, comedy, horror, and documentary then Tubi TV is the best Vudu alternative. It gives other paid movie streaming services like Netflix, Apple Tv, Hulu, and others a run for their money.  

Pluto tv

Pluto TV has over 250 channels a large collection of movies and tv shows. The free movie streaming site has over 25 million monthly viewers. Ads are placed on high-quality videos and movies and the user experience is amazing

Pluto TV is compatible with over 25 devices and loaded with features. Pluto Tv is a very good alternative to Vudu

How does Vudu generate its revenue?

Vudu charges its users a fee for buying and renting videos which one of the ways it makes its revenue.

Vudu runs ads on its free movies and shows which is another way it earns its revenue.

So there are three sources of income one from purchasing videos, other from renting and another from ads for its free movies 

What are the fees for using Vudu?

Users of pluto can watch and stream movies for free with their list of free movies and shows. There are also paid movies and show where users can rent out of buy for a price.

The is you are looking for a platform with paid and fee movies and shows then Vudu is one of the top 25 best free movie streaming sites.  

Whats my review on Vudu?

I have been using the free version of Vudu for over a year now and it’s been amazing. Vudu needs some more free titles to watch. The video quality and user experience is one of the best when compared to other free movie streaming websites.

What’s my rating on Vudu? 

I would rate Vudu a 4.7 out of 5 stars and you definitely need to try it out

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