How to watch on Tennis Channel Without Cable 

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Tennis is a fairly popular sporting event and it has fans all across the world. We recently had the French Open Live that got over in June, and there are also many more events that are lined up in the coming months, and one of the main ways of watching Tennis has always been on sports channels. 

However, since the era of streaming has begun, cable tv and networks have seen a gradual decline in their user base as more and more people shift towards streaming because of various different reasons. 

Not everyone’s on board with streaming and some people still prefer to have a cable tv subscription, well, if you are one of those people then there’s good news for you! 

Now, you can easily watch your favourite Tennis channels, and in this article I will be discussing some of the few streaming sites that provide you with that service. 

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HULU With Live TV


First up, we have Hulu that comes with a Live TV plan. I recently did a full review on Hulu as a streaming service, so you can also check that out, if you want to know my in-depth thoughts on that topic. 

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However, over here, I will be discussing how Hulu is a good option for people who are looking for ways to switch to streaming without compromising on cable tv networks, as well. So, let’s get into it. 

What are the things we liked about Hulu with Live TV?

Hulu has a number of things to like about it. Since Hulu operates under Disney, and the Live TV subscription is the most expensive subscription option available, that also means the fact that you are able to get Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus along with your Hulu with Live TV pack. 

So, already you are getting a ton of content, since ESPN also has streaming rights to many tennis games that are played across the year, you are easily able to see that on its streaming service. 

Coupled that with the fact that you are able to watch a lot of popular channels, sports, entertainment, and news, etc. on the live tv plan with Hulu, so it does work a lot like having a cable tv connection. 

Along with this, Hulu also offers unlimited DVR storage for nine months!

What are the things we didn’t like about Hulu with Live TV?

Hulu does have some cons, as well. 

First of all, not everyone wants to have a Disney Plus subscription, and even ESPN Plus, as well, so you are kind of paying a little extra for getting those services, and there are no Hulu with Live TV plans available that don’t have those two services. 

Hulu with Live TV is a lot more expensive, starting at around $75/months and going to $85/months, compared to some of the alternatives that I mentioned in this list.

Along with this, the service is only available to use in the US, and nowhere else. 

Why did we choose Hulu with Live TV for watching Tennis channels without cable?

Hulu is a well-known streaming service that is available to use in the US, and many customers do use the service for its overall Live TV coverage, as well. 

Along with this, whether you like it or not, you are also getting a ‘free’ subscription to ESPN Plus, as well, and ESPN also has a number of different options when it comes to streaming various Tennis events live. 

So, in a way, it is a really good option for watching Tennis channels without actually having a cable subscription.

Our review and rating on Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV is a good option for audiences who are also fans of some of the other content that is available under Disney’s lineup, such as Disney Plus and ESPN Plus. 

The overall UI of Hulu has been updated, and it looks pretty cool, and easy to use, as well, and you are able to watch a number of different live tv channels on its service, so it is a good combination of the two worlds. 

I will rate Hulu with Live TV 3.5/5 stars. 

Fubo TV


Netx on this list, we have Fubo TV. Fubo TV is not exactly like Hulu, but it is similar to it in a way that means that you are able to watch a lot of premium tv channels on its platform on your favourite viewing device. 

Fubo Tv brings the world of cable to streaming, but it does not have its own original production or content like Hulu. 

Over at Fubo, you are able to access all popular sports networks and watch most of the premium TV networks in the world of cable.

What are the things we liked about Fubo TV?

Fubo TV does have a good amount of things to like about it, as well. For starters, there are three different subscription points available on Fubo, Pro, Elite, and Ultimate, all with varying pricing points. 

The service allows users with all the popular network news channels and sports channels, along with it, you are also able to watch the sports channel in 4K resolution, which is always a nice thing. 

Fubo TV also offers users unlimited simultaneous viewing experience, and that is definitely an advantage because you don’t often see that on cable streaming services. 

Plus, the service is available to use and download on various media devices, so you can easily watch the content on Fubo TV from any device you like. 

What are the things we didn’t like about Fubo TV?

Fubo is not cheap at all. Its starting price is at $74.99/month and it goes all the way up to $99.99/month for its Ultimate plan, which includes 236 channels, including all the Latino channels, as well. 

Along with this, Fubo always likes to confuse its users with a number of add-ons to its plans, and it always tries to play around in order to get the maximum number of subscribers for its services, which can get a little annoying. 

Fubo TV also offers 1000 hrs of DVR recording, and while that sounds great, it is nowhere near as good as the recording space that is offered on Hulu and YouTube TV. 

Why did we choose Fubo TV for watching Tennis channels without cable?

Fubo TV is one of the biggest streaming services currently available in the US that streams prime-time shows, and has access to great sports networks, such as ESPN, Fox Sports, etc. 

So, if you are looking to watch your favourite Tennis sporting events live, you will be able to watch them on any of the sports networks that are currently available on Fubo TV. 

Plus, you get the added advantage of the functionalities of streaming, that you don’t get with your regular cable connection. 

Our review and rating on Fubo TV

Fubo TV is a good option to try out watching tennis games without having a cable connection, however, it is not the most value for money among the rest of the options that I have mentioned in this list. 

I mean, for $69.99/month, Hulu is offering its users Hulu, Live TV, Disney Plus with Ads and ESPN Plus with ads, that’s a whole lot worth of content for a much more cheaper and attractive price point. 

So, for that reason and more, I will rate Fubo TV 3/5 stars. 

Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is also a great option to try out, if you are looking for ways to tennis channels, without having to pay the extra prices of a cable tv service, and it has been one of my go-to recommendations, as well. 

The great thing about Sling TV is that you are able to watch most of the famous and popular tv channels and networks, including sports, but on a fairly cheaper plan because Sling TV does not have a boasting library of 100+ channels. 

There are three plans available on Sling TV, and all three are targeted at different groups of people, so let’s discuss all of them. 

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What are the things we liked about Sling TV?.

The main thing that I like the most about Sling TV is the fact that the overall service is the cheapest and most cost-effective amongst all the options that I have listed down in this article. 

As I mentioned above, Sling offers three plans, Blue, Orange and Blue + Orange. If you choose either Blue or Orange pack, then you are looking at 35 – 40 channels, each, and they both cost $40/month respectively.

Blue + Orange, as you can already tell by its name, combines all the channels that are on offer on both packs, and you are able to watch all the channels that Sling has, for the price of $55/month! 

Sling offers various popular sports channels, such as Fox Sports, ESPN, and many others on its plans, so you are easily able to watch your favourite tennis events on its plan, without having to pay a lot. 

Plus, the overall service is available to download on various different stores and devices, so you can access it from anywhere.

What are the things we didn’t like about Sling TV?

Since the overall price of subscription on Sling is so relatively cheap, there are definitely some cost cuttings also done, and Sling has obviously done that by prioritising the main channels that its users might like to watch. 

However, if you are in a mood to watch something like MTV, or any other Viacom Entertainment shows, then you won’t be able to watch it on Sling TV. 

Plus, Sling TV only offers 50 hrs of DVR recording that can be maxed out to $200 hrs of recording, and for some people that might not be enough.

If you are not happy with sling Tv we have listed the best Sling TV alternatives.

Why did we choose Sling TV for watching Tennis channels without cable?

The main reason for choosing Sling TV for watching Tennis channels without cable is because of its overall price and the service that it is providing its users, as well. 

There is no other alternative or option on this list that is cheaper than $55/month, and that is Sling’s most expensive plan, as well!

As far as the value proposition goes, you are able to watch all of the most of the popular sports network on Sling TV that will stream prominent Tennis sporting events live on their channels. 

Our review and rating on Sling TV

Sling TV is a pretty great service that definitely has its own share of pros and cons. You can easily go on to its website and see whether the list of channels that are available on it are worth your liking or not, and if they are, then you should go for it. 

The overall service offers a great number of streams, (4 for the main plan) and users are able to enjoy watching it from any device that they like to watch their games on. 

I will rate Sling TV 4/5 stars. 

YouTube TV


YouTube TV is one of the best options that you can try out if you are trying out to watch Tennis events without having any cable services. 

YouTube TV offers more than 100 + channels now, earlier it was around 80 – 85 channels on its list, and it comes at a fairly attractive price of $74.55/month. 

Although if you are a new subscriber, then for the first three months you just have to pay $54.99/month, similar to what is offered on Sling TV’s max plan. 

Plus, YouTube TV also offers some great features, which we will discuss now. 

What are the things we liked about YouTube TV?

YouTube TV, as I mentioned above, does not have a very tricky pricing plan, and it offers one simple plan that you can get for $74.55/month, and for $54.99/ for three months, if you are a new subscriber. 

It has access to all the popular sports networks available on its platform, so you can easily watch your favourite tennis sporting events on it. 

YouTube TV also delivers some special sports features, such as Key Plays View, Stats View, and Fantasy Football View, as well.

Plus, over at YouTube TV, you get access to unlimited DVR recordings that can stay for up to 9 months on the device. 

What are the things we didn’t like about YouTube TV?

While YouTube does have a good amount of bells and whistles, it also have some cons to it, as well. In its library, you are not able to watch any 4K content, unless you pay extra $20/month for an add-on.

This might not be a too big of a difference for some people, but since all the other platforms are providing 4K channels, so can YouTube TV without any extra add-on price. 

Along with this, while YouTube TV is able to broadcast local news and channels to your device if you enter your ZIP code, the overall service is quite hit and miss, as sometimes users are not able to watch their local news channels on YouTube TV. 

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Why did we choose YouTube TV for watching Tennis channels without cable?

YouTube TV is a very popular option in the states when it comes to cable cutters because the service does provide users with a good amount of live tv channels, for a price that seems a little on the higher side, but still justifiable. 

There are plenty of add-ons service available on YouTube TV, and users are able to watch many popular sports networks on it that will also stream tennis events, as well. 

Our review and rating on YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a good option for people to try out, and you can get it for as low as $54.99/month, without any addons. 

The service does offer its users with a great amount of features, such as six users, three simultaneous screens, and others, as well. 

However, it does have its cons, as well, and sometimes the service isn’t as reliable as it might claim to be. For that reason and more, I will rate YouTube TV 3.5/5 stars. 


Usually, at the end of these articles, I also give my preference on which one I would personally choose among the four alternatives that I mentioned above, but this time, I don’t see a very clear winner among the four of them. 

Each of these platforms is very different from the other. Hulu is a streaming service on its own that delivers Live tv channels, along with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus, but it does miss out on some great channels on its list of live tv subscription. 

Fubo TV, does deliver a lot of channels, but at the end of the day you are still paying cable tv prices as the overall service is pretty expensive to use and it is basically cable on streaming. 

Sling TV is a relatively good option to stream sports, but it does miss out on some other channels in order to lower down its costs so that it can be called the most affordable service among the four. 

And while YouTube TV does offer a good amount of channels selection and features, it does end up asking you a lot more in its overall add-ons, and that makes it go in the same line as some of the other cable streaming options. 

So, there is no clear winner among the four of them and they all target a different group of people. You have to see which one best suits your needs and your budget. 

The one thing that is common on all four of them is the fact that you are able to watch Tennis games on all of them, so that is a given. 

As always, these have been my thoughts on this topic. What about you? Do you agree with my list of options to watch sports channels where you can watch live Tennis events, or do you think that I missed out on some? 

Whatever your thoughts are, do let us know about them in the comments down below! 

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