Xiaomi is out with a new game on the lines of PUBG and Fortnite

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Xiaomi is the latest to hit the market with ‘Survival Game’. This is very much on the lines of super famous PUBG. 2018 proved to be the year for two games particular in PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) and Fortnite.
The app looks to have hit in their exclusive Mi Apps store and was said to be in closed beta for a while. Not to worry, as it’s available for all of you to try it out now.

A slight setback will be in the form of Survival Game that is still not on Google Play store. It can only be downloaded from Mi’s exclusive app store and is at a whopping file size of 185 MB. The app has been uploaded by ‘SuperEdguy’ developer.

We will give you a lowdown into what the new game is about. Just like PUBG players are expected to jump off a spaceship and fight with each other to see who’s the last one surviving in the game. As the game advances, you collect arms and ammunition to help yourself survive.

Some of the other features also include flight equipment like jetpacks. The gaming company believes that this would help the players get better and tactical playing experience.

In addition to all this, players can choose from multiple characters to play. The experiences would differ from character to character and in combat, as well.

Joel Picardo

Joel Picardo

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