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What is

Now, if you are confused between what is and, then you should already know that they both are the same website, it is just that got renamed into 

This could be done because of many different reasons, and I will mention one of the biggest reasons for its change down in the article.

For those of you who don’t know what is or, it is basically an anime-streaming website where you will be able to watch all sorts of the latest anime movies and tv shows for free. 

However, in this article, I will be discussing some of its alternatives, as well. So, here are some of the reasons why you should look for alternatives. 

Reason 1 – It is an Illegal Site

The main obvious reason, and possibly why they even renamed the website is because the website is illegal to run because they don’t have the rights to all the anime content that is streamed on its website. 

This means that the website can easily be shut down due to copyright infringement issues, and so to escape that, websites like these constantly change their url and names, so that they can escape the authorities from banning them.

Reason 2 – It is not a secure website

Another main reason why you should avoid using these websites is that these websites are not very secure to use, and sometimes it leads to people getting hacked, as well. 

In today’s day and age, where there are actually cyber security laws being implemented to help the citizens of a nation and even governments, you should not fall for such easy traps and should always be vigilant about your cybersecurity. 

Reason 3 – It is not Convenient 

This is sort of a personal point, but I feel it is relevant, as well, because websites like these are not at all convenient to view anything. 

These days, when most of us do have subscriptions to premium streaming services, we are also benefited from paying for these services. 

So, when it comes to these free websites, yes they are free, but you pay for it by letting go of your conveniences and information.  

6 Best Replacements

So, without wasting any more time, here are some of the best alternatives that are free and convenient to use. 

#1 Stremio


Starting off this list, we have Stremio. Stremio is a very popular streaming platform that users can use for free and install it on their favourite devices. 

The way that Stremio works is that it is able to easily collect different third-party channels from net, and provides it all on your viewing device to watch it for free.  

So, you can easily choose any anime channel that is available on Stremio and you are able to watch that anime content for free. 

What we liked about Stremio

The main thing about Stremio that I like a lot is that the platform is free of cost and it is available to download on all major viewing platforms. This solves a lot of issues that I have with the overall convenience of using a website like 

Along with this, the overall viewing experience of Stremio is also pretty great as the UI of the software is pretty clean and well-made, and users don’t have a lot of difficulty in navigating through Stremio’s UI. 

What we didn’t like about Stremio

That said, there are some flaws to Stremio, as well. The overall process of installing the application of Stremio can be a little tricky because it does require users to download certain apk files on their device and install the program. 

For a lot of common people, stuff like these can be very tricky and there are also chances, that they might end up downloading the wrong apk file that will actually do more harm than good to them. 

For users who cannot access Stemio we have listed the best stremio alternatives

Why did we choose Stremio as an alternative?

Stremio is a good alternative that users should be able to use it properly and easily, once they have installed the application and set up all the channels that are available on it. 

Along with this, the overall application is convenient to use and watch content on, and that was also one of the main reasons why I did not recommend using websites like Aniwatch for viewing anything. 

Review and rating of Stremio

Stremio is a streaming platform that is appreciated by a lot of people because of the overall freedom and customisation that is provided on the streaming platform. 

The overall list of channels on Stremio are also pretty great and easy to use, and users shouldn’t face a lot of issues with the channels, as well. 

It is a good alternative to, and I would rate Stremio 3.5/5 stars. 

#2 Tubi TV


Tubi TV is also not a direct alternative to Aniwatch, but it is an alternative that you can consider for Aniwatch, Tubi TV is also a streaming service that is available worldwide, and you are able to watch a lot of free movies and tv shows on it. 

The streaming service also has some really great Anime content to watch on it, as well, and there are some other things to discuss about Tubi TV, as well. 

What we liked about Tubi TV

For starters, one of the main things that I really like about Tubi TV is the fact that the platform is free of cost and it is available to use on multiple different devices, without having to download any apk file or anything like that. 

The platform is designed as a streaming service, and the overall content on Tubi TV is actually pretty good, when all things are considered. 

What we didn’t like about Tubi TV

Tubi TV is also not perfect and there are some things about it that you should be a little more careful about. For example, the streaming service is not available worldwide and it is restricted to certain countries, at the moment. 

So, it can be a little difficult to use its services if it is not available in your country. Along with this, and this is a bit major flaw, considering the topic of the article, is the fact that Tubi TV doesn’t have a huge catalogue of anime content. 

There is anime content to be watched on here, but it is not the latest movies and tv shows. 

The only drawback about Tubi Tv is its not accessible in all the countries hence we have listed the best tubi tv alternatives as well.

Why did we choose Tubi TV as an alternative?

So, why did I recommend Tubi TV? Well, mostly because the streaming service is free to use, it is also legal to use, and more importantly it is convenient to use, as well. 

These were some of the major reasons why I recommended not to use sites like because it is not that great. 

Yes, you might not be able to watch your latest anime movies and tv shows on it, but this list is for everyone, and some people might appreciate the anime catalogue that is present. 

Review and rating of Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a free streaming services that is legally run, so there are definitely some places where they had to cut corners, and they did do so, as well. 

However, the end product is pretty decent compared to all the other free streaming services are available.

You are able to watch anime movies and tv shows on it, and you are also able to download its application from different app stores. 

You should give it a try, and I will rate Tubi TV 3.5/5 stars. 

#3 is also an alternative to Aniwatch that you can try out to see whether or not you want to continue using free websites to watch anime movies and tv shows, or whether you want to choose some other alternatives. is a website very similar to Aniwatch, where you are easily able to watch new anime movies and tv shows for free on your computing device.  

What we liked about

There are some really good things to like about For starters, the entire website has a pretty well-made UI that is quite easy to use. When you are on the website of, you will think that it is a paid streaming platform. 

Along with this, the other great thing about is also the fac that the website runs on no ads as the website is actually run on donations of the users, and so, doesn’t require to run ads to monetize the content.

What we didn’t like about

The are also things that are not so great about and it does fall into the same category as the flaws that you end up seeing in websites like Aniwatch. 

For starters, is not legally streaming all the anime content available on it, so just like Aniwatch, it can get banned from the internet or it may have to change its name or URL to stay away from the authorities. 

Along with this, also doesn’t have a dedicated application to watch the anime content, you can only watch it through its website, which can also be a little annoying.

Why did we choose as an alternative?

In this article, might be the exact alternative to Aniwatch because it is actually almost exactly like Aniwatch. You are able to watch all the latest anime movies and tv shows on it. 

It is a website that only streams Anime content, and along with this, it also does not have a dedicated application like Aniwatch does for all other popular viewing mediums. 

Review and rating of

If you feel comfortable with watching anime movies and tv shows for free online, and you don’t want to see a lot of ads, then you can definitely try out 

It is a good website, and the overall user experience of the website is also pretty great compared to other free streaming websites. 

I will rate 3/5 stars.

#4 Funimation


Funimation is a very popular name in the world of anime because it is actually a paid streaming platform that is designed only for anime watching and nothing else. 

Over at Funimation, you are very easily able to watch all your favourite anime movies and tv shows, and you also are able to get some additional details, such as parental controls, and other premium features that you get on other popular streaming devices. 

What we liked about Funimation

If you are a fan of anime movies and tv shows, then you will love everything about Funimation as it is designed specifically for anime fans and no one else in particular. 

You are easily able to enjoy all the content on Funimation, knowing that it has all the rights and licenses to stream all the particular anime content on its platform. 

Along with this, Funimation is also available to download on all major app stores, so it should be very easy for a lot of people to use this streaming service, as well. 

What we didn’t like about Funimation

Funimation has some disadvantages, as well. Firstly, it is not available to use worldwide, and is currently available in some select-few countries and nations, so you should be lucky enough to be able to use its service. 

Along with this, it is not free of cost, as well. It has a subscription rate of $9.99/month, which is on par with most streaming services subscription rate, but if you are looking for alternatives to something like Aniwatch that is free of cost, then it can act as a point of disappointment. 

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Why did we choose Funimation as a alternative?

Funimation is a great alternative to because it sort of is the alternative that I would rather use if I was looking for a streaming service for anime viewing. 

The overall service of Funimation is pretty great, you are easily able to watch all the latest anime movies and tv shows. 

Along with this, the streaming service, as a whole, is pretty much like all premium streaming services that are available, so that is also an added advantage, which is something that you don’t often see on websites like Aniwatch. 

Review and rating of Funimation

Funimation is designed for anime fans, and there is not two doubts about it. It is a streaming service that has everything related to anime, and then a whole lot more, as well. 

It is very easy to sign up for this service, and you can even try its limited free tier content to see how it actually works. 

I will rate Funimation 4/5 stars. 

#5 Netflix


If Funimation is a streaming service that is not known to a lot of people, then Netflix is a streaming service that is pretty much well-known to everybody. 

It is a streaming service that has content for everybody and anybody, including Anime fans, as well. So, I will mostly focus on the Anime content that is available on Netflix, for this article.  

What we liked about Netflix

Obviously, Netflix has a lot to offer to its users, and its anime fan-base, as well. Over here, you will be able to watch all of your favourite anime movies and tv shows, along with the latest seasons, as well. 

Plus, you can also watch the abundant catalogue of shows and movies that are already available on Netflix, so there is something for everyone. 

What we didn’t like about Netflix

Netflix does geo-block its content, so, while the streaming service is available to use in multiple countries, you are still restricted to the geo-blocked content that is available in your region. 

Along with this, you don’t get weekly release of new episodes for a certain anime show, unless Netflix is able to license the entire season of that particular anime show, so that is also a bit of a disadvantage. 

Why did we choose Netflix as a alternative?

Netflix is a really good alternative to because the entire streaming service is available to use worldwide and it has lots to offer, including Anime movies and tv shows, as well. 

The subscription plans are also more useful, considering you can actually watch a lot more things rather than just Anime, and many families would appreciate that, as well. 

Review and rating of Netflix

I have reviewed Netflix a number of times on this website now, and my feelings towards the streaming giant is more or less the same. 

It has too much to watch, but for the price that you are paying for it, it is a big bargain and for that reason, I will rate Netflix 4/5 stars. 

#6 YouTube


YouTube is a place that all of us go, at least once a day, to view all sorts of things, and you can also use YouTube for viewing your favourite anime movies and tv shows, as well. 

There is much more to discuss about YouTube. 

What we liked about YouTube

YouTube has learned about the business of streaming for more than a decade now, and it constantly updates itself to stay relevant by listening to its users. 

So, it is one of the most easily used streaming services that are present in the market right now, and along with that, there is just a lot to watch on YouTube, as well. 

What we didn’t like about YouTube

When you are looking for your favourite anime movie or tv show on YouTube, it all depends on your luck, whether the content has been uploaded or not. 

If it is illegally uploaded, then YouTube can very eaily remove it from its website, and that is not something that you would want. 

Why did we choose YouTube as a alternative?

The reason for choosing YouTube as an alternative to Aniwatch is because you are able to watch a lot of anime content on YouTube. It is also free to watch, and it is available to watch on multiple different devices, as well. 

That is something that you can’t really say about Aniwatch. 

Review and rating of YouTube

YouTube has been a streaming service for a long time, and users are easily able to watch multiple number of things on it. 

Anime, is just one of them, but you have to be a little luck to watch the particular anime show or movie that you like. 

I will rate YouTube 3.5/5 stars.

Our recommendations on the best alternative?

Well, there you go. Another article discussing about some of the best alternatives for a particular website. For this website, I was mostly looking at alternatives that provide you with free anime content, but they are also legal and convenient to watch.

That is combination that is a bit rare to find, and I am pretty cool with the alternatives that I have mentioned above. 

You can choose any of them, and see which one works the best for you. However, if I had to pick from the above-mentioned list, then I would probably go with Funimation. 

Why did we choose Funimation as the best alternative?

The reason why I chose Funimation as the best alternative to is because the overall streaming service is designed for anime viewers and fans, and that is something that you don’t often see. 

You are able to watch all the latest anime movies and tv shows, and more on Funimation, and along with it, you get the convenience of a premium streaming service, as well. 

This ticks all the boxes for looking for an alternative to sites like, and that is why I chose it as the best alternative to 

However, as always, these have been my thoughts on this particular topic. What about you? Do you agree with my thoughts? Or do you think that I missed out on some other great alternatives to

Whatever your thoughts are, do let us know about them in the comments down below!

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