Top 12 sites to download anime (Free & Legal)

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sites to download anime

Anime popularly known as Japan’s version of the animation is booming into a globally acclaimed TV streaming content.

The anime industry is witnessing a month-on-month growth thanks to the rise in free online streaming services and currently, it has billions of global viewers.

Once you watch anime you will instantly fall in love with how it brings life to art, animation, emotions, storytelling, and music. Don’t believe us, ask any anime fan.

If you search on the internet you will find hundreds of anime streaming sites that claim to provide you with high-quality anime streams, however, the harsh reality is that there are only a few streaming sites from where a user can download anime.

In this article, we have carefully handpicked 12 of the best anime streaming sites that allow a user to download anime so you do not have to spend lots of time on the internet the next time you wish to watch an anime offline. 

Note: We have categorized the free anime streaming sites into two parts (Free and Paid)

Part 1: Best Sites to Download Anime for Free


Animeland homepage

Animeland is a great free website to download Anime and stream English dubbed anime as well. It is one of the most popular sites to download anime or watch it without registration.

It also offers 1080p high definition video streaming. The site offers many famous English dubbed anime series like Attack on Titan, Naruto, etc and receives around 1.10 million monthly viewers. 

It is easy to download any anime episode from this website. All you need to do is search for the anime movie or series you desire, play the video, and on the playback window, you have to click on the download button and the videos will automatically download.


The KissAnime site is popular amongst the anime community for the famously dubbed anime streams of the most recent content. The website’s content is arranged category wise that has quick access and strong search features.

It is a quick and smooth website to download anime for it’s UI is neat and has high-performance servers to fast streaming ie Streamango, RapidVideo and more. KissAnime offers high definition video quality and thumbnail images feature too.

KissAnime is a convenient site to download anime. Just by searching the desired content and playing the episode, you wish to download you’ll be directed to a screenplay page. Once you scroll down, you’ll get a clickable link to download the episode that’s being played.


Chia-Anime is another free website to download anime as well as stream it. It offers a mobile friend’s user interface for its users. Their content is sorted category wise which includes not only new but also old dubbed anime series. These anime series include One Piece, High School of Death, and a lot more. The UI makes it easy for users to navigate the site and easily find the content they are looking for.

Along with these, the site also offers ultra high definition video. To download an episode from Chia-Anime, you can search for the anime series and play the episode you wish to download. Below the video player will be a download link, which once you click, your video will start downloading.

gogo anime

GoGoAnime is a great anime streaming website that offers 7 different streaming servers to choose from. GoGoAnime is a great site to download anime for the collection of anime series and movies which is quite decent. The site also provides a chatroom where viewed can interact with fellow anime fans.

You can use this website to download anime-only from the default server called VIDSTREAMING. To download any episode, the same can be done on the streaming page where a download icon will be above the player window, clicking on it will start downloading the episode.

9anime homepage

9Anime is a notable website to download anime in addition to streaming it. It has an extensive anime library giving you a wide variety to choose from. The diverse anime genres offered include Action, Dementia, Yaoi, Parody, etc.

The site offers high definition video quality content with quick and smooth servers. 9Anime also does not require you to sign up to view their content.

To download an anime episode from the website, play the particular episode, select the Mp4upload server from the server list, and a clock on the download button that will appear below the player window and you’ll have your episode downloading instantly.



4Anime is a website that has a number of different types of anime movies and tv shows to offer to its users for free. In simple terms, it illegally streams the anime content from other websites and embeds it on its own website. 

It is nothing new, and many websites, some of them that are noted above, do the same thing to provide you with the latest anime movies and tv shows for free. 

However, where 4Anime differs from some of the other options that are listed above is that you are able to watch the anime movies and tv shows on a website that has a fairly nice UI to provide. 

The overall website is designed to view movies and tv shows, and you are able to watch that fairly easily on this website, so that is something to look forward on it. 

Other than that, the overall website is quite familiar to all the other options that are available online for watching anime movies and tv shows for free. 

Anime Planet


Anime Planet is a website where you are able to get all the particular news about the world of Anime and along with that you are also able to watch some legal anime content on it, as well. 

In total, you are able to watch over 4000 different titles on this website, and all of these content available to watch is legal, so you are not breaking any law by simply using this website. 

If anything, you are actually helping the people behind this website, and supporting them because they have many different ways of being supported and generating revenue, and one of the main sources of revenue is the ads on the website. 

So, by simply using this website, you are actually supporting the website that provides you with legal content to watch that also provides you with some of the latest news and happenings of the world of anime. 

Just know, that you will not be able to watch any of the latest anime movies and tv shows on this website if it doesn’t have any rights for streaming them on its site.

Part 2: Best Sites to Download Anime (Paid)

Here are the best Anime Streaming Sites to Download Anime (Paid Sites):

SitePricingDownloadSupported OS
Amazon Prime Video$12.99 monthlyAmazon Prime Video appAndroid/IOS
Crunchyroll$9.99 monthlyVRV appAndroid/iOS
Hulu$5.99 monthlyHulu appWindows 10/Android/IOS
Funimation$7.99 monthlyFunimationNow appAndroid/IOS
Netflix$8.99 monthlyNetflix appWindows/Mac/Android/IOS



Funimation is one of the first anime streaming sites that were launched, here you get access to some of the most exclusive anime series and shows like Dragon Ball Z which you might not find elsewhere.

Funimation is the best site to download anime if you have not found the anime title that you are looking for in any other place. The anime community highly regards Funimation and as an anime fan myself I approve of the support. 

However, to download anime using Funimation you will have to download the FunimationNow app that is available for Android and iOS. The site does not feature any ads which are a massive thumbs up. Once you download the app, the remaining steps are quite simple:

Step 1: Search for your favorite anime

Step 2: Click download, to download the anime episodes.

Step 3: In the Funimation app, go to ‘My Library’ and watch the anime offline whenever you feel like it.



If you have any doubts regarding safety while watching anime then you should try out Crunchyroll. It is one of the top legal anime streaming sites of all time.

You can use to free version of Crunchyroll that gives you limited access where you can watch certain anime, however, if you are looking for a wider anime collection then you will need to buy the premium version of Crunchyroll. In the premium version, you get access to thousands of anime movies and shows from subgenres like shojo, seinen, shonen, and much more.

For those of you who are looking to watch anime on the go, you can download the Crunchyroll app that is available for free on the Google Play Store or App Store.

To download anime on Crunchyroll you will have to connect the app with your VRV streaming pack, the anime content will be downloaded on the VRV app from where you can enjoy unlimited offline viewing. If you have the premium version of Crunchyroll then you get free access to a premium VRV account.


Hulu review

Owned by Walt Disney, Hulu is one of the best video-on-demand services. Hulu offers you the best quality streaming services for various entertainment niches including several genres of anime which makes it one of the best anime streaming sites that is legal.

Its on-demand library that is filled with tons of anime TV shows and series keeps on growing on a daily basis thus you will never not find an anime show on Hulu. 

Hulu jumped onto the anime streaming wagon years before Netflix even though of it, thus in comparison Hulu holds a massive collection of some of the best anime series and movies. 

Hulu offers you different subscription plans so if you are just looking to watch anime then select a plan which is best for offline anime watching. To download anime on Hulu first you will need to download the Hulu app then follow these steps: 

Step 1: Open the Hulu app and search for your desired anime

Step 2: Click ‘Download’ to download all the anime files

Step 3: Go to ‘My library’ and you will find your anime movie under downloaded files. 

Step 4: watch the anime offline any time you wish. 



Even the best streaming platform of the world couldn’t stay away from the growing popularity of anime. In the past couple of years, Netflix has invested heavily in anime, in a rigorous attempt to capture the anime streaming network.

Currently, Netflix has purchased rights to several popular titles including the likes of Baki, Naruto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Baki, and Death Note.

Netflix has also promised to produce some Netflix original anime series and anime movies. For an anime fan, these are exciting times as Netflix usually releases dubbed and subbed content so as to appeal to a wider audience.

Here is how you can download anime on Netflix and watch it offline:

Step 1: Login to your Netflix account and type the name of your favorite anime on the search bar.

Step 2: Open the anime and click the download icon.

Step 3: Go to ‘My downloads’ and watch the anime offline whenever you feel like it.

Conclusion for Downloading Anime

With that, we conclude our list of the best anime site from where you can download and watch anime for free. Anime fans are growing in numbers and with these free and paid sites, you now will not have to spend time searching for ways to watch anime. Let us know which anime do you plan on downloading first. 

Manga fans do not worry we got you covered as well check out this list of the best manga sites and apps so you never miss out on any new manga release.

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