15 Anime to Watch on Hulu Right Now


Hulu is one of the biggest streaming platforms these days. Therefore, it is all but given that will have something to offer to anime watchers too. Anime has become mainstream in the past few years and many streaming platforms are now dedicating separate sections for them.

Hulu too has a stellar catalog with anime series from different genres. Hulu has romance anime like Horimiya and Fruits Basket as well as action and adventure ones like One Piece, Naruto and Attack on Titan. There are also many anime movies to be watched on Hulu.

You can watch from a series of categories that include romance animedetective animehorror animesamurai animemasterpiece animeaction anime moviessad anime moviesyuri animevampire animewitch animevampire anime girl, and Dragon Anime on Hulu.

It is, thus, a great option for both anime veterans and newbies who are just dipping their toes into the medium. Check out our list of the top 15 anime to watch on Hulu to get some great recommendations.


Best 5 Anime Movies to Watch on Hulu



Japanese Title: Akira

Studio: Tokyo Movie Shinsha

IMDb Rating: 8.0/10

Akira Review

Hulu’s catalog has some great anime movies such as the old classic movie Akira. It is set in a dystopian future and follows Shotaro Kaneda who is the leader of a biker gang and his childhood friend Tetsuo Shima. Tetsuo gains telekinetic powers after a motorcycle accident which leads to a series of events threatening the military complex of Neo-Tokyo.

Akira is an exceptional film that is widely regarded as a landmark for Japanese animation as well as the animation industry in general. The film is one of the best animated action and science fiction films with astounding sound effects and crisp design.

What are you waiting for then? Go to Hulu right now and watch this anime movie that can still hold its own against the more technologically advanced anime movies of the 21st century.


Japanese Title: Inu-Oh

Studio: Science SARU

IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

Inu-Oh Review

Doesn’t a historical anime musical sound fun? And that’s exactly what Masaaki Yuasa’s Inu-Oh is. The film takes place in 14th-century Japan and focuses on the friendship between Inu-Oh who is a dancer with unique physical characteristics and a blind musician Tomona.

They are both ostracized by society because of their physical differences but this does not deter them from utilizing their talents to propel themselves to stardom.

Inu-Oh is a highly original film that uses the lens of music to tell the story of people marginalized and misunderstood by society. It’s a story about stories that go untold and why people would still choose to tell them no matter the cost.

Beyond that, Inu-Oh is simply a visual feast and a musical extravaganza that won’t disappoint you.

Trigun: Badlands Rumble

Trigun Badlands Rumble

Japanese Title: Toraigan

Studio: Madhouse

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

Trigun: Badlands Rumble Review

Trigun has a devoted fan base in the anime community and this 2010 film is one of the high points of the franchise. The protagonist of Trigun: Badlands Rumble is the sharp-shooter Vash the Stampede who arrives in a city only to find that several bounty hunters have gathered there to kill the wanted robber Gasback and claim the reward.

While the film does not delve into Vash’s backstory, it does a great job of helping the viewers see his perspective and outlook on life. A pacifist sharpshooter may sound like an oxymoron but Trigun: Badlands Rumble wonderfully helps viewers understand it better.

Lupin III: The First

Lupin III: The First

Japanese Title: Rupan Sansei Za Fasuto

Studio: TMS Entertainment, Marza Animation Planet

IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

Lupin III: The First Review

Lupin the Third has been adapted many times since it was first introduced in 1967. This 2019 film marks a successful endeavor into modern-day animation for the franchise. It follows the gentleman thief Arsene Lupin III who goes to Paris and Brazil with his crew to find the whereabouts of the Bresson Diary.

Lupin III: The First has been extensively praised for its high-quality animation, voice acting and charmingly old-fashioned adventure plot. Watch this anime movie on Hulu to relive fond memories of the classic Lupin III series.

The Deer King

The Deer King

Japanese Title: Shika no Ou

Studio: Production I. G

IMDb Rating: 6.4/10

The Deer King Review

Along with the more famous ones, Hulu also has underrated anime movies like The Deer King. Based on Nahoko Uehashi’s fantasy novel, it is set in the fictional Empire of Zol which now controls the land of Aquafa except the Fire Horse Territory.

The last surviving band of warriors is enslaved in a salt mine in this territory. A savage dog attack and the subsequent mysterious disease wipe out everyone at the mine except two people. The former warrior Van manages to escape with the little girl Yuna while a gifted physician searches for a cure.

The Deer King is highly reminiscent of early 2000s anime movies like Princess Mononoke. It may not have the narrative brilliance of the latter but it is worth checking out just for the nostalgic appeal. 

Best 10 Anime Series on Hulu

One Piece

One Piece

Japanese Title: Wan Pisu

Studio: Toei Animation

Number of Episodes: 1,085(as of November 2023)

IMDb Rating: 8.9/10

One Piece Review

Yes, you can find the iconic long-running anime One Piece on Hulu. Based on Eiichiro Oda’s manga, it narrates the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates crew. Luffy is on the hunt for a mythical treasure called “One Piece” that will enable him to become the King of the Pirates.

To fulfill their dreams, Luffy and his crew set out to the sea. They encounter other pirates, revolutionaries, bounty hunters, secret agents, scientists, soldiers of the World Government and other friends and foes during their journeys.

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You are positively guaranteed a fun time while watching One Piece. Sure, it is primarily a pirate adventure but Oda blends action, humor and heavy stuff in such a manner that it never becomes overwhelming for the viewers and leaves them wanting for more.

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball

Japanese Title: Doragon Boru

Studio: Toei Animation

Number of Episodes: 153

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

Dragon Ball Review

Hulu has a great anime selection including classic hits like Dragon Ball and its million sequels. The series which became a global phenomenon after its debut in the 1980s is an adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s manga of the same name.

It narrates the adventures of the Saiyan Son Goku spanning from his childhood to adulthood in martial arts. Goku had been living far away from civilization as a child until he met and joined hands with a teen girl Bulma to search for the wish-granting Dragon Balls.

In his journeys, Goku makes several friends and learns about his alien heritage while also battling a wide variety of villains.

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Dragon Ball is a memorable and beloved anime for generations of anime watchers. It is a genre-defining series with deep, well-developed characters, iconic comedic moments and above all, a genuine sense of adventure.

Spy x Family

Spy x Family

Japanese Title: Supai Famiri

Studio: Wit Studio, CloverWorks

Number of Episodes: 34(as of December 2023)

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Spy x Family Review

Hulu simulcasts many latest anime where subtitled episodes are added mere hours after their release in Japan. The same is true in the case of Spy x Family which follows a master spy named Twilight who has to build a fake family to spy on political leader Donovan Desmond.

To fulfill his mission, he disguises himself as a psychiatrist Loid Forger, recruits a young woman Yor Briar as his wife and adopts an orphan girl named Anya. But what is an anime without unexpected twists? Yor turns out to be an assassin named Thorn Princess while Anya has telepathic abilities.

Now, Twilight who has been a spy his whole life must learn to be the perfect father and husband for this mission, particularly with all the aforementioned factors being thrown into the mix.

Spy x Family is a breakout anime that strikes the perfect balance between being a goofy comedy and a spy thriller. The story and characters are full of heart, the animation is gorgeous and it delivers some relevant commentary on family and class.



Japanese Title: Naruto

Studio: Pierrot

Number of Episodes: 220

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Naruto Review

Naruto came out decades ago but continues to enthrall the audience even today. It was the gateway anime for many fans from across the globe and continues to be a beloved series even today.

An adaptation of Masashi Kishimoto’s shounen manga, it is an iconic series that follows a young ninja Naruto Uzumaki whose dream is to become the leader or Hokage of his village and earn the recognition of his peers. 

His rival is his fellow Team 7 member Sasuke Uchiha. The third member of their team is Sakura Haruno on whom Naruto has a crush and who in turn likes Sasuke

While the Naruto anime takes place during the titular character’s pre-teen years, Naruto: Shippuden takes place during the trio’s teenage years and both of these series can be found on Hulu.

The anime ran for a long time and beautifully depicted Naruto and his friends’ journey as they matured, found their purpose and became better ninjas. Kishimito liberally infuses elements of Confucianism and Japanese mythology. You can even make a fun game out of spotting and decoding these references.

While Naruto is an anime primarily targeted at pre-teens, its themes of coming-of-age, friendship, dealing with tragedy and loss and moving on have universal appeal and would resonate with people from all age groups.



Japanese Title: Burichi

Studio: Pierrot

Number of Episodes: 366

IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

Bleach Review

Bleach is another good anime to watch on Hulu. It follows a ghost-seeing teenager Ichigo Kurosaki who gets the powers of a Soul Reaper(similar to a Grim Reaper in Western mythology) from another Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki. 

While Ichigo has the power to defend humans from evil spirits, he must now balance this new-found responsibility of guiding departed souls to the afterlife with his regular high school life.

Bleach has multiple storylines but it never falters in managing the several minor plotlines along with the main one. The plot may be something typical of shounen anime but its quirky characters make it worth investing the time. Watch Bleach for its lovable characters, their great development and dazzling action sequences.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

Japanese Title: Boku no Hiro Akademia

Studio: Bones

Number of Episodes: 138+ 9 OVAs(as of April 2023)

IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

My Hero Academia Review

Hulu’s library contains not just short modern hits but also long-running popular anime like My Hero Academia. An adaptation of Kouhei Horikoshi’s manga, it is set in a world where superpowers or “Quirks” are commonplace. Our hero Izuku Midoriya, however, was born without any Quirks yet harbors the dream of becoming a superhero one day.

He gets closer to achieving his goal when the world’s greatest hero All Might bestows his Quirk on Izuku after recognizing his potential. With All Might’s Quirk in hand, Izuku enrolls in a prestigious high school for superheroes-in-training.

Despite having a typical shounen plot, My Hero Academia feels fresh and entertaining. A fast-paced and energetic series, it has some great characters with a lot of personality. It is a joyful anime with enough twists and turns to keep you engaged.

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Japanese Title: Shingeko no Kyojin

Studio: Wit Studio, MAPPA

Number of Episodes: 94

IMDb Rating: 9.1/10

Attack on Titan Review

You have to watch Attack on Titan if you’re into anime and even if you’re not. It is one of those series that wins in every department- plot, characters, animation and music. 

In the futuristic world of Attack on Titan, humanity has taken to living in cities surrounded by massive walls because of the constant threat of gigantic man-eating humanoids known as the Titans. Eren Yeager is a young boy in this harsh world who decides to take revenge on the Titans after they destroy his hometown and cause the death of his mother.

Thus, along with his childhood friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, he enlists in the military to achieve this goal. Day by day, the Titans are becoming more dangerous and the gang has to face many hardships and perilous situations while dealing with them.

You will find some of the most badass anime characters such as Levi and Mikasa Ackerman in Attack on Titan. It is a thriller but it is also a moving coming-of-age story of young boys and girls living in a dangerous and hopeless society.



Japanese Title: Hori-san to Miyamura-kun

Studio: CloverWorks

Number of Episodes: 13

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

Horimiya Review

Want to watch a good romance anime on Hulu? The Horimiya might be the perfect choice for you. The plot is nothing complicated but it offers plenty of feels and tropes. A different identity out of school? Friends who eventually become lovers? A happy ending with a lot of heart? Horimiya has it all covered.

The titular characters of the series are high schoolers Kyoko Hori and her classmate Izumi Miyamura. Kyoko is smart, beautiful and popular. Izumi is the average, nondescript nerdy guy whom no one notices. These two seemingly opposite people have one thing in common- their secret identities.

No one knows that the always put-together Kyoko Hori is a homebody out of school who has to look after her younger brother. Izumi, too, transforms into a heavily tattooed and pierced teenager when he is out of school. 

So, What happens when their paths cross and they end up discovering each other’s secret identity? Yes, of course, shenanigans and hilarious shenanigans at that. 

Kyoko and Izumi start spending time together and as they learn more about each other, they find that they have more in common than they are willing to admit.

A cute romance with likeable characters, tons of funny moments and a charming happy ending make Horimiya the perfect anime for when you are in the mood for some sickly sweet goodness.

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

Japanese Title: Chenso Man

Studio: MAPPA

Number of Episodes: 12

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Chainsaw Man Review

Chainsaw Man is an insanely popular shounen manga and you bet its anime adaptation is just as good. In a world where Devils are born from human fears, Denji is an impoverished orphan trying to work off his father’s debt to the yakuza by working as a Devil Hunter.

When he is betrayed by the yakuza, the dog-like Devil Pochita makes a contract and fuses his body with Denji giving the latter the ability to transform parts of his body into chainsaws. The Devil-human hybrid, thus, joins the Public Safety Devil which is a government agency fighting Devils whenever they become a threat to Japan.

The series Chainsaw Man has been heavily praised for its storytelling, characters and atmosphere. It is dark and bizarre yet also goofy and emotional. The creator Tatsuki Fujimoto has expertly balanced the tonal mishmash of the series. 

Its compelling world-building and character development make Chainsaw Man an undeniably unique and charming ride.

Black Clover

Black Clover

Japanese Title: Burakku Kuroba

Studio: Pierrot

Number of Episodes: 170

IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

Black Clover Review

Adapted from Yuki Tabata’s fantasy adventure manga of the same name, Black Clover follows a young boy Asta who is born without any magic in a world where everyone has magical powers. He always focused more on physical strength since he had no magic to hone.

Things change when Asta ends up acquiring a rare grimoire that gives him anti-magic abilities. Thus, he sets out to become the next Wizard King with the help of his fellow mages from the Black Bulls.

Black Clover has decent world-building, a solid cast of likeable characters and promises an intriguing backstory and internal mythology. 

Apart from that, the anime is known for its positive presentation of female characters by giving them narrative importance and making them an important part of the battles. The women are on equal grounds as the men in Black Clover and it has been successful in raising the bar for the depiction of female characters in shounen anime.

A fast-paced and engaging series, watch Black Clover for its empowering story and the grand lessons about the importance of never giving up.

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Is There Any Good Anime on Hulu?

There is plenty of good anime to watch on Hulu. It has a great selection and you can watch your favorite series both subbed or in English with dubbing. Hulu has old iconic anime series like Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball as well as newer hits like Spy x Family, My Hero Academia and Horimiya.

You can also watch critically acclaimed anime movies like Akira and Inu-Oh on Hulu.

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