Top 8 free Cricfree alternatives with reviews

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What is Cricfree?

Cricfree is a free video hosting platform that allows people to stream their favourite matches for free. It is a relatively Cricket focussed website that many choose to stream on.

When you use Cricfree, you will be given a number of links through which you can watch your favourite games being played out.

Cricfree has been around for some time now, but its fan base has slowly started to deplete, mostly because of its unreliable services and various other reasons.

Reason to look for sites like Cricfree

Reason 1 – Cric free is a relatively cricket focussed website.

Even though Cric free offers some different types of sports on its website, it is still mostly a cricket focussed website. 

Normally when people search for an all-sports website, they are looking for something that is ‘all-sports’ and not just a website that is focused on one particular sport.

That is one of the bigger reasons why you may want to look at other sites like Cricfree.

Reason 2 – Cricfree has a number of different websites.

Cricfree, unlike some other websites, has a lot of cloned websites. When you type in ‘Cric free’ on Google, you will get a number of different websites that claim to be Cricfree.

To make matters much more complicated, Cricfree doesn’t even tell you which is their official website through which you can enjoy their content. 

This often confuses a lot of people as there are so many pirated and fake websites, so they don’t understand which is the actual one, and this ultimately ruins their experience of watching the game.

Reason 3 – Cric free is not a secured website to visit.

Whenever you use a Cricfree website, you will see in the top left corner that it is not a safe website according to the Google Chrome browser.

This is always a bad sign when you are visiting any website because, in today’s world, where everyone is worried about their data and leaks.

It is not a very reassuring sign to see that the site that you are visiting also happens to be a site that you can’t trust.

That’s why maybe you should search for Cricfree substitutes, where you won’t have to face such potential mistakes. If you are looking for cricket streaming sites then we have got you covered with the best.

Best Cricfree Alternatives


Stream2Watch is a very popular website when it comes to streaming sports programmes. 

Over here, you would find many different sports, and the best part of all of it is that Stream2Watch doesn’t just focus on one type of sport, but it features all the major sporting events.

Stream2Watch has been known for quite some time now and has its small fan base as well because of the great and reliable services they provide. 

Things we liked about Stream2Watch.

Some of the pros or the things that I personally like about Stream2Watch are the categories of sports that it provides. 

Over here at Stream2Watch, you could very easily watch sports such as Basketball, Baseball, Football, and many more!

Stream2Watch also has a neat little feature on its live chat. The feature is called ‘Smart Block’. What Smart Block does is that it automatically cuts off any spam or any other inappropriate messages from the live chat.

This is a great feature, as so many times you must have had visited a streaming service that has a live chat feature, but all you see on it are spam messages that totally ruin your mood.

Things we didn’t like about Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch has both things that work for it and things that don’t work for it necessarily. The one major plus point that doesn’t work for it is its UI.

The website doesn’t seem like a website from today’s generation. You would find many elements, such as its design and logo, that feel like from the early days of the internet.

This also makes it a bit confusing for some people, as they don’t understand how to use the website, and they ultimately end up leaving the website.

Why did we choose Stream2Watch as a Cricfree alternative?

Stream2Watch has first-hand features that Cricfree doesn’t have on its website, or at least it doesn’t have them right now. 

For starters, Stream2Watch doesn’t have a live chat feature on its website. Stream2Watch, on the other hand, has a website and along with which it also has an in-built Smart Block feature.

Then you also have a good UI when you compare it to the UI presented on the website of Cricfree.

Review and rating of Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is a classic of sorts when it comes to streaming sports. You not only have a good collection of sports programs available on its platform, but you also have some good features as well.

It is a site that certainly acts the part of cricfree substitute because of how well made and reliable it has become over the past few years. I would be rating Stream2Watch 3.5/5 stars.

And if you are someone who is looking for sites other than Cricfree, then you should definitely give it a try.


VIP Box TV is also one of the few websites available on the internet that gives you access to all of the major sporting events. 

You have to simply click on its website, and then you will be welcomed by a number of links. These links will redirect you to the game or matches you want to see.

It must be noted that VIP BOX Tv isn’t a streaming website but a stream hosting website. The site collects the links of various different sports and then broadcasts them on its website.

Things we liked about VIP BOX Tv.

VIP Box Tv has a lot of sports to offer, and I mean a lot! You have sports such as Football, NCAAF, Boxing, WWE, Horse riding, Motor racing, Golf, and so many more!

It has the widest collection of sports that any website has to offer or at least compared to all the websites that I have researched about for this article.

VIP Box TV also has a very nicely laid out website. Everything is very nice and looks very clean. It gives a good impression to any first-time viewer of their website.

Things we didn’t like about VIP BOX Tv

Since VIP BOX Tv has so many sports to offer on its website, it can also sometimes act as a downside for it. 

Because there would be so many people accessing so many different sports from the website, there will be times when the website will take some time to load, or the stream might buffer in between the match.

This is obviously a point of concern for some people because sometimes, when there are so many matches that are very interesting, and if the stream gets paused in between it. Then that would be disappointing for some.

Why did we choose VIP BOX Tv as a Cricfree alternative?

Cricfree doesn’t offer as many sporting programmes as much as VIP BOX Tv does. It simply cannot compare itself it VIP BOX Tv.

I personally like the website’s UI also a bit better than Cric Free because of how easy it looks to manage and use, which is an important feature in sites like these.

Personally, I would recommend you give try to VIP Box Tv and see for yourself the things that I am mentioning.

Review and rating of VIP BOX Tv

VIP Box Tv should be your number 1 website to visit if you feel that you are a major sports junkie. It has sports of all kinds, has a great UI that looks great, and also works well.

The site streams most of its content in Full HD or HD resolution, and you can also stream it on any of your viewing platforms, whether it may be your TV, Smartphone, Tablet, or PC.

I would be rating VIP Box TV 4/5 stars.

First Row Sports

First Row Sports claims to give you the experience of watching any sports from the first row of the stadium. While that may be a bit too exaggerated for what it has to offer, it is still a site worth checking out.

First Row Sports also allows you access to many different sports such as Football, Basketball, Rugby, Tennis, WWE, and some more as well. 

All these sports are streamed in High-Quality resolutions, and that is a good deal for it to be considered as a Cricfree competitor. 

Things we liked about First Row Sports.

As I mentioned above, you have a good selection of sports available on First Row Sports as well, and they are being streamed in High-Quality as well.

Another thing that I like about it that cricfree doesn’t have is that First Row Sports has an add-on plugin for Kodi. If you don’t know what Kodi is about, let me explain it to you. 

Kodi is basically a multi-channel live streaming application that can be installed on your Android devices, along with many other viewing devices.

Things we didn’t like about First Row Sports

If you decide to watch First Row Sports from its website, I think then you would have a somewhat moderate experience. 

Don’t get me wrong; the streaming links that First Row Sports has are still relatively really good and would let you watch the games in good quality. But the UI of the website is not up to the mark.

It looks like someone just put it together without caring about anything, it seems a bit amateur by its design, and I am personally not a big fan of it.

Why did we choose First Row Sports as a Cricfree alternative?

Apart from its website, First Row Sports exceeds in everything else when compared to cricfree. 

It has a plug-in for applications such as Kodi, it has good links that stream the match in High-Quality resolutions, and it also features a long list of sports on its website.

It is a site to give a try and see if it truly works for you or not because the major downside of it is its website. If you can get past it, then I think you can have a good time with it.

Review and rating of First Row Sports

Personally, I feel that if you easily make the website look a little better, I think it would give a tough competition to all the other major sports streaming platforms. 

Because apart from that, it has everything that you would want in a site like this, especially if they are sites like cricfree.

I would be rating First Row Sports a solid 3/5 stars.

Scores In

Scores in live take live scoring to the next level. Usually, you will find many websites that have you show the live scores of a particular game, and that’s about it. You get nothing else from them.

That’s not the case here. In here, you will have access to not only the live scores of the matches that are going on, but you will also get to see the sports live as the scores get updated. 

There are some other pros and cons that Scores in live has; let’s discuss them now!

Things we liked about Scores In

The major plus point I feel that this website has to offer is its live scoring meter. Now many would be thinking, what’s so great about that? I’ll explain it to you. 

When you are watching a match, how many times has it happened when you are busy doing something else, and the match is just on your desktop, and you just glance through the quick score before doing the that you were doing?

If the information is already laid in front of you and the match isn’t as engaging as the previous matches, so you can just glance at the scorecard on the website and continue minding your business.

Things we didn’t like about Scores In

Scores In Live doesn’t support multiple devices streaming on its website. You can only watch its streams using a web browser on your PC or laptop. 

This is a shame because many people like to watch their games on the go when they are either travelling or shifting or doing something else. 

Not everyone can carry their laptop and watch the match proceed, especially in today’s world where the technology is shrinking as time goes on!

Why did we choose Scores In as a Cricfree alternative?

It is such a new take on sites like cricfree, where you get the major news scores in a bold bulleting manner, and you can easily watch the match when it starts to get interesting.

This article contains all sorts of different websites that can please different people; it is not restricted to just one group of people.

That’s why I felt like including it in this article because many people like to watch the live score of the matches on display, and that is something that cric free doesn’t do as well.

Review and rating of Scores In

I personally dig the different take on a sports streaming site. It is a great feature that not a lot of websites have and maybe would want to consider putting on their website.

The site definitely needs to improve on other matters, such as the ability to be streamed from other devices such as your smartphone or other devices. 

Anyway, it is something that you can give a try. I would be rating Scores In Live 3/5 stars.


If you want a website like Scores In but with some better features, then I would suggest you checking out MyP2P.

MyP2P provides you with many of the sports that you would get to see on different platforms, but you also get a whole lot of details and information that you don’t get to see on such platforms, even like cricfree.

MyP2P gives you detailed information about sports news, upcoming sporting schedules, live scores and a whole lot more.

Things we liked about MyP2P.

I personally liked the information that MyP2P has to offer to its viewers on its platform. There aren’t many websites that provide you with sports news that too for free.

This is a feature that you mostly see in other premium paid streaming services such as ESPN+ or something else.

MyP2P also has a chatbox feature that lets its users communicate in between the match; this makes the website feel a lot more interactive.

Things we didn’t like about MyP2P

MyP2P spent all of its resources and money on creating a well-informed website, but when it came to making a good-looking website, it fell from that mark.

Don’t get me wrong; it is a workable website that still does the job that it is required to do, but the overall look of the website looks pale in comparison to other sites such as VIP Box. Tv

Why did we choose MyP2P as a Cricfree alternative?

MyP2P is a good Cricfree alternative as it offers you with a lot of information that Cricfree never offers you. 

You can watch the schedules of the upcoming matches, catch up with what is happening in the world of sports, and explore a whole lot more.

If you are alright with using its moderate-at-best looking website, then I think it can be a great website to check out.

Review and rating of MyP2P

MyP2P is the first time I am hearing about this website; usually, I am aware of the majority of the websites that provide you with free sports. But this is the first time I have heard about MyP2P.

This could be a good thing for some people as they could get access to a new website to look at and use and find the features that they don’t necessarily have on other sites like cricfree.

It is a website worth having a look at, and I would be rating it 3.5/5 stars. 

Sport Stream.Tv

‘Sport Stream. Tv’ is a name that my Grammarly doesn’t agree with because of the missing ‘s’ in the sport, but I think you will agree with me that it is a great website to use if you are in search of an all-sports streaming website.

Sport Stream. TV has the flex of boasting that it can also stream esports tournaments such as matches of DOTA 2 and more. That is something you will never see on sites like cricfree, and Sport Stream. TV makes sure of that.

Things we liked about Sport Stream.Tv

Sport Stream.Tv can be a good alternative to cricfree for the people who are also into esports. As we all know, esports is a market that has recently exploded and is showing no signs of stoppage.

So it is great to see a website that incorporates and acts as a fusion between the world of sports and esports. 

For traditional sports, Sport Stream. Tv has sports like the NBA, playoffs and finals included, Tennis, Basketball, and more.

Things we didn’t like about Sport Stream.Tv

Sport Stream. Tv has a very basic website when you compare it to the other proper sports streaming websites, but then again, it’s also a website that has its priorities on other aspects.

The streaming quality on the website also fluctuates between great and bad resolution, so that is something you will have to take care of. 

The only thing that you can do to control it is to have a good proper internet connection.

Why did we choose Sport Stream.Tv as a Cricfree alternative?

Sport Stream. Tv is a good cricfree alternative for people who are also into esports and are starting in the world of esports. 

It has a good variety of sports available on its platform and some other small features that make it a good recommendation for this article.

Review and rating of Sport Stream.Tv

Sport Stream. Tv may not have access to a lot of features, but it has plenty of features to make it qualify for this article. You can stream some esports games and tournaments on this platform, along with your traditional sports as well.

I would be rating Sport Stream.Tv 3/5 stars.

Stream East

Of course, this website had to be part of this article. In fact, this website needs to be a part of any article that is discussing sites like cric free.

Stream East is one of the more premium-looking websites that offers you a lot of sports to stream for free.

The stream quality of the games on this website is also top-notch, and you would have a splendid time watching your games on this platform.

Things we liked about Stream East

The major pros of Stream East go to its website designing team because they have created a beautiful-looking website that showcases what a free streaming site can possibly be like.

Everything is very well laid out; it has a nice smooth transition animation between all the different option menus. 

The website also offers a discord server of their own where they alert their members about the newest update on their site. 

Things we didn’t like about Stream East

Stream East doesn’t feature a real-time live score count, unlike some of the websites that we have seen in this article do. 

It also requires a login to access their streams, it is a free account that you have to make, but I am personally not a big fan of it.

Why did we choose Stream East as a Cricfree alternative?

Stream East is better at CricFree is almost everything that Cric Free claims to do. You have a great website. The people operating the website let you know which are their original URLs, unlike cricfree.

You have next to no ads on its platform, the sports streams are also very good in quality, and it has a very nice catalogue of sports available on its platform.

Review and rating of Stream East

Stream East offers you the looks that you would very easily get on a website that is usually paid for. Its features list is also fairly excellent, it can certainly improve, but for what it’s worth, it is pretty damn good.

I would be rating Stream East 4/5 stars.

Are you not able to gain access to streameast? We have got you covered with the best StreamEast alternatives.


Crackstreams is another popular website when it comes to watching sports online for free. The website offers different types of live sports, and you wouldn’t be disappointed by it.

Crackstreams also has a simple and basic website design which I am sure many people would be divided upon. For some, it would be too simple, whereas for others, it would be convenient.

What we liked about Crackstreams

I personally liked the layout of Crackstreams. It has a great green colour theme, and it just looks and feels very different compared to other streaming websites that offer free sports streaming.

Crackstreams also offers a bunch of different links for many different types of sporting events, both major and minor, so you can relax and enjoy them at your own convenience and select which one works the best for you.

What we didn’t like about Crackstreams

The streaming website, although offers a lot but there are some things where it falters a little bit here and there. One of the big issues is the fact that the stream quality changes very quickly.

It is not very reliable in terms of a steady stream. At one point, you would be watching your match in Full HD resolution, and the next second it would turn into 144p. 

The other negative point I found about Crackstreams is that the website is deemed ‘not secured’ as per the Google Chrome browser.

Now it is no rocket science to figure out that streaming on these sites are not usually secure, but the websites are still considered ‘secured’, but over here, that’s also not the case, which makes it a bit riskier to use.

Why did we choose Crackstreams as a CricFree alternatives?

Crackstreams excels at everything when compared to CricFree for that reason. It has a great-looking website, which I personally like. It also has some really nice links to stream the games.

When you compare these features to CricFree, then CricFree very easily falls flat in the comparison and the competition between the two.

Review and rating of Crackstreams

Crackstreams is a website that I haven’t mentioned a lot of times on our website, but it is something worth noting and worth checking out purely cause it is one of the better streaming sites available.

You not only get access to great streaming links (which are a bit unreliable sometimes in terms of quality), but you also have a website that any person can very easily use.

These feel like very common features, but they are actually rare when you actually see what the other sites provide. I would be rating Crackstreams 4/5 stars.

Our recommendations on the best Cricfree alternatives?

Cricfree is a site that really needs to step up its game if it wants to compete against these seven websites that overshadow it with their features and functions.

If I were to choose any website among these seven websites, I would choose two websites: Stream East and VIP Box Tv.

Why did we choose Stream East and VIP Box TV as the best Cricfree alternatives?

If you check out my rating for both the sites, they are both the highest rated among all seven of the websites mentioned on this page.

I chose Stream East because it has a really nice UI that makes you want to use the website more and more. Its stream qualities are also pretty good when compared to Cricfree.

And I chose VIP BOX Tv as well because of how many sports programme it has to offer. They are the most I have found on any of these websites, and that is a safe haven for all sports fans.

But those were my picks; what about you? What is your favourite website among these seven? Did we miss any? Do let us know in the comments down below! 

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