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What is WherestheMatch?

WherestheMatch is an interesting concept in the world of online sports streaming. WherestheMatch lets its users know where they can watch the matches live online or on any other platform.  

The site gives a piece of detailed information about different sports, such as Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Formula 1, NFL, WWE, and other sporting events as well. 

Through this site, you will be able to find out where you can watch the above-mentioned sports and at what particular time as well, depending on where you are currently residing. 

But, there are some obvious flaws in the website, so let’s reason them out! 

Reason to look for sites like WherestheMatch

Reason 1 – No Live Streams

The main purpose with which someone would search about a particular match online is because they would want to watch that match online. Otherwise, they could have easily seen it on any schedule as well.

WherestheMatch doesn’t provide any live streaming of any of the sports that it talks about on its site; it is purely a site for information purposes where you can know when and where you can watch the game.

If you are telling people where they can watch the games, you might as well give them links about the games as well.

Reason 2 – Only specific to the UK

WherestheMatch tells you details about the matches that are happening only in the UK and nowhere else. 

So, if you are thinking about using the website to check on sports that are happening across the globe, then this site is clearly not meant for you.

This is also a disappointing reason because if your job is to just tell the schedule of the matches, you might as well broaden your target audience by telling about different sporting events happening across the globe.

Why just limit it to the sports happening in the UK alone?

Reason 3 – Not Enough Data

As I mentioned above, the website just doesn’t provide you with enough data on it. It just tells you where you can watch a particular sporting event on which channel.

If you are a website claiming to be the ‘Ultimate TV Guide’, then at least share some useful information, such as score cards, players’ information, links where people can watch the games, and so on.

They have just plainly designed the website to share the information, which you can very easily see on your cable tv’s UI as well, and it makes no sense to use a website like WherestheMatch.

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Best WherestheMatch Alternatives

Top 4 Best Paid WherestheMatch alternatives

Stream East


Stream East is a popular sports streaming website on this website, and that is solely because I can’t stop myself from writing about it over and over again, thanks to its amazing features that it has.

Stream East is a website that, when you enter it, you will not think that it is a free website, and you can use it for your own purpose and watch as many sporting events as you would want to watch. It is that good!

There are plenty of other good things about Stream East; let’s discuss all of them now!

What we liked about Stream East

Stream East offers you a ton of different options when it comes to sports and sporting events. It covers a wide variety of sporting events on its site, so you won’t have to worry about looking elsewhere to stream your games.

The website also has a really nice and cool website design that allows you, the viewers, to have ease and comfort when they access the site. That is a very rare thing because not a lot of free sports streaming sites have such a type of web design.

It also provides you access to high-quality streams that can be watched on multiple devices, whether it be your smartphone, tv, or your desktop, or PC.

What we didn’t like about Stream East

Stream East doesn’t provide you with any news and update if you were looking for them; that is something that they haven’t delved into right now; maybe in the future, they will also add in articles about the sports that they are covering. 

The website also has recently gone up in popularity, because of which you would find some cloned websites of Stream East on the internet. 

So you have to be careful when you go on such sites online as you can inadvertently download some malware on your device.

Why did we choose Stream East as a WherestheMatch alternative?

Stream East does provide its users with a great experience when they come on its site; it provides them with live links through which they can stream the games online, which is something that WherestheMatch doesn’t do.

It also has a really well-built website when put in comparison to WherestheMatch’s website, as it really has everything put up nicely and has been organised in a manner where you can basically search for anything, and you will be provided with what you have been looking for.

Those reasons do make it a really nice reason as to why you should consider Stream East as an alternative to WherestheMatch.

Review and rating of Stream East

Stream East is an all-rounder when it comes to streaming sports online for free; it features some of the best links on the internet, along with which it also gives a really well-built website that is very intuitive.

It is a great streaming platform that has been gaining popularity, but still, not a lot of people know about it, which makes it even better as you find less traffic on the site and quicker loading times.

I really love this website for what it has to offer, and for that reason, I would be rating Stream East 4/5 stars.


VIP Row is also a website that allows its users to watch and stream different sports and sporting events on its website for free. 

It shares a name with many other streaming sites, such as ‘VIP Box’, ‘VIP TV’, ‘VIP League’, and you wouldn’t be wrong if you get confused for a second when you enter its website because they all share more or less the same web design.

That is most probably because all these websites are similar, and are run by the same people, as a means of multiple streams of revenue, but nonetheless, it is the best of all the ‘VIP’ streams available online.

What we liked about VIP Row

VIP Row covers almost all the sports and sporting programmes that happen across the globe; once you go on its website, you are welcomed with sports like Football, UFC, Cycling, Formula 1, MotorSports, Tennis, and even sports like Darts!

And it provides you with great streaming links for all of these sporting programmes on its website, so you can expect quality streams when you go on its website.

Along with all this, you also get some trivia regarding many different sports on its site, making it an even more engaging sports streaming website.

What we didn’t like about VIP Row

There aren’t a lot of negative things about VIP Row when you think about it, but there sure are some if I want to nitpick about it. One of them is that it is difficult to find the actual VIP Row website among all the different ‘VIP’ websites.

The website also has a number of ads on it, as they are usually how these sites are run and their owners earn money, but the ads on VIP Row can get a little annoying after a point if I am not lying.

Why did we choose VIP Row as a site like WherestheMatch?

VIP Row is also a perfect alternative to WherestheMatch when you compare the two of them. The site allows you to watch a number of different sporting events on it for basically free.

It has a number of different streaming links for a wide variety of sports, and they are all not just focused on just UK sports; you have access to sports that are happening across the world.

It also provides you with some additional trivia about many different sports that it covers on its site, making it a great ‘Ultimate TV Guide’, which is what WherestheMatch claims on its site.

Review and rating of VIP Row

VIP Row offers a great amount of content on its website when you are on it; it has a great website that is easy to access and is pleasing to the eyes as well.

The content it has to offer is some of the most content you will see on a free streaming website that has sports on it. It also provides you with additional trivia about such sports, and it is an overall very useful website. 

For those reasons and more, I would be rating VIP Row 4/5 stars!



HesGoal is a sports streaming and sports news website that provides you information about all the things that are happening around in the world of sports but simultaneously also provides links to watch the sporting event live.

The streaming links provided by the website are free to access and can be accessed via your laptop or desktop devices as well, so you get the information and the live coverage of the event at the same time.

That is a very useful feature about HesGoal, and there are plenty more useful things about HesGoal.

What we liked about HesGoal

HesGoal provides you information regarding football and racing on its website, and it does so by outsourcing the news articles from another website that are free to access and to read as well.

The website also has a chatting feature, where all of its viewers can come in together and watch the matches together and talk on the live chat as well; this is also a great feature as it makes the website even more interactive.

HesGoal has a Twitter account of their own as well, where they post any daily updates regarding their website or a particular sporting event.

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What we didn’t like about HesGoal

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that aren’t so great about HesGoal as well. Starting with its website design, the website design of HesGoal looks very outdated, and it doesn’t look like a website that anyone would use in 2022.

The website links for the news articles posted on HesGoal aren’t also accessible, and whenever you click on its link, you are redirected back to the main website of HesGoal; in fact, the majority of its links weren’t working when I tested it.

HesGoal also only focuses on sports like Football and Racing, and it doesn’t cover any other sports or sporting events on its site; that is a bummer because many people are interested in different sets of sports as well. 

Why did we choose HesGoal as a WherestheMatch alternative?

Frankly speaking, I chose HesGoal only because it has the option to stream the games online, and that it provides you with a some news about the sports that the website is covering.

Apart from that, WherestheMatch (which seriously needs to re-name itself because that is a very long name to type without giving space) and HesGoal provide mostly the same experience when you compare the two.

It’s just that HesGoal has some advantages on WherestheMatch in some certain departments.

Review and rating of HesGoal

HesGoal can be considered as an alternative to WherestheMatch, and there is nothing wrong with that; it does provide you with some added features that WherestheMatch doesn’t have on its site.

But it is the overall website and in the information that HesGoal provides that isn’t also up to the mark when you compare it to any other sports streaming website. 

You have access to no articles that it has links to; along with that, the overall look of the website isn’t that great in general, and it also only covers two sports and not the rest.

For those reasons, I would be rating HesGoal 2.5/5 stars.

Batman Stream


Batman Stream is a good website that streams a number of different sporting events live on its website. Over here, you are easily able to watch games like Basketball, Tennis, Football, Ice Hockey, and a lot more, as well. 

Along with this, the overall website also offers a good UI that is quite easy to use for the users. 

What we liked about Batman Stream

Batman Stream, as I mentioned above, has a website that does offer quite a lot of different sporting events to watch on its website, so if you are someone who does follow different events, then you can find them all on this website.

The overall streaming quality of the links are also pretty great, as you are easily able to watch the games in 1080p resolution, and there are not many websites that do provide Full HD resolution for live sports. 

What we didn’t like about Batman Stream

Batman Stream does have some cons, most notably the fact that you are not able to easily use find the website because there are a number of different websites, under the same name. 

And the website owners of Batman Stream also don’t tell its users what is the actual url of the main website, so people end up using the wrong website, and that can also be a little dangerous since it can also lead to download of some malicious files. 

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Why did we choose Batman Stream as a WherestheMatch alternative?

The main reason why Batman Stream does work effectively as an alternative to WherestheMatch is because the website streams a number of different sporting events, unlike WherestheMatch. 

Along with this, the website is also not specific to only UK, and you can very easily access it from anyhwere in the world. 

Review and rating of Batman Stream

Batman Stream is a good website that easily streams a number of different sporting events in full HD on its website, and it also provides various different links for each event. 

Plus, the website is also fairly easy to navigate and use, and for that reason and more, I will rate Batman Stream 3.5/5 stars.

Top 3 Best Paid Sport streaming sites like WherestheMatch



Now, if you are looking for the ‘Ultimate TV Guide’ and it has everything to do with sports, then look no further than ESPN Plus. ESPN is the definition of all things sports, and it has been for many decades now.

ESPN Plus is a product of theirs that provide you with all the live coverage of the sports they have to stream, along with which they also have ESPN Plus Originals that focus on things apart from sports.

It is truly a streaming site dedicated to sports lovers, and let’s discuss the great things it has to offer on its platform.

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What we liked about ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus covers almost all the sporting events and programmes in the world. They have all the statistics, articles, programmes, off-camera news, and everything about sports that you can possibly indulge in.

And the great thing about this is that all of their articles and information are actually free to access on their website, so you can basically know about all the information by simply going on its website.

With ESPN Plus, you will get access to all the sporting events it has access to stream and share across the world on its streaming platform, which, to be honest, are some of the best sporting events.

What we didn’t like about ESPN Plus

Obviously, since it is a streaming service from ESPN, it won’t be a free streaming service and will require you to pay a subscription fee to access all of its content on it. The subscription fee for ESPN Plus is $9.99/month.

That subscription fee ties it with the price of most of the paid streaming services that are going on right now, and by no means is that a cheap subscription plan. 

Plus, ESPN Plus also doesn’t provide you with any free trial services to see how their services are and whether or not you want to watch the content that they have to offer.

Why did we choose ESPN Plus as a sports platform like WherestheMatch?

ESPN Plus, or just ESPN, for that matter, is the website/streaming platform that WherestheMatch was claiming to be, but was for the claim they have put on their site.

ESPN Plus really has almost everything that you would be wanting in a sports streaming website and more! 

And if you think that it is a service that will fulfil the inner-sports fan in you, then I would really recommend you to give it a try. It is every bit as good as a sports streaming website can be and is worth the try!

Review and rating of ESPN Plus

If you are an existing user of Hulu or Disney Plus, then you can get ESPN Plus for somewhat of a cheaper rate as Disney has a Disney Plus bundle pack where you get access to Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus, starting from $13.99/month.

That is also an additional feature that is great about ESPN Plus, that it is included in the Disney Plus bundle pack, making it an all-rounder bundle pack that has all the entertainment you would be needing.

I would be rating ESPN Plus 4/5 stars!

Sling TV

Sling TV

SlingTV is not exactly a streaming site, but it is more of a cable tv network that also has a website through which you can access a number of different tv networks, including Fox Sports.

Fox Sports is one of the biggest sports tv networks, apart from ESPN, and it also has the rights to some of the best sports and sporting events that happen across the globe.

There are also many different great things about Sling TV, so let’s discuss them all!

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What we liked about Sling TV

Sling TV offers a wide variety of live tv channels on its platform, which, as I had mentioned, includes Fox Sports as one of these streaming channels. You also get some other 30-odd channels that really useful as well.

Sling has two plans, an Orange plan and a Blue plan, and you can combine both of them as well if you want to access all the channels it has to offer to you.

The services of Sling are also very reliable, and they do offer a great service overall when it comes to providing live tv channels.

What we didn’t like about Sling TV

Obviously, since it is a cable network provider, the prices charged would be as a cable tv network would usually price. Sling TV costs around $35/month for whichever plan you choose of it.

And even though it is the most expensive service on this list, it is still quite cheap when you compare it to other live tv streaming services because most of them start at a price of $65/month or so.

One more negative point about Sling TV is that its services are only available in the US and nowhere else. 

Why did we choose Sling TV as a WherestheMatch alternative?

Sling TV, even though it is expensive when you compare it to WherestheMatch, but it still offers a reliable experience as it has streaming services to which it has the rights to stream. 

With sites like WherestheMatch, you would only get detail from where you can watch the match and where you can watch the matches? On Sling TV!

It offers you more content than just sports programmes, and you get that at an affordable price when compared to other live tv networks.

Review and rating of Sling TV

I have rated Sling TV before as well, and I loved it then also, and I still love it now. It is an affordable means for many people who are looking to cut their cable, and for them, it is a must.

Sling TV does offer a free trial for three days, which isn’t much, but at least you can get a taste of what all it has to offer when you choose them.

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I would be rating Sling TV 3.5/5 stars!

Peacock TV

peacock tv

My last alternative to WherestheMatch would be Peacock TV. Peacock Tv is owned and operated by NBC Universal, which means that you can also access NBC Sports on its streaming platform!

Let’s discuss the things that I liked and disliked about Peacock TV.

What we liked about Peacock TV

Peacock TV offers an affordable subscription rate; it has an ad-supported plan worth $4.99/month, in which you get everything that Peacock has to offer, including NBC Sports.

And if you start liking its service, then you can also choose its ad-free plan, which is worth $9.99/month.

What we didn’t like about Peacock TV

Peacock TV is currently not available in many countries and is only available in the US and some EU countries. 

This is a bummer because NBC Sports does have a good amount of sporting events and programs that it covers, and many people would have loved to see it on its streaming service.

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Why did we choose Peacock TV as a WherestheMatch alternative?

Peacock TV offers a lot more content than WherestheMatch offers. It not only provides you with the guide of which match is being played at what time but also has additional content that it has the rights to.

This makes it a great alternative to WherestheMatch, one which is fairly affordable as well when compared to other streaming sites.

Review and rating of Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a streaming service that happens to stream live sports as well, thanks to its parent company NBC. This makes it a really nice streaming service for all those who like to watch live tv.

For this reason and more, I would be rating Peacock TV 3.5/5 stars!

Our recommendations on the best WherestheMatch alternative?

Above, I have mentioned six alternatives to WherestheMatch, three of them are free to watch, and three would require some dollars to be shelled out from your wallet.

Now, it is up to you to decide which is it going to be for you? Are you willing to shed some cash for your sports, or are you comfortable watching the sports on your desktop or your PC’s browser?

If you are willing to pay some subscription fee, then I would recommend you give ESPN Plus a try; if you want a free streaming service, then I would recommend Stream East!

Why did we choose ESPN Plus and Stream East as the best WherestheMatch alternative?

The reason why I chose Stream East is that it offers a great website to you that also provides an overall great website design which is very user-friendly and looks very posh.

ESPN Plus, as I have mentioned many times, is a streaming service that is made for sports fans. It has news regarding everything that is sports, and if you are one of them, then you should definitely check it out!

But, as always, that was my choice. What about you?

Do you agree with my choice, or do you have some other alternatives to WherestheMatch that I didn’t mention? Do let us know in the comments down below!

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