7 FootyBite alternatives to stream live sports

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What is FootyBite?

FootyBite is a website dedicated to streaming soccer games for free online. Over here, you would find a number of different matches of Soccer that would allow you to watch them on your laptop or desktop for free.

FootyBite has been launched fairly recently, and if you are a Reddit user, then you would be knowing about ‘Soccer Stream’. Footybite and Soccer Stream are basically the same thing, as now they have created a website around it.

The basic thread between the two is the fact that both have been video hosting sites, which means Footybite just took all the links available on Soccer Stream and hosted those links on its website.

But, there are also a number of different sites that provide you with the same features and more.

Want to know how to watch football for free we have listed the best ways you can do it.

Reason to look for sites like FootyBite

Reason 1 –  Only related to Soccer

If you are interested in sports other than soccer as well, then FootyBite may not be the website for you. This is because FootyBite only focuses on Soccer and nothing else.

This could be enough for some people, but as there are sports and sporting events that are progressing almost on a yearly basis, many people are fond of many different sports as well, and just Soccer wouldn’t suffice for them.

So if you are someone who is into some different sports or sports programmes, then you should look for other sites like FootyBite.

Reason 2 – Not Enough Links

Even though I have to admit that FootyBite does have a great website, where everything is laid out perfectly well, and it is overall very easy to access, but it just doesn’t provide you with enough links for the sporting events.

Usually, with such links, there are times when the links don’t work or are proxy links, because of which many sites, such as FootyBite, do provide you with a number of different links for each sporting event.

This is done because it makes it easier for the user to choose among different links if one or two of them aren’t working, but over at Footybite, it only provides one link for each event.

Reason 3 – No Live Chat feature

Usually, on such sites, they do provide a feature where people who are streaming the games live on its site can all come together to talk about the ongoing match and share thoughts and ideas as well.

This makes the site a little more interactive, but most importantly, it creates a good community of people to watch the site. And any site that provides free service like this needs a community of people.

That is something that you can’t have on it, as it doesn’t have a simple live chat feature, allowing its community to communicate amongst one another.

Best FootyBite Alternatives

Sports Plus


Sports Plus is a sports streaming website made and developed in France, but don’t let that make you think that you would only be watching french sports on the website. 

Sports Plus offers you a wide variety of differentiating sporting events that are played all across the world, and it has access to the links through which you can watch sporting events for free from your laptop or desktop.

Sports Plus also is a website that can be a bit tricky to find, so I have done the work for you. Simply click on this link to access the site.

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What we liked about Sports Plus

Sports Plus has many different sports and sporting programmes to offer to its viewers when you come across them on its site. You are also treated with a clean website that is very easy to navigate and guide through as well.

And don’t worry about the site being in french; on most of the browsers, the site would automatically translate to English. 

If it doesn’t happen on your browser, then just simply click on Google Translate for the page, and it will quickly translate the website for you! 

What we didn’t like about Sports Plus

When you are redirected to its site, you will be welcomed with a number of different links for different sporting events, which is great. But you won’t be able to change the resolution or anything about those links.

All you have access to is the size of the media player, and that’s about it. Now, for some people, that won’t be a big issue, but for those who would like to stream the games on their TV for them, it could be an issue. 

One more negative point that wouldn’t affect a lot of people is the fact that, unlike other sports streaming sites, Sports Plus doesn’t store or archive any previous matches. 

Why did we choose Sports Plus as a sport streaming site like FootyBite?

Sports Plus offers you a whole of features that you aren’t able to get or access to on FootyBite. Sports Plus has wide varieties of sports, including football, that would certainly attract more people.

It also offers multiple links designated to each sporting program, making it easier for the viewers to switch between the links if one of them isn’t working properly. 

And it also provides an overall decent experience when compared to FootyBite, in terms of both performance and content! All these reasons do add up to making it a great alternative to Footybite.

Review and rating of Sports Plus

Sports Plus does offer a lot of content in terms of a wide variety of different sporting events and programs. It also has an added advantage that there aren’t a lot many pop-ups on the website when you are on it.

This is also a great point, as it gets very annoying very quickly when you are constantly bombarded with the ads, and they hamper your overall experience of streaming the games as well.

I liked the website, and you would, too, if you gave it a try. I would rate Sports Plus 3/5 stars!



LiveToStream is also like many other websites available on the internet that provides you with links to many different sports, including Football, and this website does this in a great manner as well.

Over at LiveToStream, you would be able to watch many different sports varying from Football, fantasy football, tennis, basketball, and even more; you can also watch some films on it as well.

Although, the last time I checked, the films that the website has to offer are mostly french films, since the website is also from France, and they are not the latest films as well.

What we liked about LiveToStream

LiveToStream allows its viewers to be able to watch different games and matches when they come across them on its site. Along with this, the website also provides a very simple and minimalistic web design.

The web design of this website would not make anyone confused as to where they have to click to watch their favourite sporting event, and this is always a welcomed feature because such sites don’t usually offer a good website.

The website is also able to load up pretty quickly on any browser, and this is a good sign regarding the number of servers the website has.

What we didn’t like about LiveToStream

I was very careful with the words I chose for the web design of this site, and it is true that the web design has a very simple and minimalistic web design, but that doesn’t always translate to a good website.

The web design may have to be the biggest disadvantage of LiveToStream; simply because it is too simple and minimalistic, it is a type of web design that would make people not trust using it because it seems very dodgy. 

And on top of it, it is also not a ‘secure’ website according to many browsers, so that would also not draw in a lot of people as well.

Why did we choose LiveToStream as a FootyBite substitute?

FootyBite definitely has the upper hand when it comes to great web design, and I agree with that. In that department, FootyBite is a better alternative to LiveToStream, but apart from that, LiveToStream takes the mantle.

LiveToStream has better links available on its site that allow its viewers to watch different games and events on it without being able to search for anywhere else to watch their favourite events.

It also has some additional entertainment, which is also something that FootyBite doesn’t have on offer on its website. 

Review and rating of LiveToStream

LiveToStream needs to work on its web design and get that ‘secure’ badging for its website; only then would it be able to attract more viewers and customers. 

And I get it that running a website is expensive, let alone add in the rates to revamp the whole look of it and also getting a ‘secure’ badge is even more expensive. 

But that is something that people have gotten used to, and if you don’t live up to the standard that has been set by the various competitions, you are going to be left behind. 

For that reason and more, I would be rating LiveToStream 2.5/5 stars.


LiveSport24 is going on a spree dedicating its website to be about sports, that too live sports, played twenty hours a day, and although that is far from the truth, it is still a website that has some decent amount of sports in it.

Over at LiveSport24, you would be able to watch a number of different streams regarding many different sports and sporting programs on it. That is a major thing that is going in the favour of LiveSport24.

There are also other things to discuss about LiveSport24, so let’s get to it.

What we liked about LiveSport24

LiveSport24 has access to many different network tv channels that provide sports, and I am talking about prime-time tv networks such as Fox Sports. So, you can expect at least a number of different links for the events.

Along with that, LiveSport24 also has a decent website that is not overcrowded with different links and other material that sites like FootyBite provide on their site. 

The web developers have tried to keep it as simple as they could, but at the same time, not made it look like a website that has been around since the 2000s.

What we didn’t like about LiveSport24

LiveSport24, just like LiveToStream, has a website that is not registered as ‘secure’ to use. This doesn’t look well to any new user who would be trying out the website for the very first time.

Along with this, LiveSport24 also has many different pop-ups on its site. I don’t have an issue with pop-ups as this is how these sites make money, and this is what makes them afloat.

But, there does come a time and moment after which such pop-ups really pop your mind (I’m sorry) and drive you crazy. And that is something that you can experience on this site.

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Why did we choose LiveSport24 as a FootyBite alternatives?

Apart from the pop-up issues and not a registered website under the ‘secure’ banner, LiveSport24 still has some tricks up its sleeve that make it a great alternative to FootyBite. 

LiveSport24 does offer you streams from cable tv networks, such as Fox Sports, which make it one of the better streams on the internet, as such sites offer the highest quality of the sporting event.

Along with this, you also get to enjoy Football with other sports as well when you are on its site, making it appealing to many more people.

Review and rating of LiveSport24

LiveSport24 is far from perfect, but that doesn’t mean that it is nothing short of a decent website as well. Sure, it needs to work on issues like monitoring the number of pop-up ads and having its website registered ‘secure’.

But, apart from that, you can still expect a lot out of this website in terms of content because it has some great links available that will assure that you are watching the games in high quality.

For that reason and more, I would be rating LiveSport24 3/5 stars!



VIP Row is a popular website among the many different websites that provide the same content. In fact, VIP Row has to compete amongst its own as there are many websites that have the name ‘VIP’ on them.

But nonetheless, VIP Row offers its users a whole lot of different and varying sporting events on its site, so you won’t have a lot to search through the internet to watch your favourite sporting event.

Because chances are that VIP Row would already be having the event that you have been looking for. How do I know this? Because it has a separate section just for ‘Darts’! But we’ll get to all of it in a minute now!

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What we liked about VIP Row

VIP Row, as I had mentioned, has a lot of different sporting events on its website, which you can very easily access. It has a whole catalogue of events, making it one of the most varied sports libraries in terms of its competition.

The website is also very well built, both in terms of quality and design. 

It is a secure site to visit, but on top of it, everything has been laid out pretty nicely on it, making it very easy for anyone to search through it and find what they are looking for.

What we didn’t like about VIP Row

Remember I mentioned that VIP Row has to compete against its own, and that is true. 

VIP Row isn’t the only ‘VIP’ sports streaming site; this makes it difficult to find this particular website on the internet, which is the best among all the other ‘VIP’ sports streaming sites available right now.

Along with this, you are also welcomed with many different pop-ups on many different occasions when you are on its site, and this would make some people annoyed as well, so that is something to look out for as well.

Why did we choose VIP Row as a FootyBite replacement?

VIP Row does offer a lot of great content when it comes to streaming your favourite sporting events. It has a wide collection of sports, and that is a big plus point for it.

Plus, the website design of VIP Row is also really well made and does give FootyBite’s design a tough competition in terms of practicality and usability.

You also get a number of different things on VIP Row that you just don’t have on FootyBite. Things like Trivia for almost all the sports it has on its site to stream.

Review and rating of VIP Row

VIP Row has some of the best features available on a site that promotes streaming free links to the games. The quality of the streams is also pretty great in comparison to other sports websites.

VIP Row does need to distinguish itself from the rest of the other websites that share the same first name as it has because that is working as a major disadvantage against VIP Row, and it is getting neglected the audience that it deserves.

Apart from that, VIP Row is a great website to stream your games, and I would be rating it 4/5 stars.



HesGoal is also a well-known website that provides you not only streaming links to the games but also provides you with some of the latest news that is happening in the world of sports. 

The way it provides the news, and other information is the same way it is able to provide the streaming links on its website for the different sports that it has to offer.

It outsources articles that are free to access and to read on the internet and places those articles on its website. 

Have you already used hesgoal and not happy with it? Are you looking for hesgoal website and cannot find it. We have got you covered with the best hesgoal alternatives.

What we liked about HesGoal

HesGoal has a good coverage of sports on its website. But it is also a website that is focused on Soccer/Football, as you can tell by the name as well. 

So for people who are looking for a definite FootyBite alternative, then this could be the one for them. But, it also offers different sports such as tennis, basketball, and many more different sports.

And the addition of providing some news articles on its site is also a great extra added feature that the web developers have added on it to make it stand out from the rest of the competition.

What we didn’t like about HesGoal

HesGoal, unfortunately, also has some downsides when compared to other sites. For starters, the web design of HesGoal isn’t all that great. It also seems to be following the footsteps of LiveToStream.

The links provided on the website, especially the ones that were news related, didn’t work, or at least didn’t work at the time when I checked them out. 

I found this to be a bit annoying because this was the feature that was setting the website apart from its competitors, and it was not able to deliver on that aspect as well.

Why did we choose HesGoal as a FootyBite alternative?

HesGoal, as I mentioned, is a definite alternative to FootyBite if you are just interested in watching Soccer and some other sports as well.

Plus, the website also claims to offer to provide you with news articles about different sporting events that are happening in the world of sports. 

The links didn’t work for me, but maybe they just might work for you. And it also offers sufficient links for other sporting events as well, which makes it a good alternative to FootyBite.

Review and rating of HesGoal

HesGoal has a lot of things to get right in terms of web design, working links, and more. Right now, I feel it is a website that is in its ‘Beta’ form, and it needs to develop and get into its ‘Alpha’ form.

Till the time it happens, I would be rating HesGoal 2.5/5 stars.

First Row Sports


First Row Sports is also a website like many others in this article, meaning that it also has the functionality of streaming sports online for free on the internet.

The website also has a pretty quick loading time, and that is something that you should look for, especially on such free streaming sites, because that means that you will be able to watch the games quickly as well.

What we liked about First Row Sports

The website does offer its users with high-quality streams, which isn’t something that a lot of websites of such calibres provide. This is a great point as well because it means you can stream it on your TV as well.

You also get fairly fewer pop-up ads on it, and you are also not redirected to any other site when you click on the hyperlinks.

What we didn’t like about First Row Sports

The links on the website would go online anywhere from thirty minutes to three minutes when the game goes live, which is a margin that varies from different sports, and it is quite a close margin as well.

Plus, the overall look of the website isn’t something that would make you want to instantly choose this site to stream all your favourite sports. 

Why did we choose First Row Sports as a FootyBite alternative?

Apart from these issues, the site does operate fairly well, and you can have a really good time while you on it. 

It is more reliable in terms of quality and performance when compared to FootyBite as well.

Review and rating of First Row Sports

First Row Sports has lots going for it, and you have to see for yourself if it is something that you are willing to use or not. 

It does offer high-quality streams and also has scorecards available for different sports that are going live at that moment.

For that reason, I would be rating First Row Sports 3/5 stars.

Stream East


Stream East is a sports streaming website that I have mentioned a lot of times on this website. The overall website does offer users with a great list of features that you only expect using a premium website, but you are able to access it all for free with this one. 

So, without spending more time introducing it, let’s talk more about it in detail. 

What we liked about Stream East 

Stream East has a pretty clean and sleek looking website that loads up very quickly. There are no server down issues on this website. 

All the links that are available on it are pretty great and they all stream the videos in HD resolution, as well, so this makes the overall viewing experience of the games quite good. 

Plus the website also offers users to watch various different types of sporting events and not just one, so that is always a good thing. 

What we didn’t like about Stream East 

Stream East is a pretty good website but it does have some cons to it as well. In order to watch any of the sporting events on its website, you are required to create an account. 

The account is free of cost, it doesn’t charge you anything, but I am not particularly sure if users would feel comfortable with making an account on a website like this. 

Why did we choose Stream East as a FootyBite alternative?

Stream East is better at FootyBit in all the other departments, it is actually one of the very few websites that was able to stream FIFA matches live, which I am sure FootyBite wasn’t able to do so. 

The overall website does offer a lot in terms of watchibility of the sporting events than Footybite. 

Review and rating of Stream East

Stream East is a pretty great website that you should try out if you are looking for a website where you can watch great sporting events for free. 
It is one of my favourite websites under this market and I will rate it 4/5 stars.

Our recommendations on the best FootyBite alternatives?

There you have it, six of the best alternative to FootyBite available right now, each with its own set of pros and cons. 

So you have to decide, judging from this article, and see for yourself which one you would prefer to watch your favourite sports program online for free.

If you would be asking for my choice, then I would have to choose VIP Row from this article.

Why did we choose VIP Row as the best FootyBite alternative?

VIP Row does tick all the boxes for the reasons which I told you to look for alternatives to FootyBite. 

VIP Row offers many different sports, it has a live chat feature that has a great community of people behind it, and along with this, it also provides you with enough links for all the different sporting events.

Making it a true alternative to FootyBite. But, as always, these were my thought. What about you?

Do you agree with my choice, or do you know any other alternative to FootyBite which I didn’t mention?

Do let us know in the comments down below!

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