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Streaming is the new way of consuming content. It has put control into the hands of the users who can watch movies anytime at their convenience. There are several free streaming services available that give viewers access to films and TV shows from around the world.

However, it can often be difficult to determine which free platform is legal and which is not. Fawesome TV is one such legal ad-supported free streaming service that offers a variety of content to users.

It is not the only one, and there are many such free streaming platforms out there. Check out our list of the best Fawesome TV alternatives to learn more about this.

13 Best Fawesome Alternatives 2024

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is the top platform for premium free streaming. It is a movie lover’s paradise and has thousands of feature films, indie movies, and originals. This is why Tubi TV is considered one of the best Fawesome TV alternatives. 

There are no restrictions on streaming here, and you don’t even need to create an account to use it.

Tubi TV offers live sports, weather channels, and live news streams along with movies and TV shows. It even has reality shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Dance Moms.

The platform has an impressive on-demand library that features content from studios like Lionsgate, Warner Bros, and Paramount.

Tubi TV is an ad-supported platform which means that you have to sit through ads played at the beginning, middle, or end of the movies and series episodes. However, some movies are available without ads as well.


The next Fawesome TV alternative on our list is Plex. It is an exceptional legal free streaming service where you can watch live TV and over 50,000 movies. Using it is an easy jump if you already use Plex to store your media.

You simply have to download the basic Plex app to watch content from various genres, such as drama, action, romance, and comedy. It is an ad-supported platform where you can also follow the local news channels.

Plex additionally offers on-demand content like Broadchurch and Kitchen Nightmares, and live channels such as Hallmark and Stories by AMC.

Plex further lets you add titles to a watchlist and get alerts when they are available to stream. You can also opt for a premium package to get benefits like offline downloads.

Pluto TV

Paramount-owned free streaming service Pluto TV is an excellent alternative to Fawesome. It is a modern take on traditional cable TV and offers hundreds of curated channels and an excellent on-demand library. Thus, you can watch a variety of movies, TV series, documentaries, and original content here.

You can watch classic shows like Degrassi, The Twilight Zone, and MTV Cribs here. Pluto TV has channels genre-based channels such as news, sports, reality TV, comedy, and movies. You can access it on a computer, smartphone, smart TV, or tablet to stream your favorite movies.

Roku Channel

Roku Channel is a great added bonus for people who own Roku TV and streaming devices. You can use this free, ad-supported service to access over 350 live channels and 40,000+ titles, including a channel guide for its on-demand content. 

Roku Channel features multiple movies from studios like Lionsgate, MGM, Sony, and Warner. It also offers programming from regular channels like Fox and CW, Roku originals like the Weird Al biopic, reality TV programs like Kitchen Nightmares, and other popular shows like 2 Broke Girls. Roku Channel even has a decent anime selection.

You can access this Fawesome alternative on Roku devices, desktop web browsers, Amazon Fire TV, and its mobile app for Android and iOS.


Freevee is a streaming service powered by Amazon, which also includes Prime Video. Known earlier as IMDb TV, it has a notable library of licensed movies and shows, along with some original programming. You can stream it all for free if you don’t mind ads between the watch.

Freevee has many popular movies like Crazy Rich Asians, The Blair Witch Project, and Lion available for streaming. It also offers some quality TV shows, including Midsomer Murders, Jury Duty, Puppy Love, Good Times, and Little House on the Prairie. 

You can sometimes even access full seasons of Prime Video originals like Homecoming and Upload for free with ads. Freevee can be used without a Prime membership, and you can access it on any device such as a smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart TV.

Sling Freestream

Sling is an expensive choice, with its live TV packages starting at $40, but Sling Freestream is a different story. It is the free, ad-supported version of Sling Live TV that offers about 200 live channels and on-demand content for streaming. News, entertainment, kids, sports- there’s a wide variety of programming available here.

It is one of the best Fawesome TV alternatives where you can easily stream popular programs like Ryan’s World and Kim’s Convenience. Sling Freestream is, therefore, worth a try especially when you don’t even need an account to use it.

However, you can create profiles, use parental controls, and get better recommendations overall if you do create an account. You can use a web browser or the Sling app to access Freestream.


Crackle is one of the best free Fawesome TV alternatives out there. It is an ad-supported platform that offers hundreds of on-demand movies and TV shows for free. Some notable titles available here include Shameless, Community, and Mad Max: Fury Road. 

An account is not necessary for using Crackle but having one provides added benefits such as the ability to save favorites, adjust parental controls, save watch history, and get personalized recommendations. 

The platform has a particularly excellent collection of B-movies but you can find content from every genre and era here. Crackle’s library may not be as big as its competitors but it is still a worthy penny-less alternative to Fawesome.

Hoopla Digital

Library card-holders should definitely check out if their library has a partnership with Hoopla. They can use the free digital service to check out over 800,000 movies, TV shows, books, and albums. Your library gets to decide how many titles you can borrow in a month.

There are no interruptive ads on Hoopla Digital, and it has online streaming and a download option for offline viewing. You can find several My Cousin Vinny, The Imitation Game, No Country for Old Men, and Color Out of Space here. It also offers instructional videos from The Great Courses, PBS Kids shows, and Acorn TV content.


Kanopy is one of the best free Fawesome TV alternatives out there. It is an on-demand video streaming service that public libraries offer members for free. You just have to enter the details of the participating institution to get started.

Kanopy offers a wide variety of genres, from drama to comedy to biopics and documentaries. You can easily stream Hollywood classics like A Star is Born, His Girl Friday, and Dial M for Murder as well as the latest acclaimed titles like Moonlight and Portrait of a Lady on Fire here.

Kanopy does not have original content, but its partnerships with A24, Paramount, PBS, and HBO Documentary Films ensure you always get quality content on the platform. It also has storybooks, documentaries, movies, and educational programs for younger viewers.


Stirr is a new entrant in the free on-demand streaming space. It is an ad-supported platform owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group. The platform offers over 8,000 hours of on-demand movies, 120+ TV shows, and several live local news channels. Stirr is a great option for people who don’t want to mind a few ads in between while watching movies and TV shows.


Redbox has started expanding into the online space after being a physical DVD kiosk for the longest time. It is a place where you can rent and purchase films as well as watch free live channels. The platform gives you access to several movies including those currently screening in cinemas. You can access Redbox’s live TV streaming feature even without a registered account.


FilmRise offers users over 20,000 free movies and TV shows in partnership with MGM, Warner Bros, and ITV Studios. While it’s not free of ads, it’s a good trade-off to access its impressive film collection. FilmRise has several award-winning classics, indie favorites, and a decent selection of foreign films. You can download the app on a compatible device to start streaming.


Cineverse is a free Fawesome TV alternative with a broad range of on-demand content and live channels. It doesn’t have a lot of blockbusters but offers an excellent selection of vintage, niche, and international films. Some examples include Howard’s End, Mustang, and The Little Shop of Horrors. Cineverse also has a subscription-based premium version that you can opt for to get rid of ads.

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