Vudu is Now Fandango at Home Review 2024

Vudu is now Fandango at Home

Online streaming services have changed the way we receive and consume content. Now you don’t need to surf the internet to find the movie you want to watch. Everything is available on-demand, and to make the deal sweeter, a good chunk of it is free.

Vudu is a platform that combines both these models and offers a massive collection of ad-supported movies and TV shows, as well as some of Hollywood’s biggest hits for rent or purchase.

All this has made Vudu a popular platform, but its acquisition and rebranding to Fandango has thrown people into confusion. Is Vudu being discontinued? Is Vudu going to be Fandango at Home? How do I watch Fandango at Home? are some questions running through people’s minds.

This article will discuss the Vudu-Fandango merger, what it means for you, and suggest alternatives to Vudu/Fandango at Home.

Are Vudu and Fandango The Same Thing?

Yes, Vudu and Fandango at Home are the same thing. Vudu was launched in 2007 by Tony Miranz and Alain Rossmann as a digital movie service with its internet set-top box. It became the first on-demand service to offer HD movies for download to own in 2009.

Vudu was acquired by Walmart in 2010, and in 2020, it was sold to NBCUniversal’s subsidiary Fandango Media. The merger occurred in August 2021, and the new service retained the Vudu name due to better brand recognition.

However, Fandango reversed this decision in 2024 when it announced that its entertainment and movie ticketing division would be renamed Fandango at Home. This was done to fully unify Vudu with the parent company and better align all the products under one brand.

The change came into effect in March 2024, and Vudu officially became Fandango at Home.

How Does Vudu’s Change to Fandango Affect Me?

Vudu’s change to Fandango does not affect you in any significant way. You can stream your favorite movies and TV shows you did the way before. Your library will not be affected. However, with Vudu now becoming Fandango at Home, you have the option to link your main Fandango and Fandango at Home accounts.

What Happens to My Library with Vudu?

Nothing happens to your library with Vudu becoming Fandango. All your saved content remains in the library, and you can stream the platform’s collection of over 200,000 movies and TV shows the way you have always done.

5 Best Alternatives to Vudu

Tubi TV

The first Vudu/Fandango alternative on our list is TubiTV. A legal and ad-supported platform, it lets you stream thousands of movies and TV shows. Tubi TV often does not have the latest releases. However, it still has a decent selection of classic stuff and several curated collections like Cult Classics, Only Free on Tubi, and Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes.

Both the Tubi TV app and website offer genre tools to filter results. You can also check movie information, including their release date, duration, genre, etc. It further has a “like” or “dislike” option to help you get better in-app recommendations.

A user account isn’t even needed to watch movies on Tubi TV; you can access it on a phone, laptop, tablet, or smart TV.


Plex is another top streaming platform for watching free movies and TV shows. It is unique because you can connect it to your computer to access your own media files.

The platform provides content from various genres such as drama, action, romance, and comedy and has different categories such as Based on a True Story and Women Making History. Plex also has a Leaving Soon section, which can help keep track of the stuff you want to watch before it leaves the platform.

You can save your watch history and resume watching the movie from where you left off here. Plex lets you add titles to a watchlist and get alerts when they are available to stream. 

There are features that enable you to watch movies remotely with friends and even view ones available on other streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

Pluto TV

Our next recommendation for a Vudu alternative is Pluto TV. It is a streaming platform that functions like cable TV, as something or another is always playing live on it. There are even specific channels here that rotate between movies like Mission Impossible, Orange County, Equilibrium, and 12 Angry Men 24/7.

Further, Pluto TV has an on-demand movie streaming service, and switching between the two modes is straightforward and convenient. You can quickly check out newly added, popular, trending titles and films in any particular genre. Pluto TV can be accessed via its app for Android and iOS devices and smart TVs.

Roku Channel

Roku Channel is the best free streaming service for those who own Roku TVs and streaming devices. This channel offers over 350 live channels, including a channel guide for its on-demand content. 

It has live news and lifestyle channels, while the on-demand content includes Roku originals like the Weird Al biopic, popular reality TV programs like Kitchen Nightmares, and popular shows like 2 Broke Girls. Not every show is complete here, but plenty of content exists to watch.

Roku Channel has a dedicated kids section and a decent selection of classic movies like It’s a Wonderful Life and The Usual Suspects.


Freevee is Amazon’s free ad-supported streaming service. Previously known as IMDb TV, it has a wide variety of movies and TV shows, including some originals and a bunch of 24/7 live channels.

You can easily stream popular movies like The Terminator, The Blair Witch Project, and Lion. Some other offerings include stuff like all the seasons of The X-Files, Good Times, and Little House on the Prairie. You can even watch full seasons of Amazon Prime Video originals for free with ads on Freevee.

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