5 best 9now Alternatives for streaming

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If you are living in Australia, then you must have heard the name of 9Now as it is a very popular TV service that provides various types of content such as, live stream, video-on-demand content, and even catch-up TV service. 

The overall service is run by the Nine Network in Australia. It was formerly known as 9Jumpin, not a very different name by any standards. 

However, since this service can mostly be accessed in Australia, and there is not a lot of content that you are able to see on its website or its application, I have listed down some of the popular options that are available to try as its alternatives. 

So, without any further delay, let’s discuss some of the best alternatives to 9now.  



Starting off this list as the most direct alternative to 9now is also another number-centric tv service of Australia, 7 Plus! Seriously, it is a bit funny how both of their names have random odd numbers attached with a random word to it. 

Just like 9now, 7 Plus is also a video-on-demand series that actually is able to showcase almost all the things that you were able to watch 9now from the start. 

There’s quite a bit to discuss about 7 plus, so let’s talk about it in detail.

What are the things we liked about 7 Plus?

7 Plus does offer its users the same number of content that you can expect to see on 9now. So, on 7 Plus, you are able to watch live tv shows, movies, news, sports, any more for free on its website and its application. 

Plus, the overall UI of 7 Plus is actually a lot more better than what is usually provided on 9 now, so users are able to easily watch through the content that is on offer. 

7 Plus’s website also only requires its users to make a free account in order to access all of the content that is readily available on it. So there is quite a lot to like about 7 Plus. 

What are the things we didn’t like about 7 plus?

However, while there are things to love about 7 Plus, there are also things that particularly not that great about it, especially if you don’t like to watch a ton of ads, because there is a lot of it on 7 plus. 

Over on 7 Plus, between each scene or episode, you might encounter ads up to 6 times, and for an average person also, that frequency of ads can get a little annoying, as well. 

Along with this, on its application for Android TV and others, there aren’t many different options available that allow users to set profiles, or even set up some parental controls, as well. 

Our review and rating on 7plus 

While there are definitely some flaws in 7 Plus, it is nonetheless one of the direct competitors from Australia to 9 Now. 

You are able to watch free content on its website, just like you are able to watch it on 9 Now, and the overall content is also filled with a ton of ads on even 9 now, as well. 

Still, 7 Plus can work upon the overall frequencies of its advertisements and improve its functionalities that are on offer on its applications. 

I will rate 7 Plus, 3.5/5 stars.

Fubo TV


Fubo TV is also an alternative to 9now that you should try. Fubo TV brings in various different types of live cable tv channels into a streaming platform and it offers its users to watch around 200 live tv channels on its platform. 

Along with this, you are also able to get some features that you might expect to see on some cable tv providers, such as DVR recordings and many more. 

What are the things we liked about Fubo TV?

Fubo TV is relatively a premium service when you compare it against that of 9now, because it does have an application that you can download on various devices to view all the channels that it has on offer. 

Speaking of channels, over at Fubo TV, you are able to watch more than 200 channels, based on the plan that you actually purchase. 

Along with all of this, over at Fubo, you are able to watch sports in 4K resolution and have the option of 1000 hrs of DVR Recording and some more other premium features, as well. 

What are the things we didn’t like about Fubo TV?

When you compare it against something like 9now, that offers its users to watch something for free, as long as they are willing to sit through endless commercials in between the programming, then you would find Fubo TV to be extremely expensive.

The overall service of Fubo TV comes in three different pricing plans and they start from $74.99/month and go all the way to $100/month, so that is far from cheap. 

Plus, just like 9now is only available in Australia, Fubo TV is available only in the US. So, in order to access it outside of the US, you would need a VPN. 

Our review and rating on Fubo TV

The main reason for recommending Fubo TV as an alternative to 9now is mostly because it is one of the major services that actually provide its users with live tv channels and other content along the same line as that of 9now.

There are obviously ads in between the programs, but they are scheduled ads, as you might see in regular live cable, rather than pop-up ads on streaming. 

It is an expensive alternative to 9now, and for that reason I will rate Fubo TV 3/5 stars. 

Sling TV

Sling TV

Now, if you are looking for something like Fubo TV, but at a fairly cheaper price range, then you can also try out Sling TV, as well. 

Sling TV is also a live cable-tv service that focuses on limited number of channels which in turn help the overall cost of the service go down significantly compared to other alternatives. 

We have mentioned Sling TV many different times on this website, and the main reason for doing so is because it is a robust and a good option to try out.

What are the things we liked about Sling TV?.

Sling TV is a good option for a live-tv streaming setup because you are able to watch popular channels, such as ESPN, Fox Sports, MTV, and many more, and have it available in a controlled price point. 

Sling TV offers three packages, Blue, Orange, and Blue Plus Orange pack. Both, Blue and Orange packs have 40 channels respectively and the pack costs $40/month. 

However, you are also able to choose something like Orange plus Blue pack that includes all the channels available on Sling TV, and this pack does cost around $55/month

What are the things we didn’t like about Sling TV?

Sling TV is also something that is only available in the US, and you would have to use a VPN, in order to access the service if you are someone who is not in the States. 

Plus, the overall service does compromise on certain things, in order to bring the price lowered down, but still, the price is definitely a lot more than the free usage of 9now, so that is also a bit of a disadvantage for Sling TV. 

The overall UI of Sling TV also sometimes hangs a little bit.

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Our review and rating on Sling TV

The main reason for recommending Sling TV as a 9now alternative is because this service also provides its users with a good number of channels that its users can watch and enjoy. 

The overall price of the service is relatively inexpensive compared to some other streaming services that provide its users the same amount of content with more channels and features. 

Still, it does not beat the free price tag of 9now, and for that reason, I will rate Sling TV 3.5/5 stars.



Kodi is a great alternative to something like 9now, because the overall service is actually free to use and install and it lets it users stream a ton of content, whether it be live tv channels, or even content that is available on streaming services, as well. 

The overall application of Kodi is also available to use on various devices, so you are easily able to watch wide variety of content on different devices you own. 

What are the things we liked about Kodi?

The great thing to love about Kodi is the fact that it offers various different channels that you can choose from, and these channels allow its users to watch a great amount of content varying from live tv shows, sports, to event streaming content. 

Kodi also has a UI that works pretty seamlessly, among various different devices that are compatible with its services. 

And of course, the main thing to love about is the fact the all the service available on Kodi is free to access and it is not geo-restricted, as well, so you can access it from anywhere in the world.

What are the things we didn’t like about Kodi?

So, what’s the catch? Well, the catch is that everything that is available to watch on Kodi isn’t strictly legal to stream, it falls under the gray area of ethical and unethical service. 

This is why you won’t find Kodi’s application on any of the popular app stores, and you have to download its services from Kodi’s website and install it as a third-party application. 

And a lot of people might not be too on board with that, and for fair reasons, as well, but the way Kodi operates is that it doesn’t directly stream those content on its platform. 

It provides the channels that stream those content, so that is why it is still able to operate. 

Our review and rating on Kodi

Kodi is a good alternative to 9now, because you are able to watch a ton of different materials to watch through, and the overall service is free and it doesn’t contain any geo-restrictions, as well. 

However, installing the application can get a little tricky and the overall service does take some time to set up, in terms of the overall channels that you would like to watch on its service 

Still, you can try it out as an alternative to 9now, and I will rate Kodi 3.5/5 stars. 

Peacock TV

peacock tv

I recently wrote an article where I reviewed Peacock TV, so if you want to my more in-depth thoughts on the topic, then you can check out that article, as well. 

However, if you are a fan of NBC Universal’s content, then you would definitely like the overall service that is provided on Peacock TV. Peacock TV, as many people know, is a streaming service that is operated by NBC Universal. 

And NBC Universal also has a number of live tv channels of its own that are readily available on Peacock TV without paying any extra price for it. 

What we liked about Peacock TV

The best thing about Peacock is the fact that the overall streaming service is actually pretty inexpensive compared to all the other options that are present in the market. 

You are able to get Peacock TV for $5/month with its ad-supported plan and for $10/month for its ad-free plan. 

Along with this, the service also has a number of Original movies and TV shows that you can watch, and it is all clubbed together. 

Peacock TV is also available not just in the US, but also in other European countries, as well, so the overall reach of the service is also pretty good. 

What we didn’t like about Peacock TV

When you compare it against some other popular streaming services, then there is definitely a lack of content that is available on Peacock TV, and the overall streaming service only ever shows all of NBC Universal live channels. 

So, if you are hoping to watch some other live tv channels on Peacock TV, other than the ones that are owned and operated by NBC Universal, then you are out of luck. 

Along with this, no matter if you choose the ad-free plan on Peacock TV, you would still see ads on its live TV programs, so it’s better to choose the ad-free plan, as well.  

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Review and rating of Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a good alternative to 9now, because at least you are able to watch live tv channels and programs for a fairly less price point when you compare it to some of the other alternatives. 

However, there are some cons to its overall programming, as well, and if you are just looking to watch everything offered by NBC Universal, then Peacock TV is obviously a good option for you to try out. 

I will rate Peacock TV 3.5/5 stars.

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Well, there you have it. An article discussing some of the 9now alternatives that are available right now. 9now is a very different streaming service, and frankly speaking, there aren’t many direct alternatives to it. 

It is a service that provides its users to watch free live tv shows, and sports, as well, but the overall user experience of 9now, isn’t all that great.

Yes, you are able to watch live tv shows, but they are also very limited in number, and the amount of ads that you have to watch in order to get that ‘free’ subscription can get very annoying very quickly. 

The closest direct alternative to 9now in this list is 7 Plus. It is also an Australian TV service that provides nearly the same amount of shows and live channels on its website and application for free. 

However, even in 7 Plus’s case, you are watching more ads than content on its website. 

The other paid alternatives that I mentioned in this list, do have ads on them, and there is no doubt about that, but the overall content that you are able to watch on all of them is much more premium with better services, as well. 

Plus, the viewing experience of the user is also quite better on the other paid alternatives that I mentioned above. 

So, it is mostly up to you, and see whether any of the above-mentioned alternatives is a good enough replacement for 9now. 

As always, these have been my thoughts on this topic. What about you? Do you agree with my list of the alternatives? Or do you think that there are potentially better alternatives to 9now present that provide users with free content and a better ad experience. 

Whatever your thoughts are, do let us know about them in the comments down below!

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