12 Male and female Anime Characters with Blue Hair

Tetsuya-Kuroko with blue hair

Blue is a beautiful but uncommon color when it comes to human hair. No human being has natural blue hair and people have to get a dye job to get the hue of their choice. 

However, when it comes to fictional anime characters, there are no such restrictions. Anime characters often have colorful heads of hair that would not be possible in real life. Depending on the story and makers, characters can easily be natural pinkheads or greenheads.

Blue is also a colour that is often used for the hair of anime characters girls or boys. From vibrant turquoise to darker almost black hues, blue hair has been used in several anime to create some unforgettable characters.

So what are some of these iconic characters with blue hair? This is why we are here with this list of blue-haired anime characters. We have included below some of the most popular male blue-haired anime characters and women anime characters with blue hair.

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6 Male Blue-Haired Anime Characters

Jo Kido

Jo Kido

Series: Digimon Adventure

Number of Episodes: 54

Created By: Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru

Voice Artist: Masami Kikuchi, Junya Ikeda(Japanese); Michael Lindsay, Robbie Daymond(English)

The blue-haired boy Jo Kido is a part of one of the most popular anime franchises i.e. Digimon. He comes from a family of high-ranking professionals and is studying to enter a prestigious university and become a physician. Due to this, he is often found complaining about the poor living conditions of the digital world where he is unable to study properly.

Jo is the oldest of the group and, hence, feels responsible for them. However, his nervous temperament and indecisiveness cause the members of the group to look to others while making decisions. 

Jo is partnered with Gomamon and has the Crest of Reliability. It is later revealed that he went on to become the Digital World’s first doctor and still works with Gomamon.

Tetsuya Kuroko

Tetsuya Kuroko

Series: Kuroko’s Basketball

Number of Episodes: 75+ 3OVA

Created By: Tadatoshi Fujimaki

Voice Artist: Kensho Ono(Japanese); Khoi Dao(English)

Tetsuya is the sixth player of the Generation of Miracles at Teiko Middle School. He has an assuming physique and everyone tends to forget he is there because of his natural lack of presence. It is used as a running gag in the series and Tetsuya too capitalizes on this ability to make open passes or steals on the court.

His talent was discovered by Akashi who only taught him passing skills and not how to shoot. Therefore, Tetsuya has a terrible aim for most of the series until he develops some new techniques. He mostly plays the position of a small forward and considers himself to be a “shadow” whose goal is to help the “light” shine.

Like a stereotypical blue-haired anime character, Tetsuya is quiet and polite and tends to speak and act in a deadpan manner. He rarely displays emotions except during some notable moments. 



Series: The Seven Deadly Sins

Number of Episodes: 100+ 3 OADs

Created By: Nakaba Suzuki

Voice Artist: Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Sora Amamiya(Japanese); Benjamin Diskin, Tara Sands(English)

The notorious anime male character with blue hair, Ban represents the Sin of Greed in The Seven Deadly Sins. This is symbolized by a fox tattoo on the left side of his waist.

While he is a good-natured person, he is also an infamous bandit who had taken to the life of thievery at a young age under Zhivago. Ban attempted to become immortal with the help of the Fountain of Youth but fell in love with its guardian fairy Elaine instead.

When he was immortal, Ban could heal his body from any severe wound as his blood had healing properties. Even after sacrificing his immortality, his body retained its durability due to years spent by him in Purgatory.

Rin Okumura

Rin Okumura with blue hair

Series: Blue Exorcist

Number of Episodes: 25+ OVA

Created By: Kazue Kato

Voice Artist: Nobuhiko Okamoto(Japanese); Bryce Papenbrook(English)

Fifteen-year-old Rin Okumura is the protagonist of Kazue Kato’s Blue Exorcist. The blue-haired boy is a son of Satan but his powers were sealed at birth into the demon-slaying blade Kurikara. This allowed him to live a normal life with his twin brother Yukio and foster father Shiro Fujimoto.

His true identity is revealed as Kurikara is no longer able to seal his powers leading to Shiro’s death at the hands of Satan. He attempts to drag Rin back to the demon realm but the latter enrolls at the True Cross Academy to become a Paladin and defeat Satan.

In both his human and demon form, Rin can control incredibly destructive blue flames just like his progenitor.

Nagisa Shiota

Nagisa Shiota with blue hair

Series: Assassination Classroom

Number of Episodes: 47+ 1 OVA

Created By: Yusei Matsui

Voice Artist: Mai Fuchigami(Japanese); Lindsay Seidel(English)

Nagisa is the main human protagonist of Assassination Classroom and the series’ narrator. He has an androgynous appearance and is considered to be one of the weakest students in class. However, he turns out to be one of the few with the most talent to become an assassin.

He may not look like it but Nagisa is an extremely intelligent student who is one of the only people to have been close enough to kill Koro-sensei.

Nagisa looks harmless and is friendly towards everyone but he has a darker side to him that only comes out during training and assassination time. 

Jellal Fernandez

Jellal Fernandez

Series: Fairy Tail

Number of Episodes: 328+ 9 OVAs

Created By: Hiro Mashima

Voice Artist: Daisuke Namikawa(Japanese); Robert McCollum, Terry Doty(English)

Jellal was captured by a cult of Zeref worshippers when he was young and forced to work as a slave in the Tower of Heaven. He is the childhood friend of Erza Scarlet but turned on her as he was manipulated by Ultear Milkovich into serving Zeref.

Jellal even tries to sacrifice her to reincarnate Zeref. However, he has a great redemption arc as he goes from a villain to a supporting protagonist.

Jellal can use the Heavenly Body Magic techniques to boost his speed and produce powerful energy-based attacks.

Top 6 Female Anime Characters with Blue Hair



Series: Dragon Ball

Number of Episodes: 153

Created By: Akira Toriyama

Voice Artist: Hiromi Tsuru, Aya Hisakawa(Japanese); Tiffany Vollmer, Monica Rial(English)

Dragon Balls’ Bulma is one of the most recognizable blue-haired female anime characters. Just like her father Dr. Brief, she is a genius inventor and engineer and can create technology capable of feats beyond contemporary science. Bulma’s inventions play an important role several times in the story including when her future son Trunks comes to the past.

In the beginning, she is introduced as an intelligent and stubborn teenager who joins hands with Goku to find the Dragon Balls. Bulma starts a romantic relationship with a desert bandit Yamcha but eventually ends up marrying Vegeta and has two kids with him.

Inspired by the character of Tang Sanzang in the Chinese classic Journey to the West, Bulma’s evolution from a boy-crazy teenager to the matriarch of the group is one of the best parts of the Dragon Ball series.

Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga

Series: Naruto

Number of Episodes: 220

Created By: Masashi Kishimoto

Voice Artist: Nana Mizuki(Japanese); Stephanie Sheh(English)

Hinata is a kunoichi in Konoha village and the former heiress of the Hyuga clan. She is a part of Team 8 along with Kiba Inuzuka, his ninja dog Akamaru, Shino Aburame and their team leader Kurenai Yuhi. Her strong admiration for Naruto developed into a romance between the two and they end up married with two kids by the end of the series.

Hinata had to undergo heavy training right from her childhood due to her status as the heiress of the clan. She is apparently disowned by her father after he witnesses her struggles during their training sessions. Hinata is inspired to become a stronger person after seeing Naruto’s refusal to give up against adversity. 



Series: Re: Zero

Number of Episodes: 50+ 2 OVA

Created By: Tappei Nagatsuki

Voice Artist: Inori Minase(Japanese); Brianna Knickerbocker(English)

Rem from Re: Zero is one of the best anime characters with blue hair. Working as as a maid for Roswaal L. Mathers along with her sister Ram, she supports Emilia’s faction.

Rem is part Oni and has water-blue hair and pupils. While her magical attributes are primarily in water, she can also use healing magic and fire for attacking. Rem is incredibly protective of her sister as she feels guilty about Ram losing her horn because of the Witch’s Cult attack on their tribe.

While she is initially hostile to Subaru, she warms up to him after seeing his persistence in saving the villagers despite his lack of ability. 

Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno

Series: Sailor Moon

Number of Episodes: 200+ 3 TV Specials

Created By: Naoko Takeuchi

Voice Artist: Aya Hisakawa, Hisako Kanemoto(Japanese); Karen Bernstein, Liza Balkan, Kate Higgins(English)

Sailor Mercury or Ami Mizuno is instantly recognizable because of her blue hair and her uniform which also has shades of blue. An extremely intelligent girl with an IQ of three hundred, she serves as the brains of the Sailor Guardians. She uses a supercomputer to collect useful information in battles and has powers associated with water and ice.

Ami is a kind, gentle and loyal girl but is also a bit insecure. She initially relies heavily on the approval of her mother, friends and teachers but gradually learns to be more confident in herself. 

Her obsession with being the best student is often used as a running gag in the anime and can be interpreted as a commentary on the Japanese education system.

Saiko Yonebayashi

Series: Tokyo Ghoul

Number of Episodes: 12

Created By: Sui Ishida

Voice Artist: Ayane Sakura(Japanese); Sarah Wiedenheft(English)

Ah yes, the famous blue-haired CCG inspector from Tokyo Ghoul Saiko Yonebayashi. She is like the mascot of the Quinx squad though she does not like working and would rather play video games and eat junk food. 

Saiko has impressive kagune manipulation ability but she rarely uses it as she finds it exhausting. Hence, she only delivers the decisive blows after the rest of the squad has been weakened by the enemy. 

Saiko, however, becomes more responsible after she is promoted to Rank 2 and takes over the position of vice-captain of the Quinx squad. 

Nefertari Vivi

Series: One Piece

Number of Episodes: 1,085(as of November 2023)

Created By: Eiichiro Oda

Voice Artist: Misa Watanabe(Japanese); Karen Neil, Caitlin Glass(English)

Enough of good girls, let’s talk about some antagonists with blue hair now. One Piece’s Nefertari Vivi was at one point a notorious villain in the series but she eventually became an ally of the Straw Hat pirates. 

She is the princess of the Alabasta Kingdom and is, by all measures, a just royal. Nefertari genuinely cares about her subjects and can easily put her life on the line for her kingdom. 

In the anime, she uses a perfume that can hypnotize or charm the enemy in combat. She also has a cutting weapon called a Peacock Slasher which is basically two sharp jewels attached to a wire and then to her little fingers with rings.

Nefertari is depicted as having long and wavy light blue hair that she wears either down or pulled back into a ponytail. 

What Does Blue Hair Mean in Anime Characters?

As an art form, anime uses a complex visual language to differentiate characters and give hints regarding their personality. Hair color and hairstyle are major aspects of this visual language. 

Anime characters often tend to have crazy hairstyles or vibrant colors not seen in real life. Makers use this as an indicator of the character’s personality and traits especially in the beginning when the viewers still haven’t formed a proper opinion about the characters.

Now coming to blue hair, blue is a color associated with serenity so blue-haired anime characters generally tend to be quiet and calm individuals. Such characters are mature, intuitive and wise. 

Shy characters in anime also generally tend to have blue hair. Hence, you will notice that blue-haired anime characters are soft-spoken and introverted.

On the other hand, this color can also indicate bitter emotions or feelings and blue-haired characters may therefore be overly emotional or cowardly.

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