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What is is a really amazing name for any website because, at first glance, I thought this website was based on my name, Sanjit, and it is a rare name, as well. However, it turns out that is a website where people are able to watch numerous content related to Anime. 

Over at this website, you will be able to watch all the latest anime movies and tv shows, and if you are an anime fan, then you must be knowing how special that is because there is a bit of a delay when it comes to streaming Anime content outside of India. 

However, as the article’s name suggests, this website is more about discussing some of the alternatives to, and here are some of the reasons why you should look out for some of the alternatives. 

Reason 1 – Illegal Site

Obviously, the main reason why you should look out for some alternatives to is the fact that the website is an illegal website as it does not have any rights for the content that it is streaming on its platform. 

This makes the chances of the website getting blocked by the authorities even more likely, and that is something that you don’t want to happen to the website that you use the most. 

Reason 2 – Not a secure website

Another reason why you should avoid using this website and choose its alternatives is the fact that the website is also not secure to use, as well. 

This means that it is not very safe to use, as well, and especially in this day and age where people are easily getting scammed online for many different reasons, it is not recommended to use a website that is not fully secure to use. 

Reason 3 – Not Convenient 

The last main point to not use websites like is that these websites are not at all convenient to use. They can only be accessed via your computing device’s browser, and they don’t have an app of their own. 

Along with this, you can’t watch the content available on it on your smart tv or your tablet or mobile device, and this makes the overall experience of using such websites very inconvenient. 

Best Alternatives

So, after all those reasons, here are some of the alternatives to that you can use.



If you are familiar with streaming services, then you might have heard about the name of Stremio. Stremio is a platform where you can easily choose a number of different channels from where you can watch your favourite anime movies and tv shows for free. 

The way that Stremio works is that it acts as a placeholder for allowing third-party applications to be played easily on popular devices, such as your mobile phone, smart tv, etc., making it easy for the user to enjoy the content that they are looking to watch. 

What we liked about Stremio

Stremio has many things going in its direction; first of all, that it is available for free is a big plus point as it is an open-source software, so it makes it pretty easy to use this software. 

Along with that, you are able to watch your latest anime movies and tv shows for free, without having to pay for any of its services and simply watch some ads, and for a lot of people, that is something that they don’t mind doing. 

Other than that, the overall streaming platform does work pretty smoothly and easily, as well. 

What we didn’t like about Stremio

Stremio has a lot of things going for it, but there are also somethings that are not so attractive about it, either. For example, the application of stremio has to be downloaded as an apk file from its website. 

Installing it on your smart tv devices can be very tricky and it is not something that everyone is comfortable with doing, as well. 

Along with that, the way Stremio is providing free content is because it is also using pirated channels that illegally stream content, so there is that, as well. 

Why did we choose Stremio as a alternative?

Stremio is a really good alternative to because it is able to check all the boxes for which I suggested that you should look for an alternative to 

The overall streaming platform is safe and legal to use; while the channels it shows are not legal, the app is. 

Along with that, the overall convenience of watching your favourite anime content for free on any of your devices makes it a really good point for a suggestion. 

Review and rating of Stremio

Stremio is a pretty great alternative to and there is no denying in that point. The overall streaming platform performs really well, and it is able to show you all the latest movies and tv shows that are presently available. 

If you are okay with installing the application on your devices, then I would actually recommend you try out Stremio right now. 

For that reason, I would rate Stremio 4/5 stars.

Tubi TV


Tubi TV is also a legal alternative to that you can use for viewing some anime content for free online. 

Tubi TV is also a streaming platform that streams all of its content for free and it does have the rights to share those content on its website, so there is nothing illegal that is being performed by Tubi TV. 

What we liked about Tubi TV

Obviously, the great thing about Tubi TV is the fact the streaming platform is free of cost, and you are easily able to watch all the different types of content available on it for free. 

Along with this, Tubi TV also has an app available for all popular viewing platforms, such as Android, iOS, and even smart TVs, as well. 

The application of Tubi TV is also available on all popular app stores, so users don’t have to download a specific apk file from a third-party application to download the app, which makes it really simple and easy for many people. 

What we didn’t like about Tubi TV

Tubi TV does have a lot for it, but there are some flaws to it, as well. For starters, Tubi TV is not available to use worldwide, which makes the overall using of the platform a bit limited. 

If you are not residing in the area that already has access to Tubi TV, then you would have to use a VPN to be able to use Tubi TV on your device, and since we all know that VPNs are not cheap at all, so it kind of eliminates the whole aspect of watching content for free. 

Along with this, all the Anime movies and shows that you can expect to see on Tubi TV aren’t exactly the latest and brand new, as well.

If you cannot access Tubi TV in your country then we have listed the best sites like Tubi Tv

Why did we choose Tubi TV as a alternative?

The main reason why Tubi TV acts as a great alternative to is because of many different reasons. For starters, the entire platform is legal to use, and you don’t even have to pay for anything to watch content on it. 

Along with this, the application to Tubi TV is also available on all major app stores, so it would be very easy for people to simply download the app and watch your favourite anime content from it. 

Review and rating of Tubi TV

Tubi TV is not the perfect alternative to as it does not offer you some of the latest anime movies and tv shows, but whatever movies and tv shows that it has on offer are all pretty great and free to watch, as well. 

When you are licensing content on your streaming service for free, there are some corners that have to be cut, as well, and so does Tubi TV. 

However, the overall end product is pretty great, and if it is available in your area, then you should definitely try it out.  I will rate Tubi TV 3.5/5 stars.

Now, if you are looking for a direct alternative to that provides you with the latest anime movies and tv shows, and it is not a legal site to use, then you can also check out, as well. is also a website, like many others, that illegally streams content on its website, and it is then able to share all of that content on its website for free of cost. 

Many people who do watch anime movies and tv shows online, do use as one of their preferred choice because of its overall UI and usage. 

What we liked about

The main thing about that many people do appreciate is the fact that the entire website is actually free of cost, and users don’t have to pay anything to watch all the anime movies and tv shows. 

Along with this, the entire website of also doesn’t have a lot of ads, as well, this is because the website is run on donations, so you wouldn’t have to worry a lot about that, as well. 

The UI of the website is also pretty great and easy to use.

What we didn’t like about

Obviously, the main disadvantage of is similar to the points of avoiding, as well. The website is an illegal website, and it can easily get shut down by the authorities. 

Along with this, the overall security of the website is also something that you shouldn’t really risk, because of the number of frauds that take place on such websites.

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Why did we choose as a alternative? is a pretty accurate and direct alternative to It is a website where you can watch latest anime content for free, and you are able to watch it on the web browser of your computing device. 

The UI of the website is pretty great, and it does have a lot of different types of anime movies and genres, as well. 

Review and rating of is a good website for watching illegally anime content on. If you are okay with that, then you should definitely try out this website. 

I will rate 3/5 stars.



If you are looking for a website or a streaming platform that is dedicated especially towards Anime and everything related to Anime, then you should try out Funimation. 

Funimation is an anime-streaming website that streams only anime movies and tv shows. It is a paid streaming service, and over here you will be able to watch all your favourite anime movies and tv shows at the time of its release. 

How to make a free Funimation account

Funimation Free Trial: How to get it, benefits, is it still available?

What we liked about Funimation

Funimation is streaming all the content on its platform legally, which means that it has bought the rights to all the shows and movies to play it on its platform. 

Funimation is a very big brand in the world of anime, and it is also available in many major countries, as well. 

It is a proper streaming service, such as Netflix or Disney Plus, but specifically for Anime, so you can expect all the great features that you see on other popular streaming platforms.

What we didn’t like about Funimation

There are not a lot of things that you might dislike about Funimation, especially if you are an anime fan, but as I have said a number of times, not everything is perfect, and so is Funimation, as well. 

Funimation is not available worldwide, and you can only use it in specific countries and nations, making it difficult for people to use their service. 

Along with this, the subscription price of Funimation is around $9.99/month, and if you are looking for alternatives like, that are free of cost, then you would be a little disappointed, as well. 

Why did we choose Funimation as a alternative?

Funimation is the perfect alternative to if you are an anime fan. It covers all the reasons as to why you should avoid using websites like, and use websites like Funimation for your entertainment.

The overall streaming platform is legal to use and safe, as well. Along with this, the application of Funimation is available on all major app stores to easily download. 

Funimation also has all the latest anime movies and tv shows, and that is a combination that you don’t often see on such websites. 

Review and rating of Funimation

Funimation is a great website for all anime lovers as it is a website that is made especially for them. The overall streaming service is used by so many different users across the world to watch anime content. 

Yes, it is a paid service, but it also offers users to watch free anime movies and tv shows with ads on them, so you also have an option for that. 

The streaming service, as a whole, is excellent, and if you are an anime lover, then you should definitely try this one out. I will rate Funimation 4/5 stars. 



Netflix is also a streaming website that is known to many of us, and we probably have a Netflix account of our own, as well. 

So, when it comes to Anime, Netflix has realized that there is a lot of potential in this medium, and since then, you can actually see many of your favourite anime movies and tv shows on Netflix. 

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What we liked about Netflix

The main thing, in particular to this article, is that there is a lot of Anime content available to watch Netflix, regardless of which country you choose to use Netflix from. 

Along with this, you are also not just restricted to watching Anime movies and tv shows, but a whole lot more content that Netflix is known for. 

What we didn’t like about Netflix

Netflix can be a little too much for a lot of people and that is a weird thing to complain about, but there are so many times when it happens that you don’t know what to watch on Netflix just because there is too much watch. 

All the anime content on Netflix are also not updated regularly, so if your favourite anime show has a weekly episode release, chances are that you would be able to see that on Netflix after the show is over. 

Why did we choose Netflix as a alternative?

Netflix is a good alternative to because it is a legal website that streams anime movies and tv shows on multiple different devices, with a great list of features, that you simply cannot expect to see on websites like

Review and rating of Netflix

Netflix is a streaming service that is known for many different types of films and movie shows, and Anime content is also something that Netflix is taking seriously because it knows that it will help them in attracting a huge target audience, as well. 

If you are not a Netflix user, you should definitely try out its services. I will rate Netflix 4/5 stars. 



YouTube really needs no introduction, it is the second-most visited website, after Google, and YouTube can also act as a great alternative to, as well.  

What we liked about YouTube

YouTube is very easy to use, and it is automatically available on most of the devices, so users don’t even have to download the application to view anything on it. 

The overall service runs on ads, so you are basically watching everything for free on YouTube, so all your favourite anime movies and tv shows are also available for free. 

What we didn’t like about YouTube

YouTube is just filled with content, and along all that is anime content, as well. Searching for anime content on YouTube can be a little tricky, because most of it also depends on your luck, as the anime may or may not be put on the streaming website.

Why did we choose YouTube as a alternative?

YouTube is not a direct alternative to, and that is something you should know about. You will be able to watch anime movies and tv shows for free on YouTube, but they might not be the latest episodes of your new anime show. 

YouTube is also really strict about copyright infringements, so if it finds that someone is illegally streaming anime content on its platform the user will be blocked and all of his videos would also be deleted. 

Review and rating of YouTube

YouTube is not an exact alternative to, but it is definitely a place where you can try out once to see if you are able to watch your favourite anime movie or tv show for free.

It is a legal website, and it is available to use everywhere. For that reason, I will rate YouTube 3.5/5 stars. 

Our recommendations on the best alternative?

Well, there you have it. An article discussing about some of the best alternatives that are present right now. 

There are obviously direct alternatives to, that are basically the same website that stream content illegally on its website. 

However, I wanted to provide users with some other alternatives that are basically free of cost, but also are legal to use, as well. 

So, at the end of the day, you have to choose and decide which alternative best suits you. If it were to me, then I would most probably choose Funimation as the best alternative. 

Why did we choose as the best alternative?

The main reason why I chose Funimaition as the best alternative is because that website is designed specifically for anime lovers and no one else. 

It is basically Netflix of Anime, and it has been around for quite some time now. The overall convenience of using this website is very similar to all the other professional streaming websites that are present in the market right now. 

You can even try out its free tier to see whether you like the service or not. 

As always, these have been my thoughts on this topic. What about you? Do you agree with the list of alternatives to, or do you think that I missed out on some? 

Whatever your thoughts are, do let us know about them in the comments down below!

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