Top Best Free Sites like Stopstream to Watch Sports on the Internet

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Stopstream Alternatives

Basketball, Football, Boxing, and Rugby are popular sports with millions of fans. Numerous matches and events are held for these sports that are also streamed online for viewers. Stopstream was a site where sports fans could watch the live stream of their favorite sporting events for free.

Stopstream TV was the preferred choice of people to watch sports matches in high-quality resolution. It covered live shows from multiple channels and was compatible with all devices even Roku and Fire TV.

However, everyone has been on the hunt for Stopstream alternatives for quite some time now. You’re in the right place if you’re also looking for sites similar to it. We have compiled this list of the best sites like Stopstream for all the sports fans who would like to catch up on the events for free.

21 Stopstream Alternatives to Watch Boxing, Rugby and Basketball


The first Stopstream alternative on our list is FuboTV. This site offers all sorts of channels such as ESPN, NBC, FS1, FS2, etc. Thus, you can watch not just sports but also other types of content in one place.

You can watch sports like American football, NBA, hockey, and boxing live on FuboTV. However, note that you may have to subscribe to the platform to get unlimited access to the options offered by it. 


Are you a Ronaldo fan? Are you the kind of person who can watch his matches even years later? Then you need to check out Ronaldo7 which, apart from being all things Ronaldo, is also an excellent Stopstream alternative.

It is an amazing site when it comes to live streaming football matches and provides you with all the information you need to know about Ronaldo.


Feed2All is a website similar to Stopstream where you can watch sporting events live. Content from many top sports channels and streaming sites is available here.

On Feed2All’s home page, you can see a list of all the matches and tournaments being played across the world. You can then choose the event you want to watch and see all the available sources to watch it live.

Feed2All’s library has all types of sports from football to basketball to ice hockey to boxing to rugby and even Olympics matches are available here.


MamaHD is a great alternative to Stopstream where you can stream unlimited live sports events for free. Not only that, you can also view match schedules and video highlights here without any additional cost. 

Almost all channels with different sports categories such as football, hockey, cricket, boxing, and rugby are available here. You can select the sport you want to watch and then the site provides you with the streaming links. Additionally, you can keep up with the latest sports news on MamaHD. 

The website also has a chat feature that allows you to interact with other fans without any geographical barriers. 


SportLemon is an excellent place for sports fans to watch games online. You can enjoy the latest live tournaments and matches here from the comfort of your home.

It offers a sublime visual experience and you can view all the live sports tournaments in HD quality. The advantage of SportLemon is that you don’t need to download any toolbar to use it.


One of the best Stopstream alternatives is Rojadirecta. It is a popular site where you can view sports index and watch tennis, football, hockey, and live boxing matches. The platform also provides information about ongoing matches such as schedule details and other components.

However, Rojadirecta does not have proper sports categories and you need to sift through the index to find previous sporting events. The advantage of this website is that you can find streaming links in multiple languages. 

Rojadirecta also enables you to download videos, watch highlights or replays, and keep track of live scores. 


When it comes to sites like Stopstream to watch live sports, Myp2pguide is certainly a good option. It is a great source to quickly get links to watch content from sports channels for free. This includes channels like ESPN, BBC, ABC and Eurosport.

While the website is primarily for streaming football matches, you can get links for other categories such as boxing, basketball, tennis, and rugby as well. You can access Myp2pguide from different devices such as a smartphone, smart TV, and many others.


StreamHunter is a great source to watch sports in high-quality resolution on your computer. You can stream live sports broadcasts here and read news about various related events as well.

It provides multiple channels for each sports category such as hockey, basketball, football, tennis, rugby, and ice hockey. It has an easy-to-navigate interface and no registration is required to watch content on StreamHunter.


StrikeOut is the perfect place for fans of college football, Premier League, and NFL games. You can watch all this content on any device- a smartphone, tablet, computer system, or anything else. It is also compatible with all popular internet browsers.

StrikeOut features an integrated Flash gamer that enables you to watch videos in HD quality without having to install a third-party app. Thus, all these things make it a fantastic Stopstream alternative.


Sports fans often flock to LAOLA1 to watch their favorite sports and games. This is because here you can watch multiple videos of all sporting events in one place. You can also watch highlights and exclusive clips related to sports or particular tournaments on LAOLA1 TV.

Sports and events that are on the website’s on-demand list are freely available for everyone to stream. The quantity and quality both are top-notch on LAOLA1.


Just like Stopstream, Bosscast is a famous site to watch live sports broadcasts. The platform can be accessed in over 130 countries but you need to register an account to access its vast catalog.

Bosscast has a good indexing system for every sports category which makes it easy to find any match of any sports that you want to watch. You can stream live TV channels here, keep track of schedules and check match fixtures. It also enables you to chat and socialize with other sports fans around the world.


You can also watch sports online with SportSurge which is a website similar to Stopstream. It is a sports streaming site that provides you with multiple links for various live sports broadcasts.

Various kinds of sports such as tennis, football, soccer, boxing, and NFL are included here. In this way, you can connect with live sports streams with the help of SportSurge.


VipBoxTv is a fast-growing website that sports fans love to visit. This is because you can watch sports events from across the world here. Thus, you can stream a football match from Argentina, an ice hockey tournament from Canada or a baseball match from Japan on VipBoxTv.

New games are added quickly so that you can have a complete viewing experience. It has 30+ sports categories which means you may even stumble upon some lesser-known game. 

VipBoxTv’s admin tool section has many features not found on other sites. In this section, you can adjust the video quality and watch two channels simultaneously. You can also use the website to chat with other sports fans.


RedstreamSport is an excellent alternative to Stopstream and offers free streaming channels where you can watch all the sporting events. You can view the list of streams submitted by the webmasters and users to find something that you would like to watch.

Thus, you can find multiple streams for the same event on RedstreamSport. You can choose the one that satisfies your criteria and view it without any cost. It also allows you to instantly shuffle between multiple streams.


Streamiptvonline is a terrific option to stream sports events. Here, you can watch all types of sports channels for free and also share the streams with other people

On Streamiptvonline, you can search for any event on the basis of category, title and time. It also displays information about ongoing or upcoming matches between different teams around the world. The website has more ads than usual but on the plus side, you can watch everything in high definition.

FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports is a platform where football lovers can be at home. You can easily find links to stream soccer and football matches and many other sports for free. 

However, you should note that to watch broadcasts on FirstRowSports, you need to use a supported web browser that has Adobe Flash Player installed in it. You don’t need to incur any additional costs and can start streaming football matches right away.


You can find tons of live sports links on Bilasport. You can catch up on sporting events from not just Europe but also the Middle East and the rest of Asia as well. It mostly focuses on NBA and MotoGP but you can find other categories here as well.

You don’t need to log in or sign up on Bilasport and can watch all the content with just one click. The website can be accessed on tablets Android and iOS devices and phones.


CricFree is one of the best websites to watch live sports. You can find lots of online channels here with which you can enjoy games and matches anywhere and anytime around the world.

It has 10+ sports categories and you can find multiple links in each category. CricFree also has a chat section where you can communicate and discuss details with other global sports fans.

The website has a simple and convenient interface which makes it an excellent alternative to Stopstream.


goATDee is not our first choice for sports streaming websites but it is a decent option when other places are not working. The UI is not cluttered and you can watch several sports and news videos for free.

It only displays ongoing matches and mainstream sports channels. Therefore, people outside of the United States may find limited options on goATDee.


Our next StopStream alternative, called WiziWig, is like an all-in-one streaming site. You can stream not just live sports here but live shows and radio from around the world as well. It is an easy-to-use site that does not require any sign up and only a high-speed internet connection is needed to watch sports on it.

There are multiple categories such as motorsport, tennis, football, boxing, and rugby, and several radio stations available on WiziWig. You can also chat with other people in the chatroom about anything and not just sports. It has a lot of features that make it the perfect choice for sports streaming.


Batmanstream is one of the best Stopstream alternatives to watch boxing, rugby, and basketball. Apart from these, you can also find football, NFL, baseball, soccer, and other related categories here.

Batmanstream has an easy-to-navigate interface and you can start watching by simply clicking on the sport you want to watch and checking for live streams. It has an innovative search engine that you will not find anywhere.

Thus, you can enjoy games from anywhere in the world with Batmanstream.

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