Top 6 Paramount Plus alternatives & substitutes

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What is Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is a streaming service by the major motion picture production company Paramount. Paramount is a really popular brand when it comes to movies and television, and they have been for quite some time now.

Like all major studios nowadays, Paramount also decided to launch their own streaming service where users can pay a monthly subscription for all the content that Paramount has produced over the years and will continue to do so.

And even though Paramount has the biggest film of 2022, so far, on their streaming service, a.k.a ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, there are still many reasons why you should avoid spending your money on their streaming service.

Reason to look for sites like Paramount Plus

Reason 1 – Lack of Content 

Paramount has produced a lot of great content over the years, but when people tune in on a company’s streaming service, they aren’t only paying to see the content that the studios released many years ago.

The majority of the people sign up for the services to see what all new content they can produce; that is why people spend their hard-earned money on streaming services because, frankly, speaking majority of Paramount’s films are already available on different platforms.

And currently, apart from two or three originals, Paramount Plus just doesn’t have enough Originals in their library.

Reason 2 – Not Available worldwide

Paramount Plus isn’t available all across the globe; it is available only in select few countries as they are planning to spread out over the years to garner more subscribers.

Now, this is a big flaw because even if you are interested in watching some of Paramount’s content, you can’t, until and unless you use a VPN, and a VPN also costs a lot these days to use and operate.

So, you just have to wait for it to be available in your country, or maybe wait for some of its content to start playing in some other streaming service!

Reason 3 – Pricing issue

Now, the pricing structure of Paramount Plus is not very expensive; compared to the other streaming services, it is relatively the same price point. But that’s the point that I am trying to make!

The price of other streaming services, such as Amazon Prime Video, Peacock TV, Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Max, is also the same when compared to Paramount Plus, and all these services offer some great content as well.

So why pay for something that isn’t even worth it? When you can have so much more for the same price point?

Best Paramount Plus Alternatives



Hulu is also a very popular streaming service that has been going on since the time Netflix was launched, making it one of the earliest premium paid streaming services. Hulu has always been a fan favourite streaming service.

It provides a good variety of content to its users and lately has been streaming some of the most recognisable content, such as the incredible web series ‘Only Murders In The Building’, and the original movie ‘Prey’.

It has also teamed up with Disney Plus to provide some even more exciting offers, more of which we will discuss now!

Hulu vs Hulu Plus: What are the major differences

What we liked about Hulu

Hulu has a great service overall; it also has great streams. The application is available on all major streaming devices and more. It is also producing some really great original content lately as well.

You can get Hulu at different price points; its base subscription point starts at $6.99/ month with an ad-supported plan and a $12.99/month ad-free plan.

Hulu also has a Disney Plus bundle pack that starts at $13.99/month, where you can get access to Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus, all in one pack. This is a great value pack for all things entertainment! 

What we didn’t like about Hulu

Hulu’s plans can be a little complicated if you go by all its subscription plans because it has an ad-free plan, an ad-supported plan, and a Hulu plus Live TV plan. 

And then, now you add in the Disney Plus bundle pack, so it can get a little confusing for all the people who would want to subscribe to Hulu’s service. 

And Hulu also has content on its platform; regardless of what plan you choose, ad-less or ad-supported, you will have to see ads on that content, which can also be annoying from time to time!

Why did we choose Hulu as a Paramount Plus replacement?

Hulu offers you a great value for your money if you choose the right subscription plan from it. It has multiple screening options, a really good catalogue of content that has more than Hulu Originals, and it has a good track record for streaming services as well.

These are some of the qualities that Paramount Plus has been missing lately, and since Hulu has been in the streaming games for quite some time now, it knows what its customers want as well! 

You can start your subscription today itself!

Review and rating of Hulu

As I have mentioned, Hulu has been around for quite some time now, and it has lately been killing it in terms of content. Its show ‘Only Murders In The Building’ has over 17 Emmy Nominations!

It also provides you with a great streaming experience in general and has been a trustworthy streaming site for many people now! You can also start using it and see for yourself what it has to offer!

I would be rating Hulu 3.5/5 stars!

Amazon Prime Video


Amazon’s Prime Video is a streaming service provided by the mega e-commerce company Amazon, as the name suggests. And it has been seeing quite a significant boom in its service, in terms of both quality and quantity. 

Prime Video started in the streaming games almost five years ago, and since then, they have produced some great originals that are appreciated by both fans and the critics as well. 

Prime Video also comes in at a very attractive price that would surely make you want to signup for its service.

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What we liked about Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s Prime Video comes at a very attractive price point of just $8.99/month, which makes it cheaper than Paramount’s ad-free subscription plan as well. And Prime Video comes with only ad-free plans.

But that’s not all that is great about its price point; in just $8.99/month, you not only get Prime Video. 

You also get a Prime membership of Amazon, where you can get exclusive discounts on its site and an ad-free membership of Amazon Music which has over 70 Million songs in its library. 

What we didn’t like about Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video doesn’t have that many flaws and problems in terms of a streaming service. It is a relatively cheaper streaming service that provides you with a great set of libraries on its content.

However, if I have to nitpick, then I would have to say that the parental control features on Prime Video aren’t that great, and you also get to screen two screens simultaneously. 

This, again, isn’t a big issue because there are hardly any chances when more than two people stream at the same time, but if you happen to share your Prime Video’s password with your friends and they would stream something on their own end, then maybe it can be an issue.

Why did we choose Amazon Prime Video as a Paramount Plus alternative?

Prime Video offers you a great set of Original content; in fact, the most expensive tv series ever produced, ‘Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power’, is actually going to debut on 2nd September!

They also have some really good films whose rights they have bought, such as all the James Bond movies and many more. Plus, the services that you get on Prime Video are unlike any streaming service right now.

It is a really good streaming service option that is budget-friendly, but at the same time provides you with all the entertainment in the world.

Review and rating of Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is a very exciting offer in terms of streaming services. 

And nowadays, every company wants their own streaming company, so it gets really difficult to pick one which is value for your money and provides a good amount of content as well, and Prime Video falls in that category.

So, in my opinion, you should really check out Prime Video and avail of its services, including a Prime membership and a membership to Amazon Music as well. 

For those reasons, I would be rating Prime Video 4/5 stars!


Hbo Max

HBO Max is also a streaming service that has seen its fair share of controversy in its short period since being released. But, aside from the controversies, HBO Max has a lot of content to offer.

And the content that it has to offer is all great, HBO likes to be called one of the best places for content, and that is true.

Because if you just go through their content library and see how much they are liked by fans and critics alike, you will see that they genuinely produce great products. 

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What we liked about HBO Max

HBO Max just released a teaser of what all shows and series are going to come on its service, and it was a taser to show off that they are the best in the business when it comes to home entertainment.

HBO Max is also available as a subscription or a plugin among many different services and cable plans as well, so you can very easily choose to watch it among the other services that you use for your entertainment.

It is also available on many different streaming devices, so you won’t find any trouble accessing it from your media player.

What we didn’t like about HBO Max

HBO Max is the most expensive streaming service right now. The service will cost you around $15/month if you choose the ad-free plan and $10/month for the ad-supported plan.

You also don’t get any live tv option, like Paramount Plus, on HBO Max. The content it has are mostly on-demand content or content to which they have the rights to share.

HBO Max is also not available in all the countries, and it is currently restricted to some selected countries only, so they have to outsource some of their content to other streaming services.  

Why did we choose HBO Max as a Paramount Plus substitute?

Although HBO Max is more expensive than Paramount Plus, it still boasts over 10,000 hours of tv shows and movies on its platform, which is a number that Paramount Plus has a long way to reach.

HBO Max also is available with multiple different streaming services as an add-on package, which is a super helpful thing when compared to the number of streaming services there are right now. 

It is just an overall better streaming service when compared to Paramount Plus, making it a great alternative to Paramount Plus.

Review and rating of HBO Max

HBO Max is a streaming service that is usually on the news for something or the other, sometimes it can be a good thing, and other times not so great. But, one thing that is great about it is its content.

HBO has a history of providing its viewers with some truly ground-breaking content, and with backing HBO Max, you really can expect a whole lot more from them. 

Don’t believe me? Just watch their latest teaser for what’s to come on their service. I wish that it could be accessible to many more countries, but for now, I would be rating HBO Max 3.5/5 stars!



Netflix is basically who invented the whole streaming game. Before Netflix, no one believed that streaming could be a way for how people can consume content because it was something totally new.

And now, everyone is fighting over doing their own streaming service because they saw the success that Netflix has achieved over the years, and everyone wants a piece of that success cake.

Netflix has lots to like and things that aren’t so great about it as well; let’s discuss all of the plus and negative points about it!

How to Download Netflix Shows on Mac

What we liked about Netflix

Netflix clearly has lots to offer in terms of both content and quantity. They have been producing content for a long time now, and they have content for almost everyone. 

That is a different thing in that the content just gets lost in the bottomless pit, but they still have some really great Originals and award-winning movies and shows in their library.

They are also fairly moderate in terms of their subscription plan; they are not the cheapest of the bunch, but with the amount of stuff they have to offer, the price is more or less justified as well.

What we didn’t like about Netflix

Netflix has some downsides as well, and all of them aren’t that pretty. Netflix has the habit of geo-locking its content, which roughly translates to that most of its content isn’t accessible globally.

Many people have argued about this fact, and I am sure that it might be due to some legal issues and not something that Netflix does just to annoy its consumers. 

Speaking of legal things, Netflix is also releasing an ad-supported plan at the end of this year, which is understandable given their current state, but due to some legal issues, some of the content that Netflix has rights to won’t be available on the ad-supported plan.

Netflix also has an annoying thing in that they immediately shut down an Original series of theirs after it has been released for just one season.

Why did we choose Netflix as a Paramount Plus alternative?

Paramount Plus has been active for some time now, but Netflix has been here for quite some time now, and it has learned a lot of things from its journey so far. So, they imply that knowledge on their platform as well.

Paramount Plus, on the other hand, has a lot to figure out in terms of services and content as well. Netflix is also available worldwide right now, so you can also use it from almost anywhere in the world.

It is a streaming service that all the streaming services look at very closely because every success that Netflix makes is replicated by its competitors. 

How To Solve The Netflix Download Limit Error

Review and rating of Netflix

Whether you like Netflix or not, you really can’t deny that they are basically the king of streaming, and there is no streaming service that has as much content and subscribers as Netflix.

And those subscribers, even though they just lost a million subscribers this quarter, are there because of their services. They might be in trouble right now, but they know the next steps to take to make them successful again.

They are the streaming service in the streaming wars, and for that reason, I would be rating Netflix 3/5 stars.

Apple TV Plus

Apple tv

Apple TV Plus is also a streaming service that nobody saw coming because Apple is a tech company, and this idea of having a streaming service of their own is something that is so out of their game.

But, like everything Apple, they have managed to pull this one as well, and even though it is not as successful as the other streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney Plus, it is still a streaming service that many people are eyeing.

Apple TV Plus has lots to offer in terms of plus and negative points; let’s discuss them.

What we liked about Apple TV Plus 

Apple TV Plus has a very attractive price point of $4.99/month, and that is a very affordable subscription plan, especially when you consider that it is coming from Apple!

Apple TV Plus also hosts a bunch of great content on their platform, and it has Hollywood’s best working for them; whether they be directors, writers, or actors, they hire the best.

Apple TV Plus content also features something known as ‘Spatial Audio’, which is a unique technology that works well with Apple AirPods Max, wherein you would feel the sound of the content coming to you in 360 degrees.

What we didn’t like about Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus, even though it has a good content library, it is still limited compared to the other streaming services. They have to get a lot more if it wants to compete with the premium streaming services.

It is also not available right now all across the globe and is targeted to some specific countries only, which is a bummer because they have some content that is recognisable by many. 

Why did we choose Apple TV Plus as a Paramount Plus alternative?

Both Apple TV Plus and Paramount Plus are relatively new to the streaming game, and because of this, many people are hesitant to approach them.

But if you have to choose from the two, then why not go with the one that is a bit cheaper and more affordable? Apple TV Plus also integrates really well if you have an Apple ecosystem at your home.

You can watch all sorts of content on it using your Apple devices.

Review and rating of Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus is a reasonable streaming service that you can really try out and check out if it is something that you would like to use or not. 

Apple is targeting a niche target audience with this streaming service, so it might not be for everyone. Regardless, they are relatively new to this game and already have 30 million plus subscribers to them.

For those above reasons, I would be rating Apple TV Plus 3/5 stars!

Peacock TV

peacock tv

Peacock TV is also a streaming service that has seen some significant impact in its subscriber numbers as they also had a late start and somewhat of a wonky start, thanks to Covid 19.

The streaming service also has some really nice content that they have been recently putting out on their service, because of which they have been getting this success. 

What we liked about Peacock TV

If you are a fan of late-night talk shows or NBC Sports, then you would have a great time on Peacock TV, because that is its major selling point – live tv shows. And this is something that not a lot of streaming services provide.

Peacock TV also offers you a totally free plan that has limited content from the content library on their free plan, so you can also use their service for free, and that is also a really smart move from them.

What we didn’t like about Peacock TV

Peacock TV is currently not available in the majority of the countries; in fact, it is available mostly in the US and some other nearby countries.

So you won’t be able to use it if it is something that you were looking forward to it.

Also, its original content library, apart from a few exceptions, such as the Rom-Com movie ‘Marry Me, isn’t all that great when compared to what other streaming services are providing as their Original content.

Why did we choose Peacock TV as a Paramount Plus alternative?

Peacock TV is a streaming service that provides great live coverage, especially if you are a sports fan and would like to have live sports on your streaming option as well, which is also something that people want.

Paramount Plus, even though it has live content on its platform, it is nowhere near the live coverage that Peacock delivers.

Review and rating of Peacock TV

As mentioned above, Peacock TV does have a good amount of content to offer on its platform, and it is also priced fairly well. 

It has a free plan; then it has an ad-supported plan of $4.99/month and an ad-free plan of $9.99/month. 

Personally, I would go with its ad-supported plan because it will offer almost everything it has, and it is the less costly plan of the two as well.

I would be rating Peacock TV 3/5 stars.

Our recommendations on the best Paramount Plus alternative?

So, that does it for the list of six best alternatives to Paramount Plus; these streaming services all target different groups of people, and you have to see which one suits the best for you.

If I had to choose among these six, I would have to go with Prime Video and HBO Max.

Why did we choose Prime Video and HBO Max as the best Paramount Plus alternative?

The reason why I chose Prime Video is that it is a great value for money, as it offers a really good content library with many theatrical releases coming straight on it after their theatrical run is over.

It also offers you prime membership and Amazon Music membership as well, which makes it a great deal.

If you can stretch your budget a bit more, then I would go for the ad-supported plan of HBO Max as well, simply because of the content it has to offer. 

And the ads are usually played at the beginning and at the end of the content, so you can easily ignore them and enjoy your content without any ads interfering.

But that was my selection. What about you? Do you agree with my choice, or would you choose a different alternative to Paramount Plus? Do let us know in the comments down below!

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