Top Best Manybooks alternatives and Proxies

Top best Manybooks alternatives and Proxies

The internet has made books more than accessible for people around the world. You can find free books on any subject, ready to be downloaded and read. One famous platform for this task is ManyBooks. It is the best free book resource on the web, with hundreds of titles in different genres.

You can search books by language, genre, and author here. ManyBooks supports several formats, such as PDF, EPUB, and AZW, and offers a built-in book reader so users can read free books online.

However, it is not the only free book resource; and there are others that you can explore to expand your digital library. Check out our list of the best ManyBooks alternatives to learn more about this.

15 Best ManyBooks Alternatives Free

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is one of the largest online resources for free books. It is considered the best ManyBooks alternative due to its vast collection of over 70,000 books. A volunteer-run platform, it primarily focuses on older titles whose copyright has expired.

Most of the books on Project Gutenberg are in English, though you can also find some titles in other languages. It offers a variety of formats for downloading books, such as epub, HTML, Kindle eBooks, and plain text.

Open Library

Open Library is a free tool similar to ManyBooks. It pulls data from the Internet Archive to build a catalog of all the world’s books. You can find hundreds of thousands of books here in different formats. Users can contribute to the platform by adding new records, fixing errors, and scanning works.

Open Library also has a feature wherein you can track the history of any book’s edits, similar to Wikipedia.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is a popular ebook service, but is it a good alternative to ManyBooks? Yes, it is, thanks to all the free titles it offers to users. It has a list of dozens of free books available on the platform. You can read history, religion, romance, and fantasy books here.

Even if the complete book is not available, you can find generous excerpts, reviews, and summaries on Google Play Books.


If you want an audiobook alternative to ManyBooks, look no further than Librivox. Its catalog has more than 40,000 audiobooks available for free. All the titles are in the public domain, and several volunteers work to provide quality recordings of these classic titles.

Librivox may not have the latest releases, but it is an excellent platform to catch up on the classics. All audiobooks available here are DRM-free, meaning you can download and listen to them offline.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a digital repository of everything that has ever been posted online. Therefore, it also has an extensive collection of books available for free. You can find fiction books, children’s literature, historical texts, and academic books here.

Internet Archive lets you sort the titles based on view count, alphabetical order, and publication date. You can read the books online or download them in PDF, EPUB, or Kindle ebook format to read offline.


Authorama has a fantastic selection of classic and current books, making it one of the best ManyBooks alternatives. The titles are organized alphabetically according to the author’s last name. Most books available here are in English and are written in HTML and XHTML, making them easily readable.

Authorama offers high-quality, free books that you can read comfortably in the browser. It is a legal platform, as all the titles available here are in the public domain. The website has a simple UI and a basic search box. You can read books on Authorama even without a user account.


Wikibooks is a solid platform that offers a small but open collection of textbooks. You can find books on all subjects, such as science, humanities, and languages, here. Each book comes with a list of contents so you can get an idea of what it’s about.

You can look through its Featured Books and Stacks/Department pages to get started if you don’t know what to browse for.

The next ManyBooks alternative on our list is This website offers a diverse collection of free books in different genres. You can find fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, classic titles, and more here. It also promotes new authors by giving them an opportunity to upload their work on the platform.

You need to create an account to use, but note that only five books are free here. A small fee would have to be paid to access the VIP ebook collection.

The Online Books Page

The Online Books Page is maintained by the University of Pennsylvania and is a free alternative to ManyBooks. It provides over three million books for download in more than a dozen formats. You can browse through the listings based on the date added, author, title, subject, or serial number.

There’s a search tool that you can use to find books by running a partial author or title search.

As the name suggests, is all about free ebooks. It has hundreds of titles that you can read online or download as ACSM files. also has DRM-free ebooks, some of which you can save and open like any other EPUB file.

You can filter the titles based on subject for textbooks and genre for fiction and non-fiction books. There are also filters for format, language, and release date available.

International Children’s Digital Library

The International Children’s Digital Library(ICDL) has a collection of over 4,000 high-quality books for children. The “books” are actually scans of physical copies, so each page is an image that you can scroll through and read. ICDL’s home page has several useful links that help you browse the library by language, character, format, genre, etc.


Previously known as Scribd, Everand is one of our top picks as a ManyBooks alternative. It initially published only academic papers but now has an intriguing selection of books, audiobooks, sheet music, magazines, etc.

It is one of the largest online sources of published content that offers a solid mix of classics, best sellers, indie titles, and several Originals. 

Everand also lets you download books for offline reading, sync your progress across devices, and quickly pick up where you left off. You can access it via any browser on any device or its Android or iOS apps. However, note that it is free only for 30 days, after which you have to pay a subscription fee of $12/month.

Free Computer Books

Free Computer Books is an online repository of computer books. It has free textbooks and lecture notes for every computer subject and programming language. Therefore, here, you can easily find data science, computer engineering, Java, networking and communications books.

Sacred Texts

If you’re into religion and esoteric topics, then Sacred Texts is the perfect ManyBooks alternative to find books in this subgenre. You can find tons of books about religion, mythology, spirituality, and folklore here. You can sort the books by author or title or simply browse different categories. All the books are available online, though you can also save pages offline.


SlideShare is a forum where people can upload digital presentations on any subject. It also has free and paid books that you can use for research and learning new technologies. All the documents and PDF files can be downloaded for free from SlideShare. However, you do need to have an account to download the books.

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