What is anime (Busting the myths between anime vs manga vs cartoons)

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Anime vs Manga vs Cartoon

Almost everyone has come across the term “Anime” but most of us may not know what it actually means. Anime, Manga, and Cartoons are all similar ways of entertainment, relaxation, and even learning at the same time. They’re all forms of art that convey and share ideas, spirituality, and realities of the world through a unique use of words.

The combination of the digital world’s immense growth and the increasing popularity of Anime, Manga, and Cartoon has led to confusion between the terms. With this article, you’ll understand them better and bust the myths around anime, manga, and cartoon and differentiate between each form of art as well.

Part 1: What is Anime?

Anime is the Japanese word for ‘Animation’. The meticulous form of animation was created in Japan. Anime is characterized by the use of bright colors and graphic images. The central elements of fiction and fantasy fused with science give Anime a remarkable feel and look. The well thought and designed animation are being produced worldwide to cater to the fans not only amongst the Japanese but across the globe too.

The history of the word ‘Anime’ is quite fascinating. The Japanese word animēshiyon is a calque from the English word ‘Animation’ which was then turned into the English term ‘Anime’. So the term was shuffled between the Japanese and English language. So many popular anime TV shows and movies are based on this modified version of animation.

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The ways anime fans enjoy the content is through dubbed anime and subbed anime. The ‘dub’ anime is where the anime is released with a new voice actor delivering the dialogue in another language that is recorded as a voiceover to make it understandable to a wider audience. While the ‘sub’ anime is where it is shown in the original voice i.e Japanese with the subtitles of another language.

This topic is quite debatable. Since Anime is majorly a Japanese creation and watching it elsewhere will need either English dubs or English subtitles.

All the Anime fans aka the purists usually argue that the original voice should not be altered in order to keep the original theme of the series. While the English dubbed anime version encourages the anime fan base to grow by ensuring they are able to understand and focus on the creative content without the trouble of reading the subtitles. 

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Part 2: What is Manga?

Whereas Manga is the Japanese version of graphic novels and comic books. It has similar detailings and intensified facial features along with bright colors. The Japanese term manga was created from the fusion of ‘man’ meaning aimless and ‘ga’ meaning pictures, hence, ‘aimless pictures’.

Manga is unlike the common superhero comics that are written by multiple writers and editorial boards. Manga is written by a single author. Mangas usually follows the lives of unexceptional people to keep the readers engaged. 

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Part 3: What is Cartoon?

The term ‘Cartoon’ is derived from the Italian word ‘Cartone’ which means ‘larger sheets of paper or card’. ‘Cartoon’ usually denotes a visual art as animation or maybe a funny drawing but historically it signifies a preparatory drawing for tapestry, oil painting, or even fresco. In literal meaning, a cartoon is a caricature that’s meant to be a one-dimensional non or semi-realistic portrayal or satire.

Most of us are familiar with Mr. Bean Cartoon. It can be animated i.e a motion picture of a series of illustrations making it look like a caricature that’s moving. During the 19th century, cartoons were more of illustrations that were meant to be humorous in newspapers and magazines that were converted into comic strips and animated films in the 20th century.


Part 4: What is the difference between Anime, Manga, and Cartoon

For the last part of this article we will compare the major three aspects and learn how to differentiate between anime, manga, and cartoon:

1. Relation

When you look at anime and manga they are often termed as the same art form. However, there is one major difference that separates anime from manga. Here is an effective trick you need to keep in mind for anime vs manga.

  • While there are various manga that has been converted into anime series. For eg, One Piece is a manga converted into a manga series. However, do not get confused, most of the manga cannot get converted into an anime movie or series. To sum it up- Anime is majorly an animated form of Manga, while at the same time it is also renowned as its own unique art form.
  • Anime and manga base their characters in an animated world wherein each character has some extravagant abilities which they use to achieve their life goals. All anime fans are voyagers along with this emotional and thrilling roller coaster of a journey of these characters.
  • Although when you compare cartoon vs manga and anime then it is a whole different comparison.
  • In Japan and most of the Asian countries, print cartoons turner into animated cartoons which we call Anime. And Manga is known as the Japanese version of comics.

2. Content

  • Anime is a distinctive art form that leverages diverse production techniques in an attempt to amalgamate characterization, cinematography, graphic art, and other imaginative techniques. Anime provides an ideal journey into the realms of the fantasy world as it is hand-drawn, which differentiates it from reality.
  • Manga is an art form that lets its creator portray their raw emotions and showcases and vivid imaginations in the form of publications and magazines. Through Manga its creator lets the world indulge in their deep artistic mind.
  • A cartoon is an art form that includes but not restrained to animated films, political and satirical drawings, and/or humorous illustration. Cartoons have been really impactful and continue to play a vital role in influencing the minds of human beings through entertainment and political commentary.

3. Style

  • The Anime and Japanese manga are well known for their rich heritage and imaginative flair which is why they have a mammoth fanbase, although a compiling argument can be made for the western design cartoon mentioning its details and specific features. To sum it up, all three art forms are branches of the same art family of art and human illustration techniques that help bring life to the tingling visualization of the creator.


The Japanese storytelling is so energetic and bright filled with dynamic characters and caricatures which can be enjoyed by an adult or a child. Creators of manga, anime, or cartoons have their own unique ways to depict their ideas into exquisite and eloquent characters to send out a strong statement in an art form that is watchable by every individual regardless of their age or gender. So, it would be a total injustice to term one artform as better than the other, anime, manga and cartoons have millions of fans from all over the world and while some fans love to watch all these art forms, there are some fans who are very loyal to their preference. Let us know in the comment section below what art form do you love watching or reading!

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