How to fix Youtube Not Working on Chrome in 4 easy ways


Youtube is one of the biggest video content websites in the world. There is not a single day when I don’t use Youtube. Some users have complained of Youtube Not Working on Chrome. 

I have written the step by step process if Youtube does not work on Chrome.  There are 4 ways to solve Youtube not opening on chrome problems. 

#1: End Chrome using Task Manager 

Ending chrome is one way you might solve Youtube Not Working on Chrome problem 

Step 1: Open task manager for that press CRTL + Shift and Esc simultaneously 

computer overclocking

Step 2: Right-click on Google chrome and click End task

end task google chrome

Step 3: Restart Chrome and visit Youtube to check if it’s working fine

#2: Change Youtube chrome settings

Step 1: Open Chrome and Click setting on the top right 

Step 2: Click More in setting and then click Show advance settings

google chrome settings

Step 3: Go to the System section and uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available

advance setting chrome

Step 4: Restart Chrome and open youtube to check it is working 

#3: Clear cache on chrome 

Step 1: Open Chrome 

Step 2: Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete to open browsing data

Step 3: Select all time and clear cache 

clear data on chrome

Step 4: Close chrome and restart again and then open Youtube to check if it’s working 

#4: Uninstall Chrome and Reinstall Chrome

Uninstalling chrome is the last way you can solve the Youtube Not Working on Chrome. After the uninstallation of the Youtube application from your PC. Reinstall Youtube to check if it working. 

If this method does not solve your Youtube does not work on Chrome then comment below and our team at Geekymint would be happy to help you. 


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